Here it is folks. The updates page. Look here to find out what is new with my site and find out what writers have been adding fictions or pictures to the gallery. This page is now a regular feature of the new and improved site. DD.


Small changes to the background code, plus some minor cosmetic changes to the site including some minor information updates.


Nothing major, just tweaked the bakground code a little to help search engines find me better (I hope).


Ok so I got a bug up my shorts and a couple weeks got compressed into, get it done NOW. The translation for Kourinden is up and ready for reading enjoyment. Thank you Nina for your wonderful work on these translations and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Suikoden translation.


Holy macrame. Ten years have flown by. About every 3-4 years the site's web code has gotten an upgrade and about every other year the site's gotten a facelift. This year I did it all. Face lift and code upgrade. Faster pages, and if you look at the bottom of the index page you'll see something never before seen on any of my ronin sites. World Wide Web Consortium code Valdation for the entire site. How cool is that?!

I have more grand ideas floating around in my head, but considering that it took a month to get this update out, I'm taking a break. I had to rewrite the code for every single page on the site to bring it up to web standards. Not a bad thing in the least. Its slimmed everything down, made it all look the same (making it easier for me to update in the future) and will now load even faster for all ov you out there on all sorts of web connections.

As for changes to the site itself. Very little has changed. Some things have moved around, and I've pulled down a couple of fan fics that I could no longer get ahold of the authors for. There will be some content added to the lyrics section in the next couple weeks as I've gotten the Kourinden translation and I'm working on getting that worked into the site.

Welcome home, and enjoy Roninhome 4.0


It's been almost another year now since my last update and the chaos of the Sogencon and the holidays has now passed. The current project is updating even MORE code. I've found that a few of my pages are still in some of that over burdened Office Word code so I'm working on getting that changed over to a slimmer foundation of my normal hand coding.

Sogencon was GREAT! Greg and Chris Ayers both signed my boxed set of Trinity Blood so that made me quite happy. All the guests had a blast and it was fun to talk with them all at various times of the convention. As soon as I have the new banner for this year's con I'll put it up on the front page of my site.


The lay out is still the same, only the image has changed! Check out the new look of the site and let me know what you think!


Updates to the ronin and warlor profiles have been made. They are now more accurate as well as contain more information about our favorite characters.

Nine years. This site has been up on the web for nine years in one format or another. From its very humble beginnings on Geocities (Area 52!), to Angelfire, to its perminant home here on my own server space. The site has continued to grow, change, and improve (at least in my opinion) over the years into the wonderful wite it is today! This year will be a little different as some of the background code will be altered to allow more people to see the site and over time hopefully gain even more traffic.

Over time the number of quality RW/YST sites has dramatically diminished. The number of sites that provide good information as well as continued updates into this year even fewer. This site will stay up as long as I'm around on the web. Maybe in time I'll be able to provide even more information for the masses about this great 80's Anime.


Another update this year. Recently the site went down for a short period of time when my ISP failed to inform me that when I changed physical addresses, they would delete my secondary addresses on my account and everything that went with them. It hasn't been long, only less than 2 days and the site is back up and functional again. Thank god for backups!


Another year another update. This one being another one of my monster updates that affects the whole site. I'm adding an entirely new section to the site that will list the discography of the YST soundtracks and Drama discs. Hopefully people will find this helpful as well as entertaining.


It is an eternal search for efficiancy. Right now I'm working on slimming down and streamlining the background code to the pages. And hopefully I've shaved a little more time off of the load times for all types of net connections. There will be new material coming up on the site soon.

Also, Now that another virus threat has passed and I have thoroughly scanned all of my files. The Downloads section of the website is now back up for your enjoyment. I again reassert that all of my download files are 100% Virus Free.


Happy New Year! And with the new year comes a new update. I've decided to post my poetry back to the site. All of the links have been updated and Book Two of Dream A Little Dream is now posted to the site! YAY! Check it out!


Oooohhhh Looky Another update. This time there is more than just links that are fixed. I'm adding a Brand new fic. This is a little (huge) project that I've been working on off and on for the last 2 years or so. I am just now getting the final copy back and I will soon have it posted to the site. Check the link, it should be up.


I know I know. Shame on me for not updating. But the Real World has a funny habit of intruding at the wrong time with the worst things.

In the recent past I have started getting complaints about the sheer number of pop-up ads that went with my site when Angelfire hosted it. NO MORE! I have looked around for pop-up/banner free alternatives and have found that my ISP gives me 50MB of space to work with. HAPPY ME!

I've since pulled EVERYTHING off the angelfire site except a redirect page and I am in the process of getting it through the transition to the new location. (I had no idea that I would kill my bandwidth pulling everythign down in one shot. LOL the site was inaccessable for 2 hours after I did it.)

I swear. You are going to like some of the changes. Some of them are minor cosmetic changes. But the Library may be down for a little longer than the rest of the site as I have a complete overhaul in mind for it to make it easier to navigate.

Please be patient with me for a little bit. I knwo that this has been a little straining for those that have been coming looking for updates. But I promise I'll try harder to keep things rolling with new content soon.


I have made several adoptions and I encourage you all to go see my girls.


I have created a Downloads Page of things that you can use in your daily lives. Check them out!


Dream Induced Weirdness is back up and running after being Missing in action.

Some bad links in the menu bar have been fixed.

Bad picture links and the deal link to my Adoptions page has been fixed. Please enjoy the update as to how my boys are doing.

I continue to serve the anime community by bringing quality content to my Ronin site. If you have suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks.


Many links on the Fiction pages were misdirected. Those have been fixed.

A bug has been found in the way the stories that are set up in Frames pages show up when the links are clicked. This has been found, Researched and the fix is being implemented. Pages should be back up to snuff in less than 24 hours.

Dream Induced Weirdness is not up and functional yet. But should be shortly. ((Was found to be MIA.))


Looky looky! Parts 12-18 and all of the respective chapters have been added for "Partners in Hentai".

"Raven's Wing Part II" is completed and up on the site as well.

New Story! the first 4 chapters of "Dream Walker" are up and waiting to be read!

New Layout for "Fate of the End" and *Brand New* Chapters 9-16 are up.