Suiko's Tale: Chapter 2

As he looked around he saw a dim glow at the bottom of the chasm that was nearby that marked the boundary between the shallower bay waters and the open ocean and deadly tides. As he surfaced he saw that most of the Porpoise group had left him and that the one that had protected Chanika stayed with him as he went to gain the air his lungs starved for and then dove deeply and quickly for the bottom.

Here he pushed his limits. He wanted to know what the glow was that the sharks had been circling because he knew that from the way it glowed, it was not a sea creature. The area was deep and this was far deeper than he had ever tried to dive before. The Porpoise was right there with him and as the water pressure started building even against his exceptional tolerances, it slipped a flipper under his hand and he held on as the gentle beast helped him to finish the journey.

There it was. Embedded at the bottom of the chasm it glowed. A small ball that glowed a brilliant blue and seemed to resonate within him. As he reached out to touch it, the porpoise let go of Shin and the glow intensified for a brief moment.

As Shin looked around he realized that he was in an armor that was light blue and he was breathing as easily as the fish in the sea. What surprised him however was that the Blade that he had carried along with the spear had changed. He now carried a yari in one hand and a tanto blade rested in its shoulder sheath. He then noticed that the deep-sea pressures did not bother him. He could only laugh as he moved around and found that the armor was not an impediment but an asset to his underwater maneuvering.

As he shot to the surface he heard a soft voice calling him, he stopped about halfway up to the surface and as he looked around for the voice that had called his name. ~So you truly are one who listens to the sea Mouri Shin, Now Suiko no Shin.~

Hearing the voice he could only think that it was coming from his mind as he heard a chuckle. ~Shin, you are everything your family would want you to be, and your village is proud of you for what you have taken on. Now you must listen to me for we have only the now to talk.~

Shin raised his eyebrow at the voice but indicated that he was listening. ~You are from a long line of folk that have made a living from the sea. You are also from a long line that have been and always will be known as the guardians of the seas.~

~OK, So you know who I am, Now who the blazes are you??~

~Heheheheheh, Yes, I did quite forget to introduce myself. I am known as the spirit of the Suiko armor, Armor Guardian of the Seas and friend to all in nature. My Belief and symbol is that of faith and I know that it is yours as well or you would not be here.~

~Say what? Just what do you mean by that??~

~You would not be guardian of the seas or the guardian of your villageís way of life of you did not have faith in the more peaceful denizens of the waters to aide you should you need it.~

~This is true. So now that we have been introduced to each other and I am supposed to trust you. Just what do you propose that I do now. I can not exactly go back to the village looking as I do.~

~You just listen to me and we will get you all sorted out in time to reassure everyone that you are hale, whole, and hearty.~ With that the Spirit told Shin how to partially armor down and then how to fully shed the armor that he was now the bearer of.

As Shin made it back to the village, he could smell the cooking that spelled out feast. Grinning he stepped into an easy jog that carried him the rest of the way into the village. When the younger boys spotted him, they set up such a clamor that soon the entire village knew that he was back from the bay.

Grinning and blushing at the same time, he was rather surprised when he was roughly hauled off to one side. "Mouri Shin, You scared me half to death. What the hell did you think you were doing out there!?!" He immediately recognized the voice as Chanikaís and he grinned at her irate look. "Easy Chanika, I was doing what my family has been doing for generations. Protecting the bay and this villageís way of life. Because I have a special bond with most of the sea life here and I am willing to guess most everywhere, I and my family have been Guardians to the Sea."

"Nice explanation Shin but you still scared me. How did you survive those sharks?" Shin was surprised at her forceful nature for it seemed out of character with her slight figure. "Well you know that I mentioned a bond with the creatures of the sea right??" As she nodded he continued. "Well it is that bond that allows me to trust most of the denizens to come to my aide should I need it. In this case it was the Porpoise group that had alerted me in the first place of the problem." Chaniís look of mild shock was a balm to his bruised feelings, for in truth he was a rather gentle and shy soul. Forceful when needed he would have rather hurt his own toe rather than hurt another living being.

As the understanding grew between then into the evening, Shin found out that Chani would be leaving in the morning. Her family was on a journey to visit some relatives and she was at a stop over point with her parents. Shin was sorry to have met her and get to know her only to know that they might never see each other again. Chani must have felt the same way and more for this young man with a wicked sense of humor and gentle way with everyone. There was no doubt that he was popular with the young women of the village, but the one thing that kept the mothers all at ease was that they all knew him and knew that he would not do any thing to compromise what he did for the village.

But that night as Chani drew him away from the festivities and the people there was a different light in both of their eyes. They walked towards the beach and as they did so no one saw them for they were as silent as shadows until they were far enough from the feast to not be heard. Even then they were not very loud, Chanika had asked Shin of they could speak in private so that she could air some things out to him before she left.

As he led her to a smaller cove on the other side of the small bay he protected he felt the Suiko armor warm softly and then quiet. He looked at Chani and saw that in the low moonlight she was beautiful. Her hair was loose from drying and as it swayed in the gentle breeze she looked at Shin differently than before. "Shin, I find that even though I have gone through many villages and have met many people, I have felt closer to you than any one else. This is more than gratitude for saving my life today and I wish to give you something to remember me by."

As Chani looked out to the sea, she did not hear Shin move up behind her until his hand softly touched her cheek forcing her to look into his eyes. His voice was deeper than she remembered and his face was never so handsome as his eyes glowed with the reflected light off the bay. "Chanika, You have been a friend and even though you have been here for only a day I find that I can trust you." Not one for words he tilted his head slightly and kissed her softly.

Chanika was surprised at the gesture and yet at the same time she had hoped for this. Shin was strong yet gentle as he seemed to read her mind through the contact and picked her up, not breaking the kiss and took her back off the beach.

That night was beautiful in their love making, each fulfilled in a way that they would never find again and when the dawn broke the next morning, Shin said goodbye to Chanika and turned back to the village. Chanika looked back to Shinís retreating back and wondered if she would ever see him again. Neither of them knowing that she had conceived that night in the midst of their passion neither of them would know that they had been the start of something that would bring them to the future.

Shin never married, forever haunted by the vision of Chani, and so devoted his life to the village and to the bay and after many years was killed in a lightning strike that hit the water where he was swimming to get the stranded either out to sea or closer to the bay where it was better protection from the typhoon.

Chanika was sent away to a little hut of her own to raise Shin-chan, and when he was old enough to seek out his own path in life he returned to the little fishing village where he was told his father was living. When he arrived there, Shin was gone and he was asked to bring his mother to continue the Mouri line. For Shin had been the only son of his parents and the village needed a Mouri Guardian. As Shin-chan agreed he could feel the same pull to the sea that he imagined was the same pull his father felt and went to get his mother.

Chanika was welcomed to the village for they all knew that this was the woman that was the reason that Shin had never married and she was given the title and lands of the Mouri Clan to hold until her son had become the Guardian. And so the story goes on down the line until a young man was born to the Mouriís of that village. Each generation would find the Suiko armor and as time wore on it became known as the Torrent armor. And Each Guardian of the Sea and the Armor would meet a painful or violent death. It was accepted by each bearer as a choice that was necessary. And the young man that was born not all that long ago made the same choice. His name is Cye, and he is now the bearer of the Torrent armor and keeper of Faith.

And so ends an old story and in the ending a new one rises from the ashes. It is the story of the armors and their struggles as, The Ronin Warriors.