Shadows of Light: Chapter 20

It was time. Mia, Anubis and White Blaze all knew it. The meeting to plan their tactics against the ninja in this newly waged war of attrition was going as well as could be expected. The natural opponents nit picked and their compatriots would come to their aid. Only Mia’s forceful personality kept a tight reign on the group. With the fights that broke out it was a wonder that they got anything done during that day. But they did and now it was the time for Mia/Silver Raven to drop the bomb.

Anubis walked from the counter behind her in support and White blaze sat up from his place and put his head under her hand. Ryo looked at them and immediately smelled trouble. "Uh oh. You have news we’re not gonna like." Ryo’s comment and serious mien put everyone on their guard as they looked at the woman at the head of the meeting who was flanked by two guardians.

Mia could only nod as she felt SilverRaven take over to explain for her. "I am sorry." The duo apologized in their odd tone. "I should have warned you about the outcome of this battle that you are now planning. No matter the cost you must find the way to lock Obajan away forever. No matter the cost."

Mia was left to fend for herself now that SilverRaven helped her get the ball rolling. "I can only do so much to help in this battle. But once again the fate of this world and many others rests on your abilities and your willingness to cooperate with each other in this. The final battle." She looked sad and to everyone’s surprise she leaned back on her stool and rested against Anubis’ shoulder.

"Remember all of you. This will be a war of attrition. The first to fold looses everything, we can not be that one." Anubis was serious as he again took up the staff of the ancient. "I will help you as I can. But as it is I am only here to really help Mia and I should return to the spirit realm now that she has gained the understanding with Lady SilverRaven. But until I am called, I will remain and fight as I can to help you all to your objective."

The rest of the night plans were made discussed/fought over and discarded. Nothing that they could come with seemed to be right until Ryo, and Kento tag teamed on probably the only idea that night that would have a chance of working. "Hey guys, what about doing what we all do best??" Ryo got some strange looks until Kento’s face cleared of its confusion and he started chuckling. He quit when Cye and Sekmet elbowed him on both sides and as he glared at the pair he smirked and explained for everyone else.

"What a better way to do things than to create complete and utter chaos with in their ranks." Cye and Rowen’s faces cleared and after a moment Sage began to chuckle. "Not a bad idea, It worked before, why shouldn’t it work again??" When the four warlord’s faces did not clear Rowen grinned and explained it to them.

"Did you guys never wonder how we were able to take out so many of those tin can goons of yours back in the Dynasty battles??" He looked around and nodded to the others. "Well it was because when we grouped, split up and regrouped in different formations, it was to cause as much chaos and damage as possible. Divide and conquer on a 10,000 to 1 scale."

Cale, Sekmet and Dais looked at the Ronins as if they had lost it, especially when the odds that they fought against and won were mentioned. Kayura chuckled as she looked at the stupefied looks on the other faces. "I can see what Rowen is getting at. You have to admit that it was rather effective."

"Yes, but this time the odds are closer to a million to one this time and Obajan can take the souls that are sacrificed in battle and reform them almost as fast as we kill them. Why do you think we were fighting so long the other night?" Everyone looked at Mia and drooped a little at the mention of the one thing they were hoping would not come against them.

Mia stood up and headed for the door. "I think that if that is the best we can do then we are all going to need rest so that we can all think on our feet in the battle. It will start soon and it will not end until one or both of us is destroyed."

Everyone agreed that sleep would be good since the sun was starting to come up and as they all split off to their separate rooms Mia and Anubis were left alone. Wrapping his arms around her she sighed. "They didn’t ask, yet I think they all have an inkling of what will happen at the end of the battle. But I have to tell them some time soon that the end of the battle means either my death, or the lady SilverRaven being allowed to finally rest in peace. Either way I am not going to be the same person I was and either way I will still lose people I will always consider my family."

Anubis hushed her and rocked her on the porch swing just comforting her. He knew that she was more scared now in this time than she ever was with any of the warlords in the time of Talpa’s dynasty. This was an evil that would be defeated and she would lose or they would be defeated and she would still lose. She was in a catch 22 and he knew that it was all that she could do to keep from breaking at this crucial moment in time.

She needed to be strong for the battle; Mia only wished that she did not have the knowledge of what she would lose on either side of the coin. It would haunt her and keep her awake but Anubis started humming softly to himself and the soft melody that escaped her recall, combined with the rocking of the swing took their toll and provided Anubis with the desired effect of putting her to sleep so that she could rest.

He carried her up stairs and put her to bed. The serene look on her face enchanted him as it always did when she was unguarded in her sleep. The years of battles eased and her rest would be truly restful this time. He would be sure of that, and he settled himself into the papasan next to the bed and dozed while Mia slept a deep restful slumber.

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