Shadows of Light: Chapter 1

It was a peaceful morning for all of the ronin warriors as they came down the stairs for breakfast. Cye was in the kitchen cooking some of his pancakes and the others wanted to get down stairs to get some before Kento could wake up and beat them to it.

As the scent wafted up the stairs it woke up Mia and Kento. Mia was relaxed as Talpa had been beaten for good now and she could afford to relax. Suddenly she heard the fast clatter of feet down the stairs and groaned inwardly as she knew what was going to happen next. "5-4-3-2-1" she counted down to herself and as she finished with one she heard the outraged cries of the other ronins as Kento made his enterance to the kitchen and started eating.

Hoping to forstall any fights that would erupt and disturb the peaceful morning Mia got out of bed quickly and threw on the nearest set of clothes. Running down the stairs she stopped outside of the kitchen door and listened. Hearing the sounds of the imminant scuffle she push the door open and ducked as a fork came flying at her. That tore it she was not going to referee another kitchen brawl today.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" All of the ronins stopped what they were doing when they heard the tone in Mia's voice. She meant business and they knew that they were all in trouble. Cye stepped forward to apologise, but Mia cut him off. "No Cye, I don't want to hear it this morning. It is to nice a day for you all to be squabbling over breakfast.

Mia walked over to the toaster and made herself two pieces of toast and puoured herself some tea and headed out to the back yard of the mansion. Eating and drinking as she walked she noticed that the guys did not even try to follow her let alone stop her.

Thinking back on the memories of the battles that Rowen, Sage, Ryo, Kento, and Cye had fought she was forced to remember that they had all lost a good friend in the battle with Kayura. Speaking to the breeze she spoke of her hopes. "Anubis, wherever you are, I hope that you are well and happy."

Turning around she noted that Kento stood at a distance from her as if he was waiting for her to calm down. "What is it Kento?"

"Mia, could you take me into town today? I have some errands that I need to run." Kento looked almost jumpy as if Mia's temper would flare up again.

"Of course Kento, Where do you need to go?"

"To the Mall."

"Ok, I think that I will just go in and see if anyone else needs to go into town for anything else and then we can get going." Mia was startled when she tried to pass Kento he grabbed her arm and spoke in low tones.

"No Mia, I need to go alone this time. Please?" There was that look again. One of the few looks that she found hard to resist and she also found herself intrigued that Kento wanted to forgo the company of his friends.

"Alright Kento, Let my grab my keys, Meet me at the jeep and we'll get going." Smiling to herself she headed into the house and found that the kitchen had been cleaned up from the morning mess and the chairs put to rights.

Grabbing her keys she headed to the front door when she heard Ryo comming down the stairs. "Hey Mia, where you off to?"

"I am headed into town with Kento, and no you guys are not going along this time." Headed out the door she failed to notice Ryo's look of shock and amazement at her phrases as he headed back up the stairs.

"The boys are well able to take care of themselves while I am gone for the afternoon, so why am I worried about leaving them alone in the house?" Her thoughts were pushed aside as she noticed Kento was a little agetated as she walked up to the Jeep.

"Ok Kento, We're going." Mia unlocked the jeep and they started on their way towards town. Looking over at Kento she noticed that he was unusually quiet. "What's wrong Kento? you look like you are about to go meet Talpa in a conference."

Kento snapped out of his revery and looked at Mia, his old self restored. "Ha, you really think I would look like this if I were to meet Talpa again?? No way that creep could take me on."

Mia smiled as she heard this as she knew that Kento knew that he would not try to take Talpa on his own after their last battle with the evil Warlord. As they reached the Mall Kento jumped out of the Jeep and ran into the Mall. "See you in about 3 hours Mia."

"Huh, I wonder what was so important that he is going with out the guys? Oh well, I need to do some shopping and get some excersize other than the kind I get from practicing with the guys." She turned and walked in another direction in the mall and tried to make a decision on where to go to next.