Shadows of Light: Chapter 5

"Where'd she go!" Cye started to really worry untill he looked out the window and noticed that she was in the back yard workign off a large amount of energy. "Umm Guys, I do not think it is a good idea to bug her right now."

"Why the heck not Cye." Rowen walked over to Cye and looked out where he was pointing and his eyes got wide. "Where did she learn those moves?? None of us taught her those."


Mia blinked out of the room and found herself in the practice area of the back yard and decided to try and work off the incredible ammount of energy that she felt. She was flipping around doing arial kicks and stunts that she never knew that she had to capacity to do. Suddenly she felt herself winking in and out as if she was teleporting from one place to another. ~Strange feeling but yet it feels completely natural to me. No fear about this at all.~ Little did she know that the guys were watching her from the windows of the library, amazed at what she was doing. Then when Ryo looked around he noted that White Blaze was out in the yard clamly watching Mia. ~What is the deal here. Mia's flipping out on us and White Blaze is making it seem like this is perfectly natural.~ When he turned around he saw Rowen at Mia's computer looking at the information he found on the screen, his face was blanched almost completely white.

"Ro, what's going on??" Ryo's question made the rest of the team look at Rowen and wonder what was going on.

Well Ryo, it seems that there is a counter part to us out there. A spirit Armor that can only be donned by one person in each generation. It says here that the Armor has the power to take on all five of the ronin armors."

"WHAT!!" The guys all lookes at him in shock. "Ok, so there is a spirit armor to counter part us. What is triggering it to appear on Mia?" Sage asked as he looked out the window then added. "And why isn't White Blaze as concerned about it as the rest of us??"

As they all looked out the window they all noticed that she was now moving almost to fast for them to follow with the naked eye and she was now fully covered heat to foot in a Black and silver trimmed armor and was whipping two Katana's not unlike Ryo's twin Dachi's with deadly ease.

"It seems that us training her has triggered the spirit armor. The Spirit follows the ronin armors but never manifests itself until the Ronin start training some one in all of their skills, like we have been doing lately." Rowen had turned back to the computer. "Until the Spirit is certain that the bearer is worthy it is going to be really hard to train with her as the spirit awakens during a battle and it seems that the only person that the armor will respect other than the bearer untill it has settled would be one mystical white tiger.

"WHITE BLAZE!!!" They all shouted. "So that's why that cat wasn't afraid to get in Mia's way." Kento pointed out the obvious but for once the guys did not tease him. They had bigger things to worry them now. Mia was being posessed and right now they did not trust the armor.


"You have nothing to fear in the Soul armor Ronin." As they whipped around Rowen had already identified the intruder. "Anubis, How is it that you can be here?? I thought that you were dead..."

Anubis nodded and looked out the windows to Mia. "The Soul Armor will not harm her although it will take so getting used to the power level and ability level that she has just been granted. Soon she will be able to remember what happens durring the transformation and durring the battle."

"Yeah but why are you here? I mean I thought Kayura was the successor to your title of the Ancient." Ryo had started to get mildly defensive but was willing to give the benifit of the doubt to the man they once considered enemy and friend.

"I am here because Mia needs more guidance in the usage of the armor and how to control it than you five can give her." The monk then looked over at Sage. "Sage of Halo, you will be needed to teach her the arts of meditation, she will need them to help her control the armor and how much she puts into a battle."

Sage nodded then looked troubled. "Wait a minute. We destroyed Talpa and the dynasty so why is the armor still choosing her. I know that we have all been training her but that does not explain why she is still being armored."

Anubis looked troubled and looked out side again. "I think it is time you all were to sit down and have a talk. Mia knows more about the situation than I do now because her armor has been talking to her and teaching her its history." He locked eyes with White Blaze and the tiger nodded and walked over to the now very dangerous Mia. As he looked at her and growled out the message they all saw an armored head nod and watched the armor dissappear down to a Black and silver sub armor.

As Mia walked up to the house every one noticed that her eyes were no longer troubled and that she was actually smiling. "Hello guys. Greetings Anubis Would any one like me to make some dinner while I talk to you all??" The guys just looked at her as if she had grown another head. She seemed to come into control of the armor and herself pretty quickly now that she had some time to figure out what it could and would do. Speaking with the Spirit of the Spirit Armor helped balance her out again and she seemed to be the Mia that they all knew and cared about.

As she walked into the kitchen the Ronins and Anubis followed her to watch her cook and to listen to her story. As Mia cooked a light meal she explained part of the history of the Spirit Armor. Long ago before Talpa came to our world in the days of the Ancient there was a Ninja of great beauty and skill to the point where no one knew who she was until it was to late for them. She was very strong in the arts of the Ninja Majiks and would only use her abilities to defend the people of the country. She traveled and never gave any one her name. She went by the Ninja name of Silver Raven. There was an evil Warlord on this earth and he looked to subjugate the people of Japan. When Silver Raven heard of this she immediately left to seek out this dark power. As she traveled deeper into Warlord Naganoti's territory she saw for herself the great evils this man had subjected his people to and swore out a Life oath to kill the man responsible." Mia checked with them to make sure that they all got the story so far and was reassured.

