Shadows of Light: Chapter 25

The Ninja were disappearing now and staying away from the battle scene. The ones that had been disbanded never returned now. The Obajan was now in a world of his own fighting against Mia/SilverRaven, the battle though fierce seemed to be in Mia’s favor as she was relentless.

As the guys all now had a chance to glance over to her once in a while, they all had a chance to see the will if the indomitable woman they had all known for the past few years now. What they saw amazed them as they now saw in action the very thing that made Talpa’s fall a reality.

Sekmet, Dais and Cale all nodded and renewed their pledges to guard the earth realm from the Dynasty. Kayura looked at her friends and nodded as she saw the renewal of the flames in their eyes as they fought harder, faster and better then they had. ~Nothing like a shot of pride to help a battle go along.~

Anubis was busy keeping the stray ninja out of the fight between the Ninja Masters. He knew that Mia would be able to take care of them, but he wanted her to be able to focus on the final battle. There would be no return this time from the dead for this demon. Mia had pledged that silently with Anubis one evening before the battle and she intended to keep it.

Ryo, Rowen, Kento, Cye and Sage all knew that Mia was tough in everything that she had been through, but they never realized that she had this kind of an iron will to hold out this long in a battle with out folding. They knew that she would not give up, and not having to watch out for Yulie this time around made things easier for her to fight.

There was an air about the battle of victory for the Ronins and Warlords. The combined attacks were becoming easier for them all and they all knew that should they get in a bind that one of the others would be there shortly to watch their backs as they fought on.

The color of the void was no longer gray as the blood and the auras changed its colors. Reds, greens, blues, purples, pinks, browns, blacks, and oranges colored the landscape now as the fighting energies bled into the fabric of the reality. Changing it from a void to a panorama of color and sound as weapons and sure-kills were used.

As the battle narrowed down to the battle between Mia and the Obajan, the silence was a welcome sound. Mia was able to focus more energy into what she was doing and her fighting style constantly changed. The changing style elicited respect from the Obajan, but in the end he still planned to kill her and take over the Mortal realm as his own.

Mia had to win. As she fought she knew that the lives of her friends, old and new, depended on it. Almost to fast for the human eye to follow, she led the Obajan in a dance that was beautiful as it was deadly. One wrong move would mean certain death on one or the other. The sure-kills had been used and the hand to hand was flawless as they fought for everything they believed in. Blood marred the floors and with the footing precarious they did what they could to keep their footing and still kill the other.

Gone was the fancy fighting and high skills. It was down to bloody hit for hit fighting and damned was the one that quit the field. Hits landed and missed and both warriors were cut, bleeding limping and in some places missing pieces of their armor completely. This was the final battle.

As Mia saw her opening to finally finish off the weakened Ninja master she gathered her energies. In that pause the Obajan collapsed slightly and gasped out in pain and breathlessness. "Hold Ninja master!"

Mia stopped the preparation for her sure kill and looked at the young looking Ninja before her. "Why do you call for me to hold? You know that the price of this battle is." Mia’s odd resonating tone was condemning and completely devoid of mercy. Mia had lost many of her friends to these demon incursions. Both when Talpa invaded and when the Obajan killed her friends to get to her at the college.

She felt no mercy to such a demon and instinctively she knew that he would never reform. Still, she listened to him. Something told her that this might be important and so she paused and listened and respond.

"SilverRaven, you know that I was once the cruel master that harmed all I saw. Beauty meant nothing to me and you knew that I would eventually return to this world to reclaim my ancient lineage and rights."

"It was never your right to rule as a Tyrant. Had you been a beneficent ruler. I would have never bothered you. But you were not, and I know you for what you really are. You are forever condemned." Mia hissed out in a tone that took every one by surprise.

Mia readied her No-daitchi again for the sure-kill. She had hatred on her features and all who saw her were afraid. They knew how many friends she had buried, and that she was remembering every one of them now as she readied for a sure-kill that would forever deny the demon ninja master life in this realm.

The Obajan looked at Mia and knew that the time was now. With her and the spirit distracted with the necessary moment to gather the energies for what would be his death blow it would be easy for him to kill her. Her friends would be next.

Taking the short blade that he always held for such occasions, he sprung at the distracted ninja warrior. The movement was so smooth and graceful that none of the warriors there could react in time to prevent it.

Mia screamed out in pain as the knife struck true to her heart. She brought the battle sword down on the ninja, but only managed a glancing blow as her strength faded. Her armor flickered and vanished to the sub armor. As she collapsed to the ground dead, she never saw the explosion that ripped them all out of the void and back into the Earth realm.

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