Shadows of Light: Chapter 6

Kento and the guys were in classes when Kento's instructor was paged from the office. He looked up from the phone and looked at the room and announced to the class. "Kento, Would you please go down to the office for an emergency phone call." Kento was confused as he knew that his family would never call him at school unless something major happened. So thinking it was his family he sprinted into the office and looked at the secretary. "I am Kento Faun. There is an emergency phone call for me??" The secretary looked up at him and smiled. "Yes. It is from the college they said that your name was on a Miss Mia Koji's Emergency number card." Kento picked up the phone in double time and was greeted by a very harried office member on the other line.

"What's wrong with Mia?!"

"Miss Koji is fine...We think. She has been appearing an dissappearing all day today and I was wondering if you knew why or what a Tiger has been doing following her around from class to class. She won't let us capture it to take it back to the wild and despite her reassurances that the beast will not harm any one the students are afraid to go into her classes."

"The Tiger is following Mia due to a special set of circumstances and orders. I too can reassure you that the Tiger will not harm any one. How ever I can come to the campus and talk to Mia if you like and see why she is dissappearing on and off." Kento thought to himself. ~Mia is probably battleing the Ninjas again. But this is going to get ugly if I can't get the guys out of class to help me.~

Suddenly he saw a man walk into the office but even though he was in street clothes Kento identified him as Anubis. He put the phone down and moved over to Anubis before the office staff could question him and took him off to one side.

"Anubis, Why are you here?"

"Mia is in need of you and the other's help. I am here to get you all out of class so that you can assist her." Anubis had a strained look in his eyes and was a little short of breath as even some of the exertions of the living still troubled him.

"Mr. Faun. Who is your guest?" Kento whirled around to come face to face with the Principal of the school.

Anubis stepped around Kento and shook the Principals hand. "I am Anubis, I am here to pick up Kento and his friends from school early today on Miss Koji's instructions." Anubis pulled a note out of his pocket and showed it to the principal. "Page them and tell them to meet me out side the front door."

Anubis used his presence to get the principal to comply and shortly all the ronin were out side of the school and wondering how Anubis managed to pull them out of class. "There is time for that Ronin. Mia needs your help and Kento is needed at the college. He will join you in battle shortly."

"Kento is needed?? Why him??" Sage was surprised at the choice and all the Ronins showed surprise at Anubis' answer. "Because he is the one on Mia's emergency phone list. So he is the one that must go to the school and explain to the administration and calm them down about White Blaze."

It was Ryo's turn to be surprised and a little upset. "White Blaze. Why does there have to be any explaination about him??" Anubis was grim and guestured for the Ronins to suit up in their Sub armor as he lead them away from the Highschool as he explained. "I told White Blaze to follow Mia around until she became able to fully control her armor and when it will appear. Apperently he has been seen around the campus and the administration wants him caught. I am sending Kento to get White Blaze as well as calm the admin."

Kento only used his armor to speed his trip to the college. When he reached the grounds he dropped out of the trees and armored down to his civilian clothes. He walked into the main administration building and got instructions to the main office. Looking around he entered and saw that there were several nervous office members there. "I am Kento Faun. I was the one you all called about a Tiger and Mia Koji dissappearing from her classes."

"Well, um, Yes...Well I believe we were well able to sum up a greater protion of the problem with you over the phone. Miss Koji keeps dissappearing from her classes and the instructors can never pin point the exact time of when she dissappeared. As for the Tiger...He is, um, he is right outside that door."

Kento went over to the door indicated and let White Blaze into the office. The tiger looked around and as he saw Kento he nodded to him understanding why he was here. "Look mister Administrator. I do not know why you had to lock him up but I know that he would never harm any one. I will however take him with me as I leave since you all seem to be so nervous about him being here."

Kento walked past the administrator and the office staff with the White Blaze right behind him and left the grounds. As soon as he was in the trees he armored back up into his orange sub armor and started hopping tree to tree keeping up with the tiger that was just ahead of him leading him to the battle.

Suddenly he heard. "SHADOW SOUL CALL!!!" Again Kento felt the familiar tug of his soul being pulled by the attack and as he finished armoring up felt the tug no longer pull at him. ~Hmm Seems like my armor protects me from that attack. Good thing or I would be in some serious trouble.~

He came into the battle his Naginata at the ready and found that Mia was the only one not really struggling against these shadow warriors. He quickly jumped down from his position in the trees and called out "IRON ROCK CRUSHER" and watched as many of the Ninjas that were caught off guard by the sudden attack vanish into smoke. He let his armor's spirit guide him in his fight against the shadow warriors as they used several tricks of illusion not unlike Dais or the sand warriors that he went up against in his previous battles with Talpa and his minions.

The others felt what he was doing and did the same and found that the battle was easier to fight if they let the armors guide them and their attacks to the right targets. Some time later they watched the last of the Ninja warriors vanish and all six armored down. Mia however promptly passed out as soon as she was out of her armors and Cye was the one to catch her. "Man If these battles are goign to take so much out of her should we even let her fight at all?" Cye looked around at his friends and then was on his guard as they all heard a rustling in the trees nearby. A figure dropped out of the trees and as he came into the light all the Ronin dropped their defensive positions as they saw that it was Anubis.

"Mia must continue to fight and grow in the ways of her armor. You five have not yet been trained in the proper ways of battling the Ninja. You were all lucky and wise to have followed Kento's lead in this battle or the casualty list could have included you all as either severely injured or killed." The Ronin all looked at each other and then at a blushing Kento. "It was nothing big. I just remember what I did when I had to fight Dais and his uglies and applied it here when I saw what the Ninja were doing to avoid my attacks."

"Still, for now you must all go home and get some rest. Watch over Mia and keep her safe when she sleeps. White Blaze only follows her to the campus untill she learns how to fully control her armor. When she reaches that point he will stop following her and her school will not see him again. I may have to speak to them about him being on the campus however to keep them from trying to capture him." The last sentence was spoken to himself as Anubis looked around and started walking away. "You all might want to take this route back into the campus at Mia's school so that I can give the Administration notification that Mia will not be in class tonight and so you all can get to her vehicle with less chance of being seen."

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