Yulie/Yamano Jun

Yulie or Yamano Jun

Name: Yulie/Yamano Jun
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Birth Place:
Position: Friend to the ronin/Friend to the troopers

This boy was left behind when Talpa first invaded the Mortal Realm. Even though he was thought to be a pest at times, there were times that he really came through for the Ronin. Impetuous and given to his memories of things he got to do with his parents, Yulie was seldom seen without a smile and a serious case of hero worship for Ryo.

Blunt as little kids often are, Yulie provides a clear sight that is missing from the older members of the group with his innocence and his unending stream of questions. No one doubts that he can be brave when it counts, but he has his moments when his fears (as they will with all children) overwhelm him and he will be seen hiding behind Mia, Whiteblaze or the nearest Ronin.