Dynasty/Demon Soldier

Name: Dynasty/Demon Soldier
Hair: None seen
Eyes: Black (or blue when they glow)
Birth Place:
Position: Cannon Fodder
Armor: Dynasty
Weapons: variety of "warrior" weapons
Armor Call:
Sure Kill:

Here is the most common source of irritation for the ronin. It can be guaranteed that if they need a moment to rest, these green armored goons will show up to spoil the moment. Their nick-name from the ronin has been the popular Tin Can or variations of it.

Looking at the source of the power it is seen that if the armor is cracked or broken, a small black smoke is emitted thus ending the soldier's life. It is later learned that the soldiers are created like the Netherspirits, from the negative feelings in the human heart. As easy as they are to defeat their strength lies in the overwhelming numbers that they usually appear in. Most do not speak but occasionally one will get a few words to point out something, or start the ball rolling.