Whiteblaze or Byakuen

Name: Whiteblaze/Byakuen
Hair: Black striped, white fur
Eyes: Blue
Birth Place:
Position: Ryo's warder

More than just a pretty kitty, this tiger is one of Ryo's closest friends. A fighter to the end Whiteblaze has done much for the ronin team, including the occasional baby-sitting stint with Yulie. Looking after the hyper-active child seemed to be second nature to the tiger even as he fought with the Ronin and protected Mia as well.

Having died shortly before the fight with Saber-Stryke he was revived as Blackblaze merged with him, thus giving them both a way to go on. Thanks to this merger Whiteblaze now changes into Blackblaze when the fighting gets too heavy or when the White Armor is called.