Shadows of Light: Chapter 9

Cye armored down to his street clothes as he walked through the wooded area to the spot that he and Kento sometimed went to spar or just to talk. As he continued to walk he kept his senses wide open to what was happening around him and kept a constant tab on what was there and what was not. As he reached the rocky field that Kento liked to use for training he knew for certain that somethign was not right.

Looking around he saw that some of the rock configurations were wrong, and that there was a miniature Stonehenge set up in the middle of the field. Looking around slowly he stayed silent but continued to think. ~Well she is or at the very least was around here. If she is here then she would be watching me knowing that I am not armored and still watching.~ Suddenly he saw a flicker out of the corner of his eye and side stepped. His quick movement to the side prevented Mia from striking him. he armored up to his sub armor and waited for Mia's next move patiently. He forced his muscles to stay relaxed yet ready for instant movement should Mia come from a new direction.

Normally these tactics would be Sage's trade mark in the martial arts but Cye had been training with all of the guys learning some of their techniques and melding them with his own to make his own techniques for land fighting stronger. Next to Sage, Cye could be the most patient of the Ronins and knew that he could wait all day for the next attack and yet be ready should the attack come right away.

He moved around the circle of stones that had been set up and cleared his mind and listened to and felt the currents of nature all around him. He knew that he was strong and that his armor would protect him but he also wanted to prove that he could fight with out using the full strength of his armor. As Mia watched this and gauged his mind set she knew that of all the Ronins Cye was the most prepared to do honorable battle with her and that he was the best prepared to fight the ninjas, Kento was not far behind him with his own training, his temper being his biggest shortcoming.

Mia/Silver Raven came out of the trees not far from Cye and watched him turn about and sink into a half guard stance. The strait forward tactic was not what he expected and he was willing to hear her out first should she be inclined to talk. Mia showed her respect for Cye's manners and ways then banished her hood. An unusual dual tone came out of Mia as she started to speak and as his own armor resonated with the tone realized that it was Silver Raven speaking through Mia. "Cye Mouri, bearer of the Torrent Armor. You of all the Ronin Warriors are best prepared of mind and body for the tasks that lie ahead. You and Kento have shown that you truely understand the ways of the Ninja and so you both shall help train the others. Patience, Kindness, Heart, Faith and Justice. You and Kento posess these virtues and by them shall overcome the trials to come. I shall tell you the secret that Ryo, Rowen, Sage, and Kento are learning the hard way. Ninjitsu is not just of the body, but of the mind and spirit as well. To be wholly Ninja you have to be wholly yourself and no other in Mind, Body and Spirit. Your trial will come later, but for now you are to return to the house and wait for the others to return.

Mia bowed traditionally and then dissappeared into the shadows leaving Cye to puzzle over this unusual behavior out of Mia and the Silver Raven Armor as he walked back to the house in his jeans and shirt unscathed. He was above all else, certain that the others would not escape their training with as much luck.


Kento had finished a Kata in a clearing with a bo staff in his sub armor when Mia made her appearance to him. Her cowling in its place she challenged him to a game. ~I know where your strength lies Hardrock. But you have other strengths that even you do not appreciate but often use. I challenge you to a simple game. The game is Chess.~

"What is this?? Chess for training?? You have got to be kidding me." Kento was puzzled by the game but it soon became clear to him that he was testing just how far ahead of her he could think. The game was well underway and Kento had lost several pieces by the time they slowed down into a thinking man's game.


Anubis had sat himself in the clearing that he first announced to Mia that he knew where she was and was in a meditative pose When she appeared to him. She waited for him to finish his chant and stepped into his immediate view as he smiled. "It is good to see you again Mia, Even if it is under the circumstances of training and under the circumstances of you not being the real Mia."

The Ninja bowed in respect for Anubis' intuitive discovery and removed her cowling to reveal a ageless face with Black hair that had twin silver streaks running from the forhead and down the length of her hair. Her piercing dark eyes gently danced as she introduced herself to him.

"I congratulate you Anubis for understanding what the others did not see. I am the spirit of the Silver Raven Armor. I have sent Mia to Cye to inform him that he is the best prepared of the five to battle and that he and Kento of the Hardrock are to be the ones that help the others train in the Ninja ways. Otherwise the others think that they hear Mia's voice in their minds as they see the Ninja's Body before them. The Ronins will need your help and guidance as the ancient through this trial of the realms."

Anubis was mildly astonished. Technically he was still dead and that he would have to relinquish this body after helping Mia and the Ronins in this trial. He never once dreamed that he would once again be asked to don the mantle of the Ancient.

"What about Kayura. She is the successor to the title of the Ancient after I died in the battle to free her from Badamon's hold. She and the other Warloards should be able to help them. All I knew was that I would be back to help the one that ended up donning your armor. Nothing was even hinted at that I might become the ancient again."

Silver Raven stepped closer the Anubis drawing him up to his full height. "Anubis, friend of the Ronin Warriors and one who cares deeply for the one that bears my armor. You were chosen for this task for all that you were and all that you have yet to be. Kayura has a firm and yet mildly troubled hold on the Realm of the Dynasty and needs to be there and needs the Warlords Cale, Sekmet, and Dais there to help her continue to rule fairly and with justice.

It is your willing sacrafice to save Kayura and the Ronins that made my choice as to who would guide the Lady Mia in her useage of the Armor and White Blaze already knew of the Armor as it was a part of his nature to know. You know what you need to know when you need it. Your knowledge of the Armor and its various abilities will come to you at the times when you need it most. I will not forsake the one I have chosen, just as you would never forsake your duties once you know what they are. Your Virtue of Loyalty makes you the one for this as I know that no matter the troubles ahead you will be loyal to your task and to your self before anyone else."

Anubis' eyes grew serious and patient as he heard the arguments that made him what he was and as he closed his eyes he felt the Power of the lineage of the Ancients course through him again and felt the familier wrappings and the Staff return to him. He smiled to himself as he remembered all that happened to him the last time he wore these wrappings and then nodded to the Ninja that stood before him.

"I will not fail you or the task that has been set before me Lady Silver Raven. Lady Mia will grow and learn the ways of your armor and the Ronin Warriors will learn to battle on all levels."

With this reassurance the Anubis had truely accepted the monumental task ahead of him, the spirit of Silver Raven disappeared and Anubis headed back to the house knowing that Cye would be there in need of someone to discuss some of the things that were now tumbling through his mind.

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