Shadows of Light: Chapter 24

The Obajan was unmasked. A small boy that looked like he could have been related to any one of them at one point or another was who was under the mask. The only thing that made the group take him seriously was how much damage he had dealt out to Mia and the others.

He had Rowen's night blue eyes and intelligence, Mia's build, Sage's general charisma, Cye's hair and from the look in the eyes, Kento's stubbornness, and as the boy smiled they all noticed fangs that looked like they had come from Sekmet's pet snake. The other traits were less noticeable but equally there. Ryo's skill and talent in the martial arts, Cale's affinity to the shadows and darkness, Dais' cunning, Anubis' temperament/ patience and Kayura's vitality.

As they each identified a piece of himself in this boy Ryo's temper almost got the better of him. "What kind of sick perversion of nature are you?" He would have leapt at the boy except Anubis stepped in front of him and Cale and Sekmet grabbed him by the shoulders to restrain him.

"I am the worst in all of you. I found it in my opinion to be some of the best parts of you so I thought I would come together and see what I could do with these traits. The looks were a side effect of this little fun house experiment." He grinned at Anubis whom he knew was ready to ask a question.

"How is it that you 'seem' to know so much about us then." Anubis stayed where he was in front of Ryo since he could hear the boy struggling behind him to get free.

"Why I asked a friend of yours of course. He was ever so helpful since he wanted pretty much the same thing I wanted. Your eventual destruction, I just had one thing he never had. Patience enough to let a plan wind out to its bitter end." His laugh chilled them all except Mia. She was listening on a deeper level and knew that she had nothing to fear. Her own end would be one that she would write now.

"How is it then that you were able to come back then demon lord. I destroyed you all those years ago." SilverRaven took the fore and the others were now able to identify the spirit that inhabited the body. It was the Lord that SilverRaven had killed all that time ago to free/avenge the people that had suffered so under his heel.

"Lets just say that making a pact with the devil can be a most rewarding endeavor." His smirk made everyone want to smack him. Kento stepped forward and as he looked the boy over he shuddered. "How do you know what the worst in all of us is then if you barely know us?"

"Oh come now Kento of Hardrock. I know that you struggle to retain your belief that your armor is not the bloodthirsty monstrosity that Dais told you it was. You to this day still wonder if you are the right one to be wearing the Armor of Hardrock." As Dais and Kento looked at each other one in apology and the other in shock, the little man laughed, delighted in the success of stirring up the old fears of one armor bearer.

"Well then, if you know so much about us, then you will know that we will never give up and that you will be destroyed in the end." Cye looked ready to pounce on the young man. A look that had the other ronin scared since they all remembered what happened the last time he looked like that. Kento and Rowen subtly moved to flank the Torrent bearer in case he did decide to act on his own. They were a team and that was how they were going to fight.

Mia did not know what to do, but SilverRaven counseled her to patience as she had fought him before. He would make a mistake, and when that happened the full might of all nine ronin armors and her own would be unleashed on the doppelganger destroying him once and for all.

Then it happened. A flash of red passed them all and as everyone turned around to see what happened to Sekmet and Cale they found the two Warlords looking as confused as the rest of the group. One moment the pair had restrained Ryo and standing almost quietly behind Anubis, the next, he was flying past them all on a collision course with the young man that stood smirking before them all.

"You'll pay for every thing you have done and every life you have hurt for your own purposes. You will be made to suffer for every soul you tortured in every life you came to and were snuffed out from. On this I swear." Ryo drew his swords and as he came up to the Obajan everyone was surprised at how calm Ryo seemed after his burst of speed and temper.

On the other hand, Ryo was not calm at all. Instead he was channeling the furious angst into a different direction and as he walked up to the boy he moved faster than any one but Anubis could follow and when he was done the Obajan had a wound that looked like a Kanji on his cheek.

