Shadows of Light: Chapter 10

Sage was now moving as slowly and as little as possible to conserve the air that he had left when he picked up a stray thought from Rowen. ~The winds are not easily fooled but can it be the the very air is but an illusion??~

The voice that was behind the thought was feminine and it made Sage think about the situation that he was in. There was an energy barrier of some sort up. That much Sage could sense for certain. However he started remembering that Ninja tended to use illusions or mind tricks to defeat their opponents and it made him wonder just how much of this whole situation he was in was an illusion. You could not stop the Plants and Trees from making oxygen unless they were dead. Yet as he breathed shallowly he found that the trees were still very green and looked very healthy. Granted there was not a breeze to stir them but that was easily rectified.

The problem still remained that the challenge had something to do with the shadows in his mind. Combating them and bringing his mind into the light. Maybe this was what Mia/Silver Raven meant. See through what is there and not there and do not let suggestion cloud the thought. As he focused his Face Plate snapped away from his face and he took a deep breath and was only mildly surprised that there was plenty of air to breath. As he looked up he saw the shadow of the ninja and he wondered about a ninja's power comming from the shadow. From what he observed and felt through hs armor the Armor was not unlinke their own only part of the armor's base was an actual spirit. It was more like the shadows helped the ninja's fight because they were trained to use light to play tricks, and part of the light was the darkness or the shadows. As he started remembering all of the information that he had learned over the years of battling Talpa and his goons and especially Cale, the more he found himself freely moving about.

As he looked up he saluted the ninja and smiled. ~I salute you Silver Raven. Only one of the shadows could teach so much about the light.~ The ninja nodded and dissappeared, fading out of existance making Sage wonder if she had been there at all.


As he wandered back to the house he contacted a very troubled Rowen through his armor and gave him a little reminder of some of th ninja way based off of the teachings of the Martial arts. ~Forget the books Ro. You need to use your heart more than your brains at times. Let it see for you.~ The suggestion was met with a grateful smile, even though Rowen did not really know how to not think in a battle. He was used to tactics and stratagies. Maybe that was why it was so hard for him to see what move Mia would do next. She often changed her ways and tactics in sparring and it very effectively kept him on his guard and slightly off balance. The ninja seemed to be the same way in that respect. As he started letting go of the total control that he usually had in a battle he found that his armor again did not fail him. As he let go the Armor started taking the control in a shared fashion.

This was mildly unnerving to the warrior of Strata at first but as he warmed into the new ways and techniques that were developing he found himself not checking all of the dummy setups and only checking the ones that would and could possibly be Mia. The Armor knew more than he did in certain areas and having been a part of Talpa's evil armor at one point Rowen was starting to learn the the Armor retained some of the knowledge of the battle tactics and ways of the soul just like an armor spirit. Starting to understand this he at one point left complete control to the armor and found that the armor teleported him to another place in the woods entirely. As he looked around he found a Ninja standing in a clearing and finally understood what Sage meant by letting his heart do the seeing.

The armor had responded to his heart and understood that it was Mia/Silver Raven that needed to be found. Taking him to her he also realized that Space or Air, can be an illusion if one knew how to fold it right. Rowen remembered that if he had fallen from a height in battle his armor protected him by placing a protective bubble around him and letting him float to the ground. Usually if he had fallen he had been knocked out or control had been taken away from him. It was at those points that the armor saved him time and time again. So there was definately something to this letting go at times.

As he walked back to the mansion he silently thanked Mia for the lesson and knew that in the future he hoped to be able to teach her something in return about herself.


As Sage walked into the Mansion he noted the Cye had already been there as well as Anubis and that the Medi-Kit had been set out for the guys that returned with injuries. Rowen and Sage were both greatful for the thoughtfulness and dove right in to take on and patch up some of the minor cuts and bruises that they had both recieved. Sage had a bit of a headstart but there were some sore spots that neither could reach on themselves that the other had to take care of. Once this was done, they moved out to the living room to see if anyone else had come back yet. Cye and Anubis were seated there and talking about certain circumstances and both looked up to see Sage and Rowen walk through the door.

"So now we are waiting on Ryo and Kento eh??" Cye spoke with a knowing grin as he waved the two that just came in over to the tray of goodies that he prepared for everyone. "I kinda thought that Kento would be first done as he usually heads strait for the Kitchen after practice. I wonder what is keeping him and Ryo out so long??"

"I would not worry about Ryo in practice or battle Cye," Anubis interjected. "However I am curious about how Kento is fairing in his trial." As he looked over the Sage and Rowen he nodded. "I assume you both found out the same thing I did when you finished your battles??" As the two nodded Kento walked into the room with out a scratch on him and Ryo was not to far behind him patched up and soaking wet from head to toe.


Ryo had thought about the Armors' ways and remembered that his and the other armors were linked telepathically and wondered if that would extend to the new armor that Mia now used. She was definately a good fighter under water and Ryo could not help but wonder how well she would fair against Cye in an underwater battle.

The lapse in concentration gave the Ninja Mia a chance to attack and send the warrior of fire head over heels in the water eventually endign up face up in the sand at the bottom of the lake. He saw Mia stand over him and chose that moment to try and reach out with the limited telepathic facilities that his armor gave him. As he touched the mind behind the cowl he noted that it was not Mia, But it was familiar. ~Silver Raven. Very nice, you managed to fool me and teach me another lesson about my armor. I concede the match BUT, you and Mia will not be so lucky the next time.~

The ninja looked at him as he spoke to her and nodded her head. As she dissappeared into nothingness Ryo swam to the surface and brought Yulie to the edge of the lake and tied up the boat. Armoring down to his civilian clothes he noted that they were soaking wet as well. ~Ah well, they will dry out eventually.~ "Hey Yulie. Race you to the house."

"Your on Ryo."

The two raced to the house to find that Kento had even beaten them there, but not by much. As he came up he took one look at Ryo and burst out laughing. "So the Wildfire got doused??"

Ryo glared at his friend but could not help but start smiling as Yulie started giggling as well. It was not everyday that he had to fight underwater and he probably did look pretty silly standing outside in soaking wet clothes. "Comon ya big lug. Just for the crack you get to help patch me up." and the three of them started inside.


Kento was almost sweating out this chess game untill he noticed that the Ninja across from him was not all there. It was as if she were only half there and her edges were blurred. He could see this with out his armor and wondered about the rest of her. Looking down at the Chess board he noted that this was not Mia's usual configuration for play. Usually Mia played to win but also tried to draw the game out as long as possible when she played with Rowen and the others. This was more of a Hunt to kill set up and not like Mia at all. "Who are you that you think that you will not eventually be found out in the end Silver Raven??"

Kento was surprised when he saw that the board was wide open for him and that his next move set her into Check mate. "That was not your best game. Now I will know if I am right or not." Kento stood and the board vanished The ninja mearly nodded in aquisance. ~You have found me out and have proven to yourself that you are also a thinker and observant. You defeated me in Chess and saw though my masquerade. My salute to you as a Warrior and friend.~ She then dissappeared and left Kento to walk back to the mansion.

As he walked back he found that he had a lot to think about and knew that he had to talk to Cye about most of it.

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