Shadows of Light: Chapter 15

In the morning it took a little more than usual to wake Rowen up, but Sage and Kento understood why and they gave a quick explanation to Ryo and Cye once they woke up and were wondering why it was taking Rowen so long to wake up for school. Usually just the mention of being late to his advanced classes was enough to wake the sleeping Ronin of Strata.

As they all went through their classes they were all edgy and almost sharp with the students in the gym class. As the students backed off and were almost subdued as Cye took the guys off to the side and talked to them.

"Look you guys, I know that you are all freaked about the dreams that happened last night. However we can not let the battles of the outside interfere with what we do here unless we can not help it at all. The students trust us to be instructors and their peers. They do not need to find out at a bad moment that we are the last line between this realm and the demon hordes sitting out there waiting to take out our world!" His voice was calm and low so the other students would not hear him but to the guys there was no mistaking how upset he was at their behavior.

"We have to have faith in Mia to tell us when she needs help or that Anubis will come for us and find a way to get out of class so that we can do what we do best. Until then we are students and teachers. Now get it together and lets get the other students calmed down to finish class." Cye had taken control of the talk and never let go until he got his point across. With that he released them all and grabbed some of the students that were struggling for work on stances and Kata's on his mat. As he looked around he noticed that the others had split off to various mats and had settled the problems of the Ninja incursion to the back burner so that they could focus on the students. He nodded to himself as he remembered something that Mia/Silver Raven told him about leading and wondered why the others listened to him at all today.

~You are the peacemaker.~ The thought was so alien to his mind and unfamiliar in tone and feeling that he was startled out of the half concentration he had formed in watching the students work out and thinking about the days events. After looking around to make sure that none of the other students had spoken to him he pondered the thought a little longer and then stored it away for the afternoon meeting that they had all agreed would happen just before the next Homework session in the living room.


The others on the other hand had been completely surprised and taken off their guard with Cye's forcefulness that they had almost immediately calmed down. Ryo focused deeper than usual to bury the outer agitation that he felt towards the current situation at the Mansion and focused on his part of the class and the basic weapons Kata's that some of the more advanced students were interested in.

~I wonder what crawled up Cye to get him that upset at the rest of us like that. Normally he does not have a problem with us acting a little out of the norm because of the current situation. Why is it that he is trying to be so secretive now??~ His thoughts trailed off as he stepped onto the mats again to demonstrate a basic two sword Kata for the students to show them what could be done with a mastery of one sword.


Rowen was now fully awake by now having had several periods of classes to wake up to was working with the students on the falls and rolls to prevent further injury to the person by improper fall techniques. As he started demonstrating the various techniques involved in falling properly and rolling he let his mind float free of the normal constraints to focus on the larger problem. ~Cye is even starting to become more assertive. This has got to be something that does not happen to often as he is used to working more in the background. I wonder if this is a sign as to how serious things will become in the near future.

Cye is getting more assertive, and Kento has been a completely different person ever since the day before we all found out we were going back to school. It is more like he found something that he never knew he had and it changed him. Then there are the dreams. Man what can they mean. The Warlords are able to take care of themselves aren't they??~

His thoughts were soon interrupted when he heard the Gym instructor. "Hashiba, Faun, Sanada, Date, and Mouri. You are needed in the administrative office. You have some rather important visitors it seems and they will not wait for school to end to see you."

As Rowen and the others looked at the instructor they had noticed that he had blanched almost white and they all decided that it would be a good idea if they would just hurry up and get dressed so that they could figure out what all was going on.


As they entered the office Kento could only grin at the scene that unfolded as everything made sense as soon as it registered who was all in the office.

He called out. "Hey spider!" A man with white hair and eye patch and clad in only a purple and dark colored sub armor whipped around to see Kento not only out of his armor but also in regular clothes. Dais grabbed Cale's shoulder and Kayura and Sekmet all turned to look at the latest arrivals to the office.

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