Shadows of Light: Chapter 11

As Ryo and Yulie raced up towards the house Ryo could sense that the others either had returned from their tests or were on their way back to the house from the tests that Mia/Silver Raven had set before them. Always staying just a full step from an now rapidly growing Yulie, Ryo used the time it took to get from the lake to the mansion to reflect a bit on what he had learned and everything that had happened in the past and into the future.

Talpa had been discovered and beaten twice. The second time he was beaten he was destroyed by the power of the White armor of Inferno. Hopefully he was gone for good this time around. Anubis had gone from sworn enemy to friend to heir to the Ancient's legacy. In the final battles he used his abilities to Free Kayura and pass on to her the legacy of the Ancient and the Warlord of Cruelty armor. Now she ruled the Dynasty in a firm yet from what he had heard fair way. That danger was now past.

Now there was a new Danger and the Ronin's were needed again. This time to help one of their own learn about her new powers and to battle an enemy that was far more dangerous than Talpa ever was as this enemy seemed to be of the shadows instead of just using them. Now only Mia and Anubis knew of the enemy and Mia was the one who could battle them and do it with any sort of proficiency.

There was the Silver Raven Armor and how it had appeared on Mia. Their training her and White Blaze's reaction to it. It was as if the Spirit and he shared a secret for Mia seemed to be closer to the tiger now more than ever. Anubis was here to guide them all but he was also there expressly to help Mia safely learn about her powers and what they could do to the enemy and to the Ronin's

~I wonder why this is happening now? and if the danger would have come if Mia had not started training with us.~

As they came up to the mansion Ryo could see Kento coming out of the woods. Kento waved to Yulie and took one look at Ryo as they walked up to each other and burst out laughing.

"What's so funny big guy?"

"Looks like the fire got doused in your test."

"Yeah well I succeeded so it can't be all bad. By the way, Just for that crack you get to help patch me up since you seem to be hale whole and overbearingly hearty."

All three of them laughed and walked into the mansion to see an empty kitchen. As they got Ryo patched up they walked out to the living room and saw that the others had convened and that Cye was looking almost too somber as he conversed quietly with Anubis.

Looking around they noticed that Anubis Cye and Kento were the only ones that had gotten away from their respective tests and training exercises with out a scratch. Rowen, Sage and Ryo all had to make rather liberal usage of Mia's ever present medical kit. Sage was obviously feeling better as his healing abilities took over and finished patching him up, But Rowen and Ryo both looked like they were going to be hurting for a while until they could take the time to loosen up what would be some very stiff muscles the next day.

As they all sat down in the living room Mia stepped into the room in her civilian clothes and smiled slightly at everyone in the room. "You have all done well for the first day of training. Tomorrow it will be light sparring to help loosen up those muscles that have gotten tight over night. As for how you did in individual training you all did excellent. As for the group training you did poorly." She had to wait until the group had settled down again in order to explain herself.

"This excersize today only reinforced the fact that you all need each other and you must rely on each others strengths to balance out your own weaknesses. Sage, Rowen. You both started to help each other in the end. Now all you have to do is fight like that from the beginning and your battles with the Ninja will go much better and you all may survive."

Mia finished instructing them on what they could do to better fight the ninja and then looked around and saw the evening light start to pour in through the windows. "How about we all order out for dinner tonight?" Mia laughed as Kento shot up from his seat and ran for the phone book. the others chuckled as well and Anubis only smiled. This kind of break was exactly what the ronins needed to help the training set in. and come to think of it. He was feeling hungry as well. As Mia looked around for a place to sit down at in the living room Anubis moved over in his seat to make room for her. Smiling at him gratefully she managed to snag the phone book from Kento as he walked past her.

"Hey! How'd you manage that?" His surprise was obvious when he noticed that he no longer had the book and that Mia was already flipping through the pages looking for the well worn restaurant section of the phone book. She looked up at him and smiled as a shadow flickered over her eyes and then disappeared. "A little something I picked up from Silver Raven." she mentioned casually and then proceeded to list off the places that she was willing to order from to the guys.

=about 30 minutes later=

The door bell rang and the delivery boy started shaking. He had delivered to the Koji mansion before and knew what the growing thunder meant on the other side of the door. He braced himself as the door opened but was pleasantly surprised when no one came charging out to relieve him of his burdens. Instead a man with red hair looked out at him then smiled. "Here is the money for the delivery. Do not worry about the change." With that he calmly picked up the bags of food and went back inside leaving a very surprised and astonished young man out side of the door.

Anubis smiled to himself and he picked through the packages to pull his special request out before Kento and the others could get to the food. Once that was done he walked out to the kitchen. The only thing that kept the Ronin's at the table was a stern look from Mia as she watched over all and then smiled at Anubis as he passed out the individual orders giving Kento his bag last. When he finished he walked over to Mia and stood beside her at the kitchen counter. "Feeding time at the Zoo eh?" His sense of humor had not left him as he remembered that he had not really seen all of them together like this in a peaceful setting. The last time he saw the Ronins while he was alive was during his battle with Lady Kayura.

His distraction must have showed as Mia quietly put her arm around his waist in comfort and leaned against him as she watched the others. Anubis was surprised and startled at her initiative but was also secretly pleased that she was willing to be so close to him even during this time of strife for all of them. ~She will need you. Be there.~ The soft voice whispered in his head and as he looked down at Mia he realized that Silver Raven had spoken to him with out her knowing. He nodded mentally in assent readily as he had always been ready to be there for her for the longest time. now he hoped that she would turn to him she she needed the help that Lady Silver Raven was telling his she would need.

She had the abiding love of the ronins who were more like brothers to her than guardians and she knew that Yulie would visit often even though his parents had returned from Talpa's Dark realm. She had her friends at school to talk to about the trivial things in life so that she would stay balanced and have help in her classes. But she did not have the Agape love that seemed to be missing in her life and he hoped that she would turn to him for that when the time was right.

The Ronins all finished the dinner and offered to clean up for Mia and she readily assented. She had much research to pursue and all the time that she could gather between battles would be in valuable in the fight against the Ninja. She still did not know who was controlling them but she had this strange feeling that she was going to be able to find out soon enough.

Squeezing Anubis' hand she made her way back to the library and to her computer and shut herself into the room. White blaze was her only company and everyone was willing to leave it at that for now as they all knew that she would be the only one to be able to decipher anything she had found on the web and if there was anything that was left on her Grandfather's disks she would be the only one to be able to crack the cryptography that held the secrets.

As the night fell softly over the world Anubis looked at the guys and motioned for their attention. "I think you all need to get some sleep tonight. You all have school tomorrow and you need to stay awake for that if nothing else."

"What about Mia??" Sage asked.

"I will make sure that she gets some sleep tonight. Never fear that. Now go, and leave Mia to White Blaze and I." The guys all slowly agreed to Anubis' arguments and managed to pull Rowen out of his text to go upstairs for bed. Not more than an hour later the house was dark and all were soundly asleep.

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