Shadows of Light: Chapter 16

Sage walked up to the gentleman that Cale was holding in the air, obviously threatening bodily harm if the ronin had not been found. "Let him go Cale." He looked at the office staff and took the secretary off to one side. "We will be out of class for the rest of the day so that we may settle our guests here in their accommodations. Should we happen to get that done before the day is done here, then we shall return." The secretary could only nod as she was still in shock over what the blue haired man had been saying and doing .

Sage then gestured to the entire group to leave the office "I think that it is safe to say that we will be excused for the remainder of the day. Thank you Cale." Sageís tone was lightly mocking but Cale ignored it and nodded. "Whatever. Anubis called a little meeting and wanted us to come get you out of class for the meeting."

"I take it then that you have heard about our little problem then?" Ryo spoke up and looked at Kayura as she affirmed the question. He fell silent and to the back of the group as they walked out of the school lot and towards Miaís. He was surprised a bit later to find Kento at the back of the group not picking on Dais but looking like he was thinking about as hard as Ryo had been. "Hey Kento, what's got you so down man? I mean your normal target for jibes is up there and your are back here with me looking like you are lost and trying to find your way about a strange town."

"Its nothing man, Just trying to figure out just how bad things are going to get if Anubis has already called Kayura and the other warlords back to this realm for a meeting on the Ninja. I mean, what isnít Mia telling us. I know that they have a few hundred years battle experience on us but what else are they going to be able to do??"

"Cale has the best experience with the shadows and the dark side of the light. And Dais is the best to deal with the Ninja mind tricks dealing with the illusions, but that all together can be manipulated you know?? And Sekmet might be able to counteract some of the surprises that the Ninjaís can throw at us. But what about Kayura and the Ogre Armor?? It was the Armor of Cruelty and yet behind all this I can see that once given the chance to, whomever is pulling the strings in this round can be more cruel than anything the armor can handle."

Kento lapsed back into silence as he started thinking about things again and left Ryo in wonder as he knew that his buddy was changing gears mentally, but he never expected this much thought about the battles that lay ahead to come from the big guy.

Sage was also silent but his was a silence of reason, thought, courtesy, and basically he had nothing to add to the lack of conversation as they all walked into the park. When they all reached a small grove of trees, the Ronins all gathered their Kanji Crystals and transformed into their respective subarmors and took to the trees. Sage, Cale and Cye were the least detected by the others as they made it as a group to the mansion where they ran into a very large surprise.

As they all walked up to the mansion they all realized that Kento was no longer walking with them and try as they might not a one of them could figure out when he had separated from the rest of the group. Dais was the first to spot the ronin of HardRock as he leaned up against the doorway to the mansion in his old t-shirt and jeans. Looking at the others he grinned and called out. "What took you all so long?"

The Warlords could only gape at the boy before them and the guys could only again wonder what it was that lit the fire under their comrade. They all walked into the kitchen and were slightly surprised to see Mia and Anubis there as well as White Blaze sitting at the table with a full spread lunch sitting in front of them. They paused their discussion and looked up at all of the bearers of the armors and smiled. Mia stood up and gestured to the table. "Please, have a seat and eat. Preferably before Kento gets to it all."

The small joke pointed at her friend lightened the mood a bit as they all laughed at Kentoís expression of mock hurt when he sat at the table and served himself. The others followed suit and soon they were well over halfway through the meal that Mia had prepared. Anubis looked up from his thoughts and started the gathering. "We now have a confirmation of who it is that is directing this latest infestation of evil against the Earth realm."

That one starting sentence was all it took to get the undivided attention of everyone at the table. With hands and forks on auto-pilot they all listened as Anubis and Mia continued. "Today after my latest trip out to school, I ran across a group of the Ninja that were apparently camped out at the College, waiting for me to arrive."

"Because I was on a slightly different schedule this morning they were not expecting me and I was able to defeat them with out having to call on you all. However I did manage to take the cowl off one of the demon ninjas and I saw the mark of the Demon leader that has been the root of the Evil."

Mia was looking around at the others as she related her story and she knew by the looks in her friendís eyes that they had already figured out that she was fighting these things on her own. They werenít happy with her, but they also could not stop her even if they wanted to. During the battle with Talpa she had wanted to help more than she had already and knew at that time she could not have. Now it was painfully obvious to them all that she was going to get seriously hurt if she did not start having help in her battles to help take up the load.

"Mia, why arenít you telling us when you have these battles. You know that we all want to help you, and you know that between your hours of research for the College and for the Armors that you are not getting enough rest to restore your energies." The others agreed with Sage when he commented about her flagging energies and the dark circles under her eyes.

Ryo picked up where Sage left off. "Yeah, I mean if nothing else get these guys to help you out if we are in school." He gestured to the Warlords as they glared back at him. "They aren't and something tells me that they would not be here if they were not going to get involved in some way shape or form in the near future. If they havenít already."

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