Fate of the End: Chapter 1

Kento finished his work for the day and stretched out his back muscles. ~Whoa, If I donít get out of here I am going to go haywire.~ The Ronin of Hardrock loved the outdoors near Miaís mansion as it had been one of the few places that he could truly call home. Looking outside he had seen that it was a beautiful day out, perfect for training or just lounging out by the lake catching a few rays.

Kento was by no means over what had happened almost six months ago, but he knew that his friends would drag him out if he did not make at least an attempt to continue on with his life. There wasnít a day that went by that he did not think of Natalia, but they were right. She would probably kick his ass if she saw him moping about like a lost puppy.

He opened the door to the bedroom that had been converted into his study when Mia agreed to let him stay with her again. Mia was almost thirty and just as beautiful as she had been in the days when Talpa had come to terrorize the mortal world. That being the case Mia was glad to have the muscular Ronin around since the suitors that were after her for her money or the valuables in her mansion were becoming more forceful.

Mia wasnít ready to give up her life of research and speaking about the worldís Mythos, and having Kento around was enough of a deterrent to keep the more physical of the men at bay. Kento in his own right enjoyed playing bodyguard to his slender friend and their word fights over dinners or debates over some of the world mythologies involving the earth kept him sharp. The occasional fight was always won and in the years since he had been an impetuous Ronin teen he had learned much in the ways of self-respect and self-control. So the gentlemen that called and picked a fight were allowed to walk away.

Kentoís latest study had been the tectonic plates that were shifting under the Sea of Japan. He had known instinctively where the plates were going and how fast they were moving. Lately however the number of small to medium quakes had dropped sharply as the plates seemed to slow down or stop moving all together. This worried him, as he knew that either great pressure was building up at the catch point of the plates and an eight point or greater was going to happen, or the plates had stopped moving. That only indicated an unnatural problem that he might have to call his friends in on again.

Over the years there had been minor demons and problems of the supernatural state that the Ronins called each other to help with. Nothing as big as the battle with Talpa, but big enough that the country did not know what to do about it. Problems were solved and things would go back to normal until the next incursion.

Writing a short note to Mia that he would be back for a late meal, Kento headed out to the field where he usually practiced and donned his subarmor. He sat on a large flat outcropping of rock and started to meditate. Initiating his link with the earth itself he took a lot of time to find the base of the plates he was looking for.

Once he found them he felt along the length of the plates with his link and found that there was a large catch point building up a tremendous amount of pressure. He gauged the slippage and was shocked to figure that there was only about three weeks before the plates tore loose with a massive quake that would measure close to 9.5. Quickly he pulled away from the spot of earth and initiated a link of another sort. The mental link to the other ronin warriors.

~Guys, we need to talk fast. There is a potential problem and it is going to hit Japan like nothing else has.~

Ryo was the first to respond since he was between classes at Tokyo University. ~Give us until this evening k?? Weíll meet you at Miaís to talk about it.~

Cye chimed in. ~Iíll be there in two hours. I just have to leave instructions with Marana as to where I am going and what to do with the Kilns.~

Sage, who lived just up the road from Mia spoke quietly. ~Tara isnít going to like this. But there is no way I am abandoning Japan like this. From what you spoke of, this is bigger than any one of us. I will be down the hill as soon as I can.~

Rowen was the last to speak and he was the quietest of as since he was in China working on one of the new observatories on the side of one of the taller mountains in the country. ~Iíll fly in when I can tonight. Donít go to the airport since I am not going to be able to use the standard modus transportation.~

Kento grinned as he heard Rowen. He knew that Rowen used his armors abilities probably the most out of all the ronins with the exception of himself. For Rowen to tell him that he was flying in with his armor told them all that he was in a really sparsely populated area of the country and could get away with taking off on the other scientists.

~Ok, Iíll tell Mia to set the usual number of extra places. Yulie already knows that there is something going on since the last time I spoke to him was yesterday and that I had mentioned the problem before I knew the scope of it. He is on his way from the university now to help Mia out in the kitchen.~

Cye chuckled ~Probably a good thing I taught him how to get about in the kitchen then ne??~

~You said it buddy. Lets get going so that I can let Mia know whatís happening~

As they said their goodbyes Kento armored down to his civvies and started walking back to the Mansion. As he got to the yard he saw Mia working on the small bed of flowers that she decided to try her hand at. It was coming along well and as she looked up at Kento she smiled at him then frowned. "The guys are coming over arenít they."

"How could you tell Mia? I just got done talking to them." Kento was very surprised that Mia knew that he had spoken to the guys and that they were on their way over from all over.

"Thatís easy Ken. Over the years that we have all been together I have learned to read you guys. You always light up a bit more than you usually are when the guys are on their way. It is usually not a good thing when you call each other using your armor, but I guess it is worth it in the end."

Mia took Kentoís hand to help get up off her knees in the soft earth and they both turned suddenly as they heard their names being called.

"Mia, Kento. Whatís up you guys??" Yulie had stepped around the house. No longer the annoying little eight year old, but a tall 19-year-old young man that rivaled Sage in the looks department when Sage was that age.

College books under one arm and his letter jacket slung over one shoulder you could tell that he was into sports and that when it came to the girls, he was trouble. He had been trained by the guys though and could handle better the things that life threw at him, and the occasional demon, spirit, or blatant evil that popped up didnít faze him anymore. His time with the Ronins and Mia during the times of Talpaís occupation had matured him faster than he would have ever expected had he never known them.