Shadows of Light: Chapter 19

As Anubis finally had to call on the Staff, the guys were all on surveillance. Mia was off at a good distance in the short time it took them to call on the staff and her power levels were spiking pretty high, indicating that there was a full-fledged battle in progress. As they all put their things in the vehicle the Warlords all changed into their respective armors a split second before the Ronins. Only Kayura stayed out of armor and sub armor but instead opted for her old uniform and Jittes.

White Blaze met them half way to the battle site in the nearby park and as they all thundered closer they soon took to the trees to see what they could find out about the battle first before joining. As they entered the clearing they all heard "SHADOW SOUL RECALL!!!" The Ronins all knew what this meant and quickly made a protective circle around Kayura and Anubis. Once the circle was in place Kayura unleashed her attack with Sage and Cale and the combined force of the triple attack of light and dark was enough to overwhelm a section of the Ninja that were still left from Miaís main attack.

As the others had seen the combined attacks work as they had hoped they started pairing off leaving Anubis to fight with the staff, which seemed to work as a Talisman against the evil no matter the form. Even with the combined attacks, the battle was long and draining. The hordes of ninja attacked from everywhere and there were to many shadows for them to hide in, and as the guys started to wear down they felt a surge of fresh energy flow as they all heard. "To ARMS!!!" Kayura had finally called on the Ogre armor and the new energy revitalized the other warriors a bit. But this time even Mia was starting to wear down. The battle was made easier when Kayura started using the sure kill for them, but it was still a war that was bigger than anything they had battled in the dynasty previously.

The night was still long and the battle was nowhere close to being finished, Anubis had resorted to using the spells of the staff to start casting wards of the warriors and the Ninja. Nothing was helping much as the night wore on. The Ninja were endless and the fighting was starting to get patterned. Kill a handful with a combined attack with the nearest person and try to recover in time to kill the one that got away.

Daylight finally started peaking its rosy head above the horizon and the ninja started shrinking away. The stronger ninja were the last to go. The leader of the attack dropping a message before he retreated into the dawning mist. Rowen picked up the note and left the battle clearing as the morning sun touched the ninja uniforms they all disappeared like shadows.

The eleven tired, sore and severely wounded warriors quit the field of battle, grateful that they were all still alive to see the daylight and then armored down as they reached Miaís Mansion. They barely managed to stay awake to bandage each other up and even Sage had to endure the healing session, as even he could not summon the energy to use his armorís healing abilities.

Mia and Anubis managed to stay awake long enough to badger the other nine up the stairs and at least into a bed where they all collapsed wearily. Anubis escorted/badgered Mia, down the hall to her own room. But it was herself that ended up catching Anubis as he stumbled and passed out in the middle of the fall. Mia knew she would not make it back to his room and then to her bed so she made the decision and placed Anubis in her bed and collapsed in the recliner that was next to the bed. Both sound asleep till the next day.

One by one as each of the warriors woke up they realized that it was light out still. But as they looked at their clocks and watches they realized that they had all slept well over 24 hours. No attacks had come during the time they were asleep and it puzzled them, until Rowen remembered the note he had picked up when the ninjas had disappeared the day before.

As he read it to the others their faces became still until Mia finally spoke up. "If this last 24 plus hours was the last real chance for rest that we all will be having then I have a feeling that we will all be depending on our armors a lot more from here on out. The ninja have just declared a war of attrition, whomever folds first is going to get eaten alive." She looked at Kayura and the remaining three Warlords. "Now that you have seen what we will be up against. Will you stay with us through the end? If you wish, you may all go back to the Dynasty and live, because I know that the danger of us not surviving this fight is greater by far than any chance of us living to be old."

Mia did not dare tell them what the true odds were and what was really at stake as that would only provoke them to stay. She wanted some of the original armor bearers to live and tell the tale if it was meant to be told. As she looked at the Warlords, she looked at the Roninís and extended the invitation to leave the battle to them as well.

Mia left for the kitchen to let them all talk it over and Anubis followed her. Surprised by this gesture, she was even more surprised when he sat her somewhat forcefully into a chair and started working on her stiff and abused muscles. As she went limp she was also mildly reproving in her stature. "You need not do this Anubis, This is a decision that you will have to make as well. You may not have the choice in the end of where you are going. But the choice to leave or stay is yours."

Anubis chuckled softly. "Lady, you may be tougher than the warlords and ronin combined, but even you need some one to be there for you. I would not be true to myself if I were to quit now. There is a battle to be won against a great evil and you seem to be holding the keys to that victory. Even with everything White Blaze and I know about you, there is still much that we do not know. It is in this that is why I am staying with you and the others." He leaned down and whispered softly into her ear.

"It is that and the fact that you are the one that has captured my heart. Knowing this, and how you feel about me, you would still try to keep me safe from harm. That is the old guardian in you I sense talking. Now is the time of letting go. The Ronins are no longer boys, but men willing to fight. The Warlords are no longer enemies, but allies in a fight that may take all of our lives in the end no matter what we may do. Be all this as it may, we must still hang on to one thing that is constant. You still seem to hold the cards to the destruction of the evil that besets us, and it is you that we would all protect as well as this world you now and will always try to protect."

Mia smiled softly as his reason reached her as well as his feelings. The moment was broken when Cale quietly cleared his throat. "Ahem, we have all come to a decision." Mia looked at Anubis and then to him and smiled knowingly. "We have all decided that, Come what may. We will all fight."

"Then there is much to be done. Bring the others in, there is much to talk about and even more to plan for and not enough time to do either." Mia/Silver Raven took over and Cale still wondered at the woman that he once could have crushed easily but still left to call the others to the table for planning. It was going to be a long evening.

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