Shadows of Light: Chapter 13

The guys all met outside of the school the next day and looked around for Kento expecting to need to talk according to what Sage had told them all. The next thing they all knew was they were all on the ground and Kento was running at top speed away from them with a girl in black hot on his trail. "HELP! SHE WANTS TO KISS ME!!!" They all heard barely as he started jumping into the trees, The girl did not hesitate but jumped into the trees and followed him closely. The guys chuckled a little but agreed that he needed help in order for them all to talk about what Kento had mentioned to Sage. Getting up and running after Kento they quickly caught up with the girl and trapped her in one of the trees.

"Ok miss, what is it that you really want with our buddy Kento??" Rowen was slightly suspicious of this girl that had followed Kento this far through the trees and the park. Most girls would have given up on any one once they started hopping from tree to tree. The others nodded in agreement as Kento backtracked to the group and hid behind Ryo and Sage and listened to her.

"Want? I want nothing more than to pin him to the ground and give him a kiss." She smiled but it was not a nice smile. This fact was not lost on the others as she made a move for Kento and was firmly restrained by Sage and Ryo. "Who are you and why is it me that you are after?? I mean my other friends are better looking and all that." She gave them disgusted looks and then turned her eyes to Kento. "I want you because..." and here she flipped out of the restraining arms and up into the trees. "You are to be eliminated Kento of Hard Rock. Be on your guard. There is little time left for you on this earth, you will soon meet with your fate Hard Rock. Your friends will follow you soon." The girl's voice faded out and left five confused guys standing or sitting in the tree wondering what that was all about.

"Uh guys? We had better get back to the school to meet up with Mia, she better than us may know what that was all about and more importantly, why." Cye looked at the others for confirmation when he startled by a tap on his shoulder. "No need to meet me there. I saw most of it and as I see it, Kento you are in for a wild ride." Mia dropped out of the upper branches of the tree to the set of branches the guys were now sitting on and crouched down into the shadows.

"Mia who was that and why the heck is she after Kento??"

"Not here my friends. We have to get back to the place where not even the ninja would follow us."

The guys looked at her but the realization slowly dawned on them that they would not be able to be over heard back at the mansion. Looking at each other they all donned their sub-armor and started running and jumping through the trees back in the direction of the mansion since they had been informed that Mia had not come in her jeep. As they ran through the forest they heald a fast mental confrance and learned from Kento that the girl that had been chasing him was the same girl that he was needing to talk to them about.

~Well Kento it looks like that you were on the nose about that girl being possible trouble.~

~Sage, I swear you make one more comment about that girl and so help me...~

~So help you what, We are discussing a real problem here for you.~

~Point conceeded, but you have to admit that was was a little strange for a situation....Even for me.~

~Lets get back to the mansion and finish talking this out. I think that we are all a little owly right now from having our afternoon interrupted by what seems to be evil incarnate, and its minions.~

Everyone agreed silently with Rowen's suggestion and Kento finished out the conversation with an "I'm Hungry" That sent them all in to groans of appreciation. As they reached the mansion minutes later Mia walked in the door only to be greeted by a very preturbed White Blaze and Anubis.

"Ronins, Mia/Silver Raven. We have a problem to deal with."

Mia and the others all looked at each other with some trepidation and all wondered what the situation was that was going to interrupt the afternoon discussion of the latest ninja incursion.

Mia walked over to the teapot and started heating the water for the afternoon tea and started making sandwitches for Kento and the guys. The guys looked around and decided to all head out to the livingroom leaving Mia, Anubis and White Blaze in the kitchen to discus some of the precursers to the afternoon discussion that was about to take place.

As the guys left Mia could feel Anubis step up behind her and as she turned around to meet him was surprised at just how close he had gotten to her. "Anubis, What happened here today?"

"That will wait for the discussion with the others. however I do know that from here on out your life is in severe danger. More than it ever was with the dynasty and more than it was when you started fighting the Ninja as a partially trained ninja. No, this time around we all may lose you in a battle near to the future." He paused and then placed his hands on her shoulders as he looked deep into her eyes, his own filled with the love and concern he would not have allowed himself to show at any other time. "Mia, I do not want to lose you. Not now, Not ever. I love you to much any more. However I know that like the Ronins you will not stop fighting even at your own risk so I only ask one thing. Please Mia, Please be careful in your future battles, especially if you insist on battling the Ninja on your own."

Mia looked up at Anubis and saw the concern and love and knew that he knew how she would continue with this war. She saw the way he would deal with her death and knew that she could do nothing but try to love him as long as she was around to do so. "I promise, I promise that I will be there for you. I-I love you too."

This was a monumental admission for Mia but they both knew that they would not have time to savor it as they had explainations to render to the guys and Kento would be in the kitchen soon unless they got the afternoon snacks out to the livingroom fast.

As they both stepped out to the livingroom with the trays of snacks and drinks the looks on their face clued the others in that this was going to be a serious discussion. As the guys grabbed the sandwichs and drinks as they sat down Mia started in on her explaination.

"As Talpa had his minions and the Warlords. The Obajon of the ninja that are invading this world has his own Ninja Masters. The Mistress you met today is Nikial. Fortunately she is one of the weaker Masters to the Obajon. Unfortunatley for us she is still able to take all five of you Ronins on and not break a sweat."

"I believe that life is about to get a lot faster for all of us Ronin. Not just in school as I know that you all have tests coming up, But on the battle field as the Obajon has now seen fit to try to insinuate the Masters into your lives." Anubis came into the discussion with the information and was not surprised at the answer that he recieved.

"I think that we can find them out and take care of them. Especially if they were as stupid as that Nikial woman." Ryo agreed with Kento but Cye was unsure of that.

"I don't know guys. I mean she may have been told to be that transperant for a reason to set us off balance. If what she did was not supposed to happen I have a feeling we will not see her again for a long time." He sat in one of the corner chairs and thought about the problem as the others discussed the matter from the angle he had spun on it.

The discussion was long and many plans were made and remembered incase of any further infiltration and Mia nodded to Anubis. "I think that we should all head for bed for the night. You all need your rest for your weekend training and there is always the possibility of Ninja attacks in the night as well as the day so you all should rest while you can."

"What about you Mia?"

"Me? I already take my own advice so I do not need it. As it is I am headed for bed as of right now." With that she stood up and started up the stairs for her room.

Rowen looked at the others and to Anubis. "Well I guess we should follow her advice for once and go to bed. We are no good when we are dead on our feet from lack of sleep." The others nodded and as they headed up the stairs they heard one last warning from Anubis.

"Remember. the ninja are not just of the body but of the mind."

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