Shadows of Light: Chapter 27

As Anubis took the staff of the Ancients, he looked at his friends. Some of them were one time enemy's and others were the closest comrades he could have asked for in battle. All of them were now close friends and he knew that they may all lose their lives in this venture. But they would all gladly pay the price if it would save Mia.

They all listened to the voice as it instructed Anubis to meditate and completely focus on Mia. Sage was the first to follow Anubis into the Meditation position and as the others followed they realized that they might have a chance of making the link stronger if they formed the protective circle about Anubis.

As they completed the circle, Ronin and warlord alike started meditation and found that through a small secondary link to the armors, they could see what Anubis was doing.


As Anubis started the Spirit walk through his mind and to Mia he saw a great many souls that he had killed in his time as a Warlord to Talpa and he wondered that they were not trying to kill him here and now for the transgressions against them in the past.

~Anubis, the transgressions of the past are of no matter to these people now. You have set them free from the terror and the oppression that they felt in their lives and they are grateful for the freedom that they have now.~

Anubis was astonished that he had done these people a favor when he killed them. For he remembered that he had enjoyed every kill, bathed in its murderous ways he embraced the cold cruel killer he had become and fed on it.

Shuddering lightly he moved past those memories as he looked around for Mia. Looking to the staff he meditated for a moment to get his bearings and then as he felt the staff pull in one direction he silently thanked the guidance he had been given and took off at a full run to find his heart again.


Dais, Cale and Sekmet each breathed a sigh of relief as they watched Anubis move through his memories. Cye and the others had been astonished at the memories and the emotions that went with them. They were also grateful with the fact that Anubis had seen the way to the good in his soul. Each silently thanked the Ancient for what he had done for Anubis and then watched on as he found the way to Mia.


Anubis ran through the group of people to the next looking and calling out for Mia. He had to find her. Desperate as he was he knew that if he could not find her then the others would not be able to either and then all hope for getting her back would be lost.

He prayed in his heart that he would find her and he hoped with everything he had that she would still love him enough to come back to the pain and reality of the world of the living.

The lights were getting stronger and as he ran he found that instead of weighing down on him as it had before, the Armor of Inferno was getting lighter and easier to move in as he moved faster than he ever did in the Cruelty armor alone.

~You are now starting to appreciate the powers of the Inferno armor. Remember, they will help you do anything that you will need.~


The guys were all surprised at the knowledge that Anubis was really able to endure everything that was happening. The Inferno armor really took a lot out of the wearer and yet Anubis did not seem to be feeling the stress of it all just yet. Ryo knew that that may not have been the case since he only wore the armor for maybe the time it took for him to destroy Talpa the first time and he was completely wiped out.

Ryo knew then that Anubis was really pushing his limits by wearing the armor as long as he planned to.


Anubis knew that he was getting closer to Mia as he felt the staff's pull to the woman getting stronger and more urgent.

As he looked about him in the most recent crowd of people that passed over he looked about and just ahead of the group of people he saw the familiar Auburn hair of Mia swaying gently behind her as she walked on to the area of peace after the life she had lived.

"Mia!" Anubis called out to her as he neared to his destination. "Mia wait. I must speak with you."

Mia turned slowly as if she were in a dream and looked at him. Almost not recognizing him in the inferno armor she smiled at him when she did recognize him.

"Anubis, will you be coming with me? Was I wrong and unable to save the others?" Her smile turned to a soft frown as she worried that she had not been able to save her friends from destruction.

"Mia, please." He reached out to her and took her into his arms. Holding her close he whispered to her. "You were killed by the Obajan. Ryo out of vengeance and desperation donned the Inferno armor and killed the Obajan while destroying the void in the process."

Mia was stunned. Looking about her she noticed that there was a distinct lack of scenery about them as Anubis spoke to her. Noting that he was not troubled with the lack of scenery she looked at him again. "I am dead?? What has happened to SilverRaven?"

"I do not know. I knew that you or she or one of the others would die in the attempt to kill the Obajan. But I did not know what would happen to the SilverRaven armor should the bearer perish in the battle." Anubis was a little concerned about Mia. She was not taking any of this with her normal calm and rational thoughts as he thought that she would. ~However~ he thought to himself. ~Dying is a pretty big deal when you are talking to someone who knows that you are dead and telling you that you died.~

"The others lived then?" Mia's instincts about the others and her faith in their armors started to reassert itself as she looked at Anubis. Her logic was coming back as well. How would Anubis have the Inferno armor if the others did not survive the final blast that took out the Obajan.

As Mia looked into Anubis' eyes she saw that he was waiting to ask her something. Holding him close she asked. "What is it that you have to ask me love? You know that you can ask me anything."

Anubis was still troubled as he looked down at the woman that had taken his heart. Smiling softly he started. "Mia, you know that for a very long time I have loved you and cared about you. When I died I thought that I had gone to hell because I was not able to be with you. However the one thing that made our separation bearable was the fact that I was able to protect you and save you from Kayura, Talpa and the others in that final battle with my former master."

"Now it is several years later and you have come into the inheritance of the SilverRaven spirit armor of legend. You successfully learned about it and learned to use it to destroy the Obajan that the creator of the armor defeated. You no longer need a protector as you have been taught more about battles then the ronin knew before their first battle with Talpa and his dark dominion."

"I came after you on this day to ask you to return to us. Those that love you. The Ronins that see you as an older sister and someone that they would protect till the ends of time. The Warlords, whom you have gained their respect and their love as a friend, they would go to the ends of both realms for you to protect the Mortal Realm and the Dynasty as well as you from all comers. Kayura, who finally realized that you are wise in your own way and knowing more about the armors than she will have time to find out for a while, now respects you and wants to learn what you know about the nine armors and the Inferno armor so that she may lead the Dynasty better and protect both realms."

"All of them wish for your return to the living realm to be with them again. They all love you and the one that is taking your loss the hardest is Ryo. He held onto the inferno armor long after the battle with the Obajan was finished because his fury continued to fuel his armor of Wildfire and the Inferno armor."

"They have put their trust in me to bring you back. They have also placed their lives in my hands. There is the chance that something could go wrong in my trying to bring you back to the mortal realm and all of them. Ronin and Warlord would perish in the attempt. Yet they all feel that this is a necessary risk to take so that they might see you again."

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