Shadows of Light: Chapter 17

"You guys may be right, however now that you are almost caught up with the Warlords in training, you will now need to train with them to form a team that can work together. Old memories and arguments must be pushed aside and new bonds must be forged over the old lines of distrust. You must all be able to trust each other to be there when you need them most, and this will be a most difficult lesson to learn as you all have been two separate factions long enough to know that this will not be easy to mend the old tears in the possible alliances." The warlords were staring at Mia but Anubis and the younger five kept eating as they listened to Mia.

As Cye looked up at the four gaping warlords he commented. "You guys are going to have to get used to that. Silver Raven has a tendency of doing that when you least expect it. But she knows what she is talking about and she is drawing from Mia’s memories and her knowledge of the pasts of our armors to understand what has been making things difficult lately."

Kayura, Dais, Cale, and Sekmet all looked from the calmly eating guys to Mia whose eyes were glowing an odd silvery color and back again before they decided that it would probably be for the best that they did get used to Mia having some unusual abilities in this meeting. As they returned to their eating they looked up at Anubis and Sekmet asked. "So how was it that you are back?? I mean you were very much dead when we last were able to fight together."

"Let’s Just say it was a case of need. White Blaze knew what was going on but could not communicate that to well to the Ronins, and Mia did not have a clue about what was going on. This time she was going to need all the help she could get and Silver Raven knew that she trusted me as did most of the ronin and so called me out of the spirit realm to help them in this fight."

"This is not permanent, but it does feel good to be back, even under the circumstances."

The Warlords all nodded at the explanation and as the meal continued they discussed everything that happened and Mia used her ability of showing things like a projector to help clarify certain situations. By the time everyone had finished the Warlords were caught up on the news and there was a map showing the places of the attacks spread out on the table. As they all looked at it, Dais walked around it and nodded.

"Do you all see a pattern emerging here??" He looked around at the blank faces that looked back at him. As the other three warlords walked around the map they too began to see the pattern that was emerging. With smiles on their faces they asked Mia to reset the map and place the dots that matched the battles in the order the battles were fought.

As she complied comprehension dawned on the younger five warrior’s faces as they saw what Dais was getting at. Almost all of the battles were being fought with in a block of the battles they had previously fought the Warlords, and always the battle started to the North of the old battle site. Some one had been watching and planning very carefully for this time, and that meant that they would also know about each of the Armor’s strengths and weaknesses in battle and what they all came together to form. All they could hope for now was that they did not have some one in the Dynasty when they fought Kayura in the final battle and they would have one little secret to hold as an ace.

The map disappeared and as they all sat back down at the table they nodded to each other. This was serious and if they all did not band together both the Dynasty and the Mortal realm could fall to the yet un named evil.

"Mia, why won’t you tell us the name of the puppet-master behind all of this? I mean if we know about him then we can go after him and take him out that much sooner." Kento was trying to understand the strategy behind the secrecy but as fate would have it, he was not having much luck.

"Kento, I can not tell you who the puppet-master is because that is something that you can not know until it is time. If you know too soon then you will all perish if you take it into your heads that it would be good to take him out now. But until then we have to weaken him. Find his weak points because as we found out the hard way… These ninja that we have been fighting have been trained…and trained well." Mia was trying to put to words why she could not tell with out giving too much away and the elder warriors respected that. As Kento and Ryo looked about ready to argue, Kayura stood up and headed for the back door.

"I do not know about all of you, but Mia/Silver Raven mentioned that we all needed to train together to learn to be the better team. I say we do it now while we have the chance to train instead of waiting to be attacked to find out where we all fit into the team." As she stepped out of the door, Mia and Anubis stood up and followed her leaving the rest to get up and follow at their own pace.

Hours after night had fallen, ten beaten, scraped, and bloody warriors returned to the mansion with Mia to get their wounds tended. Mia had some minor cuts and bruises but they were from tangling with Warlord/Ronin pairs that had chosen their own partners.

Dais and Kento came up with several strategies that left most of the other teams wondering what hit them after Dais walked up to the groups and then unleashed Kento’s Iron Rock Crusher. As they ate a path through the other teams the strategies were getting simpler but they were working. Dais was still surprised that the old pit them off each other trick still worked to a certain degree, and usually Kento would mop up with his sure-kill or Dais would tie them up in his webs to let them try to escape on their own.

Ryo and Anubis were also one of the better brain/brawn combinations as raw skill was incorporated into the fights and they usually traded fighting partners until the other team either wore down or just ended up getting severely singed by Ryo’s Flare Up Now Attack.

Rowen and Kayura seemed to be able to hear the other’s thoughts as they attacked and forced the other teams into splitting up then trading places to tie them up. What surprised everyone though was when Kayura used Quake With Fear, Rowen used his Sure Kill and they combined in the middle to become one attack. The combined energy of the attack held the captured team in a bind that took a very ticked off Sekmet’s acid to break.

As Sekmet and Cye were released from the double bind they found themselves facing off with the last pair, Cale and Sage against Mia/Silver Raven. Cale and Sage like their respective sources still were reconciling several problems when they literally ran into Mia. As she was in full armor she smiled at them and flipped over them.

As they looked at where she was they noticed what was coming at them, to late and were smashed into the tree line by one rather powerful Super wave Smasher followed with no break in the flow by the armor eating Warlord of Venom’s own Strike.

As Cye and Sekmet helped Sage and Cale back up Sage noticed that Sekmet’s touch was healing Cale and the Armor of Corruption in a dull haze. As Sage accepted the apologies from the pair he noted that the Venom Lord’s hand was on his shoulder healing him in the same haze. As he looked at Sekmet in question he got his answer.

"Did you honestly think I could not find a way to get my own venom to reverse its own effects??" The somewhat sarcastic reply came as he was promptly tackled to the ground by the Warrior in Green. As he was about to hit Sage for attacking him Sage picked him up off the ground and pointed to the spot where they had all 4 been standing. Cale had tackled Cye and was pointing to the large hole that was recently placed there.

As they all recognized Mia’s handy work they focused on her and as the five teams slowly coalesced into a rather formidable fighting force Mia smiled to herself as she called a halt to the practice.

As they were bandaging each other up in a large circle each bandaging the person next to them, Mia stood up and smiled. "You all did well, Next time you will all switch partners and learn about other skills that can be used in battle. As you all started to come together and fight me this evening you may have noticed that you all became stronger. You were feeding off each other’s energy to keep going. It is that very link that will keep you fighting in a battle long after you should have been dead."

"As you became stronger your attacks started to blend with the others and as you gained strength and power and familiarity with these attacks you will find ways of defeating the Ninja. Keep learning, you will need all the knowledge you can get to battle these minions. Unlike the spirit cans of Talpa’s dynasty, these Ninja will be much harder to defeat and it will take everything you have…and more to defeat them."

They all looked at each other and sighed. They still did not fully trust each other yet but they all knew that this was when it counted and now they had no choice but to do the impossible again.

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