I feel that all Children need good loving parents that are willing to discipline them and set limits. In the spirit of these beliefs I have chosen to adopt these children in the hopes that they will one day grow up to be kind, nurturing and loving adults.

Chibi Cale Cale is the oldest of my kids. Just a few months older than Sekhmet I have him charged with the responsibility of keeping the others out of trouble. Especially young Cye, who seems to like to get into everything these days.

(Update) Seven years old. Is going to one of the local schools he finds that he is bored with the classes because he is restricted to his grade level. I am currently working with the school system to get him advanced at least a grade so that he can have something to occupy his mind instead of picking on others.

(Update) Ten years old and Cale is doing very well in school. The administration finally had him tested and placed with his mental grade instead of his age grade. He's been busy enough wiht the homework and his studies and new friends that his record of problems at school and at him have virtually dropped off the map. This has not only pleased me as his mother, but also his teachers as well.

(Update) Thirteen years old this little monster has discovered girls and I've been having multiple birds and bees talks with all of my boys and reaffirming that if they EVER bring a girl home to meet me, she'd better meet my standards. If they do something wrong, they'd best take care of it properly, take care of the girl, etc and so forth. They also know that I won't love them any less for exploring their budding sexuality, but they also know that there are consequences for their actions and I expect them to adhere to them.

Chibi Sekhmet Next oldest is Sekhmet. At the age of six he is cruel to his siblings at times, but he tries to make up for it by taking on the general attitude of "No one beats up on my brothers but me" to outsiders.

(Update) At Seven years of age and following in Cale's small footprints, Sekhmet, A year behind in school because of his birthday Sekhmet is more than bored with the lessons he terms "are for babies". A problem child at school because of his pranks I am constantly called away from work to take him home. As with Cale I am trying to get him advanced to at least Cale's grade level so that they can work together on school work much like they did when I home schooled them.

(Update) Nine years of age and I think I've finally broken through to my green haired child that his pranks are ok for his brothers, but not for his schoolmates. I figure he's going to play them anyway, so as long as I give him a rage of targets deemed "acceptable" he won't get into as much trouble in school with what he's been doing. My boy's a natural in the sciences and while the teachers are proud of him, I am especially wary considering what I know he can do with those studies.

(Update) Twelve years old, Sekhmet hasn't yet caught up to his older brother on the girls front, for which I'm grateful. Instead he's been enrolled into various after school clubs that he's shown interest in. Not quite a natural leader, he does have a good head for details and its gotten him promoted in several clubs to places where he can do some real good. I'm, so proud of him.

Chibi Anubis Anubis here is the third and middle child of my family. Calm and rational most of the time he looks out for everyone and the others know that making him mad is, in general, a bad idea. Cale and Sekhmet tend to try to protect the bullies that pick on him and the younger kids as Anubis is stronger than he looks at the age of five and has twice the attitude.

(Update) Now six Years old Anubis has quieted down a lot in the past year. In the same school with his brothers he is in the classes with other kids his age. He doesn't like it and plays the occasional prank, his time has been put to solid use in the class as the teacher now has him tutoring the other students. He has told me that he doesn't want to get bumped up a grade so I am perfectly willing to let him continue where he is.

(Update) Eight years old, Anubis finally got tired of being held back by the other kids in his class and asked me to get him moved up so he could have more of a challenge. In talking with the administration they knew where I was going with my conversation and had the test papers ready to go for my middle child. He was a little behind the grade in reading but so far advanced in the other major scholastic testing scores that I promised to work with him on his reading skills in order to get him moved up the grade. He seems much happier now.

(Update) Eleven years of age Anubis has hit the age where its just plain uncool to be seen with his mother. I may still walk my boys to school and they understand that its to have family time with each other and to keep each other safe, but its an akward time for most of them and its become apperent to me that Anubis has been taking some teasing from his older classmates for something he's done since he got adopted. I do hope it ends without too many problems. Kids are cruel little monsters.

Chibi Dais Ah Dais, Only a year younger than Anubis, yet at four he has been one of the calmest of them all. Usually he can be found watching the others or looking at all the books he can get his small hands on. A gentle child, he does possess a mean streak that usually manifests itself in the form of jokes on his older siblings. I am usually breaking up arguments between him and Sekhmet.

(Update) Tested at the age when most kids went to kindergarten Dais was allowed to start at the same grade level as Anubis. This made things a little easier for me as I only have to worry about when those two get into an argument. He isn't exactly challenged in these classes, but like his older brother he is taking it with patience knowing that later on he will get into something that will let him stretch out a bit.

(Update) While Anubis made the jump in grade level the administration had their doubts about letting Dais do the same. When I pointed out that each of the brothers tended to look out for each other in their classes they did agree that it had cut down on a lot of the trouble reports they had gotten about my boys. So while Anubis was taking his advancement tests, another test was set up for Dais to see if he should be advanced with his brother at the age of seven.

(update) While not bothered by the ridicule of his classmates towards his person about walking to school with his family, Dais has been bothered by how much torment Anubis has been getting and I know that eventually I will be picking up my second youngest son from school for something he'll do in retaliation. All the reading Dais does has only given that boy a razor sharp mind and an ingenious imagination. Whatever those boys get from him I'm sure won't be pretty.

Chibi Cye Cye is the baby of the family. At only eight months of age he was abandoned. I could not leave him behind, but I promised him and the others that i would try to find room in my home to adopt them all. Requiring the most Care out of them all, the older four have been surprisingly gentle and helpful in his care.

(Update) Almost two years of age Cye has hit the momentous "terrible twos" Being a problem child now he is able to run around and is making more messes and is quite the handful.

(Update) My baby is four years old now and has decided that he wants to start reading to mommy. so I have him started on the same home schooling course that I started the other boys on when they first came into my home. Dais has been the biggest help in that area while the others have taken up tutoring their youngest brother in other subjects for as long as it will hold his attention. I had to remind them that their attention span wasn't so great when they were young either.

(Update) Seven years old and my baby is advancing through school much like his older brothers have. The administration want to know what it is that I've done to them that make them so good at their scholastic achievements and all I can tell them is that I let them learn at their own pace. Cye's specialty seems to be social sciences and I'm looking forward to seeing how things go as he continues on in school.

I think that eventually I will enroll them all in my Dojo with Master Yun Rei. Maybe she can help them learn to curb their anger and hostility with time and patience. Until then I am going to be the best mother I can and raise them all. The older kids are being home schooled and they have been doing well. I can only hope that Young Cye will use his older brothers as a role model in the schooling aspect and study hard too.

(update) All of my boys have decided to enroll into a regular class with Master Rei. She was most pleased to see five young students to work with and knew from a talk with me that they needed help in sorting out their inner lives. Help she did, that woman is better than any counselor I can recommend. Four of my boys are three quarters of the way to their black sash and the fifth is one third of the way. Can you see me glowing with pride?

Regular updates will be made about the progress of my boys so stay tuned!

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