The Obajan looked at the scarlet clad warrior and grinned. "An effort, but in the end, ultimately futile." As he pulled himself together to try to heal the wound he found that it was bleeding red blood and not healing at all. "Wh-What is this!!" The Obajan was shocked; a sword had touched him and wounded him. Now the wound would scar and he would have that mark for the rest of his unnatural life.

The others looked at the wound and were shocked. It was an ordinary Kanji, but what it meant was the mark of the Shinigami. The boy was marked for death now and it did not take a genius to figure that Ryo had channeled his rage and the burning fires of the Wildfire armor into a blow that would never heal magically.

Ryo only smiled slightly, pleased that what he had done had worked. The Wildfire armor had responded to his wish to mark the brat and so when it happened it was fast and painful. He turned around and looked at Sekmet and smirked, "Your turn snake lips, you all have an opening, and I recommend using it."

Sekmet looked like he was ready to pounce on Ryo but the insult of that creature behind Ryo was too much even for his reptilian patience and so he merely nodded and set his swords up for the Strike. The others got out of his way and Ryo glowed. Mia saw what he was doing and backed off over towards Anubis. ~He is channeling his rage into Sekmet's Strike. Something about the purity of his anger and the combination of it and the Wildfire armor is able to make the wounds stay open on the Obajan. I thought I was the only one that could do that and make it stick.~

~Looks like Ryo has learned that his Armor can help him do many things that he never dreamed possible. Now all we have to do is to get them into the Inferno Armor and your battle will be much easier.~

The Obajan took that moment to strike back at the other warriors. Sekmet had struck and the venom was now in the system. He would live, but it would only be a half-life of torment. He would have his revenge and it would indeed be sweet. First he would take out that nuisance of a ronin, Ryo. Then he would break them all. One at a time, and one by one they would be begging him for the mercy that he would never show them. After all. What was the point of being the ultimate evil in this realm if you could not kill the opponents that would kill you with out a second thought?

As he jumped at Ryo, he drew his sword and prepared for the battle. Unfortunately he no longer had the edge since that damnable Mia had been training the little bastards that opposed him now about how to see him. No matter. This was a battle of skill anyways. But if he cheated what was the harm, except to maybe Wildfire.

Soon after this thought passed the ninja showed up and the battle was on. As per orders, the ninja separated the fighting warriors from each other and the battle was fierce. Sekmet was dealing out damage left, right and down the middle with his poisoned blades and Kayura was mowing down the shadow warriors like grass with her own brand of Dynasty death on a platter. The others were doing the same, but it was soon painfully obvious that Ryo and the others were going to be over powered. Ryo was in a battle of his own with the Obajan and starting to tire again as his armor had not had a chance to revitalize. Since there was nothing in the Limbo except gray, no one except Cale and the ninja were fighting very well. Dais was doing reasonably well with making the Ninja think that there were more of him than any self respecting recycled spirit would want to think about taking on.

Mia however was struggling a bit though. Good as she and SilverRaven were, Mia still had her problem areas and she was taking far more hits because of the previous wounds that were still healing, than she should have been. Anubis and Cye noticed this and they fought their way to her aid.

Nodding her thanks she kept fighting over to Rowen who was in close combat, so he could not use his bow. His hand-to-hand skills were exceptional for a human with demon armor, but when it came to fighting hordes of ninja that seemed to come from all sides, he was being crushed. Mia nodded to Anubis and Cye and on that signal, Cye fired his sure kill, sweeping away the ninja that were around Rowen, and as soon as the ninja were away, Anubis brought the staff down casting a small protective circle around Rowen.

Rowen breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the press ease off. He leapt into the air and as he drew his bow from its place on his back he saw that Sage, Kento and Cale were closer to each other than to the others. Focusing in the center of the trio, he shot off several arrows gaining Sage's attention. As Sage looked up he saw a focused Rowen and got out of the way. Kento and Cale watched him dodge out of the way and as they both looked up at the warrior in blue they understood and got out of the way. "Arrow...Shock...Wave!!!" The golden blast of energy added a glow to the entire battle area as the resulting explosion rocked the void.

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