Shadows of Light: Chapter 23

The first thing Mia noticed as her vision cleared was that she was at a distinct tactical disadvantage. Her eyes were open but she could see very little except an unending gray. It was as if everything was one big shadow. ~You are in the Limbo.~ Mia jumped slightly at the voice in her mind, but settled quickly as she recognized SilverRaven.

~Ok, so I'm in Limbo, I am nowhere and everywhere all at once right?~ As she received the affirmative she decided to open up her other senses. She had been fully alert for several minutes now and she had not received an attack. She wondered how her friends were doing and where they were. For all she knew they could all be dead and unable to help her. That would mean that she was the be all end all of the defense for the Mortal realm at the Japanese gates.

In her moment of distraction she was knocked off balance and soon saw her attacker. The Obajan was there and was looking for a way to finish the battle. Mia regained her focus and with SilverRaven's help she was soon able to sense where the Obajan was. Mia had learned over the weeks of learning from the spirit that the first step to defeating the Obajan was to take away the mystery as to who the Obajan was. To unmask the Obajan would be almost as impossible as destroying the being, but it had to be done or the Mortal Realm would suffer and eternity of darkness and fear that would have eclipsed anything that Talpa would have done.

Knowing this she wondered why it took so long for the Obajan to attack but did not discount anything as she followed her instincts and attacked. Mia being on the offensive and completely focused on her target she did not realize that there were others in the Limbo. She did not know until she was taken by surprise in a sneak attack.

The Obajan's ninja attacked swiftly and with out mercy as they always did, but Mia had been so focused on one target that she had taken her senses down to a narrow level. She was cut and bleeding in several places and as she looked around at the ninja she knew that with the help of the Armor she could beat them. The fire that burned from the internal bleeding was almost more than she could bear. She wished that Anubis were there to help her get the others. Him being dead already meant nothing to her. She loved him and there was going to be no way that she would quit fighting for something that he had fought so hard for in the past.

Grinning ferraly she looked about as bad as the guys when they were about to do something completely irrational. Drawing her Ninjato and a few suriken she leapt into the fray and started decimating the ranks of ninja there. The ninja had no idea what prompted this attack and so they quickly tried to overwhelm her. They quickly found out that coming with in the reach of her arm or her sword was a quick way to die again so they surrounded her waiting for her to lower her guard. She didn't and spun into the walls of her ninja made cage destroying more of the ninja.

It was a fight of suicide, she needed to get to the Obajan again and as she searched out the mind of the leader she 'ported herself to the spot and challenged the being with a slash across the midsection of its small lithe body. The resulting hiss made Mia start in surprise, what was it about that move that had taken the Obajan off guard.

As the Ninja leader drew it's sword, the challenge was accepted and they poured everything they had into the resulting battle.

The fight raged, each of the combatants taking the hits that got through and both of them now looking like they had crawled through a minefield. Only the masks stayed in place now as each cut exposed more and more flesh. Mia was loosing a lot of blood in this fight. But she was also moving fast and taking chunks out of the Ninja Obajan. Neither side was going to give in until the other was dead, that was an unspoken agreement and soon Mia noticed that the ranks of the Ninja were disappearing quickly outside of their battle. Looking around when she could she soon noticed that all of the armored warriors were looking beat, but they were here in the Limbo.

As they watched the fight the guys could only note the intensity and agree that it would probably be better if they stayed out of it in case they took on friendly fire. This was not lost on Mia as she quietly acknowledged this. ~This fight is mine. If I can do one thing then you will be able to join the fight. But this is an impossible battle.~ Anubis passed the message on and the others nodded that they understood and kept at the ready for what ever Mia had to do.

The battle intensified even more than it had before and as they all watched Kento could only think one thing. ~Man am I glad she's on our side. Her information was NOT kidding when it said that she could take on the Armor of Inferno.~

He got dirty looks from everyone else but he just ignored them as he had been serious this time and not his usual irreverent self. As he watched the battle progress he noted that Mia was slowing down and hitting harder and smarter. Bits of the Obajan flew off in several directions as she cut away at the defenses. Soon she pulled a completely new move and as she spun she ripped the mask off with her free hand.

No one could believe what they saw under the mask. Even Anubis was shocked to see the face, and as he started to school his features back to their more benign look. Mia was absolutely infuriated and the others could only wonder at what had possessed the person to go to that length.

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