Shadows of Light: Chapter 21

Kento was exhausted; he had been fighting for hours now and had taken out more ninja in that time with the others than they had ever though that there could be. Yet slowly they were making their way through the enormous numbers and to the front of the groupings.

Mia had disappeared at some point during the struggle and as Kento and Cye came in contact with the other members of the group they learned that Mia had not been seen since about an hour into the battle. Now they were worried because not only were the odds stacked incredibly against them, the person that knew what was going on was now missing and could possibly have been captured.

~Damnit where is she, We could really use her help about now.~ Three more shuriken imbedded themselves into Ryo’s armor and he was thankful that the small metal bits were usually meant as a distraction in combat like this. He did not see the ninja bearing the ninjato behind him until Kayura managed to get under the shot to block it with the Kusari-gama. They nodded to each other and Ryo yelled out, "NOW!!"

The Ronins and Warlords all heard him and took to the air as Kayura cut loose with "QUAKE WITH FEAR" and at the same time Dais in another area cried "WEB OF DECEPTION" The resulting thousands of ninjas that were caught in the wake of both attacks were slaughtered as Cale, Ryo, Sage, Kento, Rowen, Cye and Sekmet all unleashed their sure kills on the ensnared ninja.

The resounding quiet of the thousands less ninja stirred the warriors to actions and they ran in the direction where they felt a huge energy that was far darker than anything Talpa had produced. As they ran they could feel that power flux as if in battle and the others could only assume that Mia had somehow gotten through the ninja and to the Obajan.

The ninja came back slower this time and twenty or thirty at a time so that it was easy for the running Warriors to form a line and as they ran just mow the mindless shadow warriors over and out of existence. They were all tired and their armors were pitted, smoking, charred and in some places missing all together. They could not afford to armor down to recharge as the battle was still on and they knew that with out their armors they would be no match for the ninja, no matter what the state of their armor was in.

Running forward they caught each other as wounds closed too slowly and tripped them up. Mia was ahead of them and they could feel the SilverRaven armor and Mia in their tandem effort of brains and brawn fighting that Mia preferred. As they cleared the last grove of trees and ninja they were treated to a scene of exceptional energy and ugliness.

Mia/SilverRaven fought with everything she had and was still getting her ass handed to her. The Obajan was a ninja that was smaller than Mia and as they fought Mia saw them and nodded silently. They looked behind her and saw that White Blaze was out of the fight with a long slash down the length of his side.

"White Blaze!!" Ryo leapt forward and the unexpected movement caught the Ninja Obajan off guard enough that it earned a long double slice to mirror the one that White Blaze had. What surprised them all was that no blood spouted from the wound. Instead the wound just seemed to ooze together and close. Mia looked at the shocked warriors and was quickly reminded of the battle that she had to focus on.

The others took shots in where they could as the battle was fast. Anubis could feel that Mia was growing weary and knew that the other warriors would as well. Mia would not last much longer unless someone did something. "WEB OF DECEPTION!!" The Obajon was trapped but as it sliced out of the webs easily Dais’ attack was complete and as he took advantage of the Obajan’s momentary moment of focus change and instead of one Mia, there were many running about the Obajon taking shots and acting just like Mia in battle.

As the Obajan started towards the ronins they realized that Dais had given them the perfect opportunity to attack the Obajan and get involved in the fight. They fought with renewed purpose and then they saw Kento fall.

Rowen looked to his friend and saw that a short tanto had pierced his armor and that he was bleeding from the wound. As he rolled his buddy over carefully it revealed the distraction that served to get the Tanto in. A well-aimed suriken clipped him in the neck and his larynx showed to the daylight. Rowen stayed with Kento and Kayura charged to the fore and leapt to the sky.

Rowen’s bow came to his hand from its place on his back and snapped open.

Kayura swung the Kusari-gama and called out "QUAKE WITH FEAR!!!" and threw the weighted claw.

Drawing an arrow from the quiver he aimed carefully and let the energy gather about him at the focus point of the arrow.

The chains exploded from the ground catching the Obajan in its restricting tangle. The others jumped out of the way.

The energy was at its highest level ever when Rowen cried out, releasing the pent up energy with practiced ease. "ARROW…SHOCK…WAVE!!!!"

The blast of intensified energy hit the Obajan square on and not only knocked it clear out of the chains, but started to char the little bits of armor that the Ninja did wear. As the blast stopped and the light faded everyone was shocked to see the Obajan still standing. Not only standing but it started laughing as well the odd dual tone making it impossible for the warriors to tell if it was male or a female that they fought.

"Foolish warriors. When will you all learn that I can never be destroyed." As the Obajan turned to Mia. "And SilverRaven, I see you have found your precious Ronins and a body to inhabit as well. You and your Ways are DEAD! Now is the time for the True Ninja!!" As the Obajan leapt at Mia/SilverRaven, they both disappeared as Mia was to be hit leaving nine Warriors to wonder where they had gone.

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