Shadows of Light: Chapter 18

Since it was the weekend Kento suggested that maybe they all go into town for a while and check out the mall and maybe a movie. It sounded like a good idea and so they all climbed into Mia’s hummer that she had purchased recently for the purpose of transporting larger numbers of people and they headed off into town.

As they got to the mall everyone noticed that not one fight had broken out and that everyone seemed to be quieter than usual lately. The Warlords shrugged it off as the possibility of the Ronin’s being tired from all the training they had been doing lately and the Ronin’s all thought that the Warlords were just trying to take everything that had been rebuilt since their attack in (This was not to far from the truth either).

Mia found herself a large enough parking space on the back edge of the parking lot and as they all got out to go into the mall Kento took off calling out that he would meet them all in front of the movie theater in three hours. The other Ronin and warlords all looked after him wondering what was going on when Mia took Kayura and Cye’s hands and lead them forward into the mall.

As they all spread out they decided to divide up into smaller groups and check out the place on their own. So Kayura, Anubis and Mia were one group and the others paired off or doubled up into different groups. Since Kento had set the three hour meeting time in front of the theater they all took off in different directions to explore the mall and see if they would run into Kento.

Three hours later they were all in front of the theater with the exception of Kento and they were grumbling about it when Sage felt a hand on his shoulder and a voice next to him say. "Chill dudes, I am here!" Sage nearly jumped out of his skin when that happened and as he turned to face his comrade just about everyone in the group was laughing. Everyone except Sage and Dais.

Sage just glared at the others and waited for them to all calm down and Dais was off in another world thinking about what had been happening to his once nemesis. He had no idea that the Ronin of Hardrock could be so silent and undetectable. Usually Dais was the first to notice when one of the other eight armors was approaching him, but this time he did not feel Kento come up on the group and this disturbed him greatly for some reason.

All of them wondered where Kento was that they did not see him at all in the mall in the three hours that they were there looking around and shopping before the movie. Those thoughts were put aside as the group decided to go in and see the X-Men. As they sat in the theater they got some strange looks for the size of their group and where they sat blocked the views of some of the teenaged groups that were in to see the movie. As they grew tired of the disruptions to the movie Dais reached into his shirt and took his yoroi into his hand. Ryo and Anubis were sitting next to him and as they saw what he had reached for they could only smile and nudge their neighbors down the line so that the group would be warned of some rather unexpected events that would be happening soon.

Still, as prepared as they were for Dais’ tricks in the theater they were not prepared for how he unleashed them. As they watched the movie Dais slowly wove his trap for the annoying little rats behind him ~If they like the movie so much… Lets just see how they deal with seeing something like the real thing…~ He grinned to himself as he always enjoyed employing his abilities whether it was on the Ronins or on unsuspecting and annoying runts.

Slowly all eleven members of the group began to glow in their respective colors to their armors with Anubis glowing a dark golden color and Mia a dark black purple. All of them heard the gasp of the group of teen thugs behind them and could only smile as they knew that Dais’ trap would be taking effect soon.

As they looked at each other they knew that he would be affecting them as well as the thugs kids behind them as they saw each other in their armors right down to the faceplates and smirked. They knew that they were not really in their armors so they turned around and looked at the kids and Dais had a most intense sense of satisfaction as they screamed and ran from the glowing eyes behind the faceplates of the most terrifying armor they had seen.

As the boys left they failed to notice that the eleven people who had once been sitting as daemons in front of them were now normal people again and snickering at the retreating figures. However the movie was ruined for most of the group as they all had taken time out of the movie to teach a lesson to those boys.

As they left the theater Mia talked to the manager about the incident and he was completely understanding and told her that those boys had been banned from the theater. He also gave them all passes to see another movie since they were a large group and some of them were familiar to him.

As they all left the mall something troubled Rowen. Something was tickling at his mind but as he worried at it in his mind it would not show itself to clear thought. To him it was a vague presentment of danger and he soon figured out why.

As it was evening and the lot was empty with the exception of the occasional security vehicle that would drive by. Rowen looked up at the stars and breathed a sigh a peace until he saw out of the corner of his eye Mia reaching for the door latch. The presentment clarified instantly and he yelled. "MIA DON’T!!!" Mia stopped instantly and everyone looked curiously at Rowen as he almost never burst out like that with out a good reason.

Rowen narrowed his eyes and thought hard about how to explain himself when his crystal and forehead kanji flared brightly. As the dark blue light hit the vehicle they could all see what Rowen had felt. A ward had been placed on the entire vehicle and like a most explosive bomb, would have taken them all out with the energy stored with in it had Mia or any one else crossed the ward’s barrier line.

Now Mia was thoroughly incensed. First these Ninja dare to attack her world and her friends, and NOW they have the unmitigated gall to set and explosive ward on her property to harm them all?!? Before she knew it she was in her sub-armor and off into the trees. The warlords all made to follow her only to be restrained by a Ronin and to have Cye and Anubis stand in front of the group. "Let her go, she knows what she is doing and she will call on us if she needs our help. For now we need to find a way to break that ward so that no one gets hurt."

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