Sound Track Lyrics and Translations

On this page you will find links to all of the Ronin Warrior Sound Tracks and Drama Discs. Inside each of those links you will find track listings and in the case of songs with lyrics. A link to the lyrics and their translation according to Theria. It is noted that she is not completely fluent in Japanese so the translations might be just a tad off.

The translations for the drama discs come from Nina, and I'm forever grateful that she has done such wonderful work on what is currently posted.

If there is no link to a track that is listed, then that track is an instrumental track unless otherwise noted.

Kimi o Nemurasenai [Image Songs]

Best Friends [Image Songs]
CD Information:
released: 1989
re-release date: 1993.02.05
king/starchild records - 4-988003-133351 - 2,200 (no tax: 2,136)

Gun Rou Hen (Wolf Pack Collection)[Sound Tracks]
CD Information:
released: 1988
re-release date: 1993.02.05
king/starchild records - 4-988003-133313 - 2,200 (no tax: 2,136)

I Jin Hen (Strange God Collection)[Sound Tracks]

Sei Ran Hen (Blue Storm Collection)[Sound Tracks}

Kikoutei Densetsu (Kikoutei's Legend)[Sound Tracks]

Kaze (Wind)[Image Songs]

Tori (Bird)[Image Songs]

Hana (Flower)[Sound Tracks]
CD Information:
release date: 1991.03.15
king/starchild records - no isbn (box) - 2,800 (no tax: 2,718)

Best Friends (Karaoke)

Tsuki (Moon)[Drama]

Tenkuuden (Tenkuu's Legend)[Drama]

Kourinden (Kourin's Legend)[Drama]