Sun Devil/Kokuyoen

Name: Sun Devil/Kokuyoen
Hair: None seen
Birth Place:
Position: Soldier/Specialist of the Dynasty/Nether Realm
Armor: Dynasty
Weapons: Whip and Naginata
Armor Call:
Sure Kill: Black Ice/?

One of the few Dynasty minions that was not after the White Armor, instead he was sent to test the armor and it's wearer. Not revealing who had sent him he instead tried to encase the ronin in A Tomb of Black Ice Imagine his surprise when Ryo came out madder than a hornet.

It was in the destruction of this Dynasty minion that the power of the Armor started to merge completely with the power of the Soul Swords. Just as Whiteblaze turned into Blackblaze for the first time. The overflow of power slipped into the Dynasty and called forth a Gate surprising the ronin with the voice on the other side.