Well when she reached the Warlord's palace she noted that she would need a special armor to help her to protect the innocent enslaved in the palace from her vengence and to help her slay the evil that resided there. She spent three days meditating in a secluded area of trees and then used her Ninja armor and her majiks to create the Soul Armor. It is called that because the Soul of Silver Raven resides in the armor still and if it were to be removed from the armor she would leave this relm for ever and the Armor would be no more."

Mia paused in her story to serve the tea and the meal she prepared and then waved her hand over the table and suddenly an image of the Armor was there as well as images that changed as she told the story. "As she went through the palace she freed the slaves that she came across and killed the minions of the Warlord with out mercy. The armor held all of her Ninja weapons and a few extra surprises. But in the end she was the one surprised as she found the head guards and the Warlord himself to be daemon masters from another relm. As she faught the Daemons she defeated them one by one, but at a great cost. As she was the creator of the soul armor it was her spirit bound to the armor and every hit she took from the Daemons sapped a little of her strength. In the end she died by jumping out of her armor and pushing the Daemon Master into a portal that the armor created. It was thought that the Daemon master Naganoti would be lost forever in that other realm. But when Talpa showed up into this realm, the surge of dark energies drew the Daemon master back and now he is here to destroy the two things that can send him back to that other dimention. The Soul Armor and its bearer and Hariel's White Armor of Inferno."

Mia finished her story of what was going on she saw that they were about to get defensive about her and prevented the explosion. "Look, you all have to worry about each other. Yes I know you will worry about me but I believe that Anubis' guidance will help me adjust to the new armor and with all of you training with me I am sure we can send this Daemon master back where he belongs."

Suddenly White Blaze growled out the back door onto the porch. Mia closed her eyes and shut the guys out as she concentrated. As she opened her eyes they were completely black and not reflecting any light and she was in her sub armor. "It is the Daemon lord's Ninjas."

"We're on it Mia." and the guys charged for the door when they were stopped by a cold voice that they did not recognise. "No! You do not know how these Ninja fight. I do, but if you all go out there you are more likely to get yourselves killed than to be of any help to me. I will train you on how to fight the Ninja but you must let me take care of this on my own." When they finally realized it was the spirit armor talking through Mia she was gone. As they looked at White Blaze and Anubis for answers all they found was the tiger was listening and Anubis had a smile on his face in pride at how well Mia was adjusting to her new duties.

"Any time.....NOW!" The ronins started as the heard Anubis say now but they realized that when they heard the word now they could hear the sounds of a battle being fought and won.

"Hey Ryo, Sage, can you hear Mia out there any where??" Kento, Cye, and Rowen were getting antsy about the battle and started to get worried when both Sage and Ryo shook their heads in denial. All five of the Ronins were about to run out side when they saw White Blaze bar their way to the door and Anubis calling to them. "Stop. I know that you are worried about Mia, but please be assured that the battle goes well and that she will come back in with nothing more than superficial cuts and bruises. She needs to fight this one alone..." Suddenly he was interrupted by the sound of Mia/Silver Raven's voice calling out. "SOUL SHADOW CALL!!!" and then the electric sounds and the feel of their own souls being tugged at until they heard the Ancient's staff chime. "Thank you Kayura"

But Kayura was no where to be seen. Anubis held the ancient's staff and kept it chiming until he was certain that Mia's shadow call had done its work. He silenced the staff and the Ronin's watched in wonder as it dissappeared to where it came from. Anubis explained before he could be asked. "I have the ability to call upon the Ancient's staff should I have need of it and Kayura is not using it."

A nod of understanding passed between the guys and they all heard the door open. A Daemon dressed like a ninja stood in the doorway prepared to attack but was sliced in half by a Katana before he could continue. As the now defeated Daemon fell they all saw that Mia was indeed in fine form and although she was well covered by her armor she did indeed have a few superficial scratches on her face and hands where her bracers did not cover. As she stepped into the kitchen from the dark her armor disappeared instantly with the light and she looked tired but nothing like Ryo did after his first battle in the Inferno armor.

As she stepped in the guys grabbed her, sat her down in the chair and despite her assurances that she was fine she was told to completely armor down and get ready to have her cuts and scratches tended to. As she looked at Anubis for support she found him grinning at her. "Sorry Mia, This time I will side with the Ronin. You are to have your hurts tended to and then you are to REST. That battle took more out of you than you realize and you will need to rest and train to get used to the energy differences of you being in the Armor and you being civil civilian Mia."

Mia growled at the last comment but subsided as the after effects of the battle started to set in and she found that she was indeed tired. She was asleep before Rowen could finish his ministrations and did not even wake up when Anubis followed by White Blaze picked her up and took her upstairs and was down stairs shortly after he placed her in her bed and covered. By then the other Ronins decided to call it a night and headed for their respective beds leaving White Blaze and Anubis alone down stairs for the night.

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