Lord Talpa or Argo Sama

Name: Talpa/Argo
Hair: White
Eyes: Red or Orange (When they glow)
Height: Varies
Blood: Type A
Birth Place:
Position: Warlord of the Dynasty/Demon Shogun Argo
Armor: The nine armors combined
Weapons: One of the swords from his back
Armor Call:
Sure Kill:

This self proclaimed overlord of the Dynasty spends most of his time trying to figure out how to gain back the powers of the armors. The four Warlord armors were not a problem until Anubis defected. The five Ronin armors however provided him with a problem as the boys found a way to beat him hands down in every encounter.

Irritated with the ineffectual efforts of his Warlords he took matters into his own hands when he called back the armors of his three remaining warlords and started to beat the Ronin with the combined power. With all nine of the armors he was thought to be unstoppable.