Shadows of Light: Chapter 22

As the Ronins and Warlords finished cleaning up the remaining ninja, they noticed that now that the Obajan was not in the area, the Ninja did not come back to continue fighting the determined and tired warriors. With the last of the Ninja gone and a sweep of the area done the Warlords relaxed a little until Anubis showed up.

"You can not relax yet my friends. Mia cannot be found and she is still in combat with the Obajan as we speak. Everything I have tried to do to locate her indicates that she may be in a limbo state. Hence giving the Obajan the advantage since that is the natural grounds for most ninja to hide in." He actually looked a little nervous for once as he looked around at the battle weary folk.

Kento and Cye were bandaging everyone and Sage was working quickly to save White Blaze with an anxious Ryo looking on. The Warlords just sat there quietly taking in what had happened in the battle as they had after the last battle with Talpa and the Dynasty. Kayura was completely armored down and in her old uniform of the Dynasty so as not to be caught off guard while she sat quietly and looked at the battles in retrospect.

Rowen was confused and hurting as one of the ninja had gotten a lucky shot in and just about sliced the tendons in his wrist making him useless with the bow. He was healing, but slowly and so he was working out some theories and equations that almost none of them could understand.

Kento should have been resting on the ground in his armor so that the slice across his throat and stab wound could heal faster, but he was up and about in his sub armor helping Cye by carrying the med kit and holding unwilling subjects down for Cye's treatment.

Cye was battered and bruised but he figured that he would be able to take a quick dip in the lake before they would have to fight again and give his armor a chance to charge up for the next fight and heal him completely in the process like Sage's armor was doing for him in the bright sunlight.

They all were in shock though at what Anubis was able to tell them and they could not help but worry about the woman they had all protected at one time or another. She was the one protecting them this time around and even though she had been the key to Talpa's defeat in the past they knew she would have been safer not fighting then. Now she knew how to fight and yet again was the key to the new evil's end. This time she had to fight, but they all agreed, not with out them.

"We have to find her guys, She wasn't looking to hot the last time we saw her, for all we know, she could be in real trouble this time around and we will not know where to start looking." Sage had finished healing Blaze and as he stood up he armored down to his sub armor and looked at the entire group.

"Sage's right, we have to find her and quickly. She may be the key and all to the destruction of the Obajan, but she cannot do it on her own. She is probably going to need the Inferno Armor before this is all said and done." Cye looked about and spotting the glitter of the lake through the trees bolted in that general direction. As Ryo and Kento looked after his retreating figure they noticed a heavy limp that hadn't shown when he was moving slower.

"I move that we move this little strategy meeting to the lake so that Cye there can finish what he needs to do and stay updated on the current events." Rowen's suggestion was met with groans of stiff muscles and bodies, but it had to be moved and they all knew it. They all walked to the lake using the light exercise to keep them all limber for the next fight and as they moved they talked quietly in groups of walked alone in thought. Anubis was the quietest one of all.

"You really like her don't you." The quiet voice next to him startled Anubis out of his reverie and as he looked over saw that Ryo had paced with him at the back of the pack. Nodding slightly Anubis wondered why his one time foe took so much interest in this one stray fact.

"Yes, I love her a great deal Ryo of the Wildfire. I will admit that it distresses me that I can not find her." He cut himself off before he could go on. Ryo caught this and only wondered.

"Just be careful in how you plan us to help her out. She has always been ready to die to protect the mortal realm in her own way. If that is her destiny now then it will be." Ryo looked at Anubis and noticed that the one time ancient was preparing to take offence. "Look, It will not make it any easier for me to accept. In fact I have not even accepted the fact that she no longer really needs us to protect her any more. I will always be there to protect her and help her out, but I also can not put the Mortal realm at risk because of her."

Ryo's eyes held Anubis' as he made the older man understand that he more than understood what was at stake here. Knowing that Anubis knew that he would have to take the path this time that Ryo followed and not let the Mortal realm become endangered. Anubis nodded and as they finished the walk to the lake the others had already been discussing a way for them all to get to the limbo zone with out further risk to themselves.

"It should be fairly easy. Trusting in our armors and the Staff of the Ancients we should be able to have Cale here transport us all to the limbo with little or no effort. He uses the shadows and the darkness as a freeway anyways and he should know where it is. That will allow us all a way there with out having to worry about a spell going wrong." Kayura had thought it all out based on everybody's strengths and weaknesses. It was a logical plan and everyone agreed that it had the best chance of working out of everything they had come up with until now. Even Anubis agreed that the logic was sound, but Cale disagreed.

"Hey, I only have so much ability and I know that when it comes to lightning boy over there" pointing to Sage "It is going to take more energy than usual because I will be dealing with the polar opposite of my own specialty." Ignoring the looks he was getting from the warrior of light he continued to think out loud.

"No, if nothing else I would only be able to take 3 of you all at a time. Grouped like this and as worn down as we all are right now it would be flat out suicide to try a group shot all at once." So as he looked around Cye crawled up onto the dock out of the water looking much better than the rest of them did and nodded to indicate that he had heard and understood everything.

"So how about groups like this?" And as Cye laid out group plans he made sure that each group was as balanced as possible to prevent problems and it ended up like this.

Anubis, Sage, Rowen
Kento, Sekhmet, Ryo
Cye, Kayura, Dais

The groups were agreed on with some grumbling, but in the end they all agreed that Cye probably had the best scope of what all their abilities would be in battle and that all the groups were balanced in some way shape or form. Cale agreed that with Anubis in the same group with Sage, the effort in getting them all to the Limbo would be less and less dangerous than it would have been if there had not been some one with the ability to stabilize the journey magically. So they started on their way and each time Cale came back, he never said anything about what was on the other side but took on the next group and shadow walked to Limbo.

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