Shadows of Light: Chapter 4

Mia was excused from her class early to pick up the boys even though she had a time of it trying to keep the gym instructor from calling campus security to apprehend White Blaze. As she left in her jeep for the highschool her eyes were troubled as she again could not remember what happened. She knocked her opponent down and then White Blaze was pinning her to the sparring mat. What was wrong with her?

By the time she got to the highschool she had recovered enough that she was able to hide from the Ronins that she was tired. When they asked if anything happened that day she knew that she would have to tell then eventually that she blacked out again but there would be time for that when they got back to the mansion. She kept silent and the guys were fairly quiet as well until she asked them about their first day back in school. They all came alive then each trying to describe their classes untill they all reached their gym class. Then their stories congeled and what they told her made her laugh. "So what was this special assignment that Instructor Naves had for you all?" Kento puffed his chest out as he told her. "We are to be the instructors for the martial arts portion of the class."

Mia smiled. She should have figured that the guys would do fine on their own. "That's great Kento, I'm glad that you all are getting along in school with the other students." The guys were happy and she was ready for a nap but she knew that eventually one of them would remember that she had not answered their question on how she did in school.

As they pulled up to the house they found White Blaze out side the house prowling as he waited for them to get out of the Jeep he waited by Mia's door for her to get out. Mia got out and patted him on the head acting as if nothing was wrong and he got the message that she had not told the guys yet.

Ryo noticed that the tiger had been hanging around Mia quite a bit since their first encounter with her budding abilities and wondered if he might know something that they would have to wait and see about. They went their separate ways to finish their home work, Kento complaining all the way that no one should have home work on the first day of school. Mia went up into her room and the guys to their respective rooms and got to work.

Mia was still curious about what was happening to her and decided that she would try to research it. She got down to the library and turned on her computer and started pulling out her grandfather's note books and set to work.


The guys were wondering why the house was so quiet untill they heard Kento's stomach growling. They then all looked at the clock and noticed that it had been 5 hours since school had let out and Mia had not called them to dinner or anything. They went downstairs to look for her and found that they did not have to look very far to find her.

She was still at her computer looking through her grandfathers notes and through the notes and diagrams on the screen. "Whats up Mia??" Sage was surprised to see Mia jump in her seat and then relax as she recognised the guys standing int he doorway of the library. Looking out the windows she was surprised to find that it was dark outside. "Goodness, I am sorry guys I should have started dinner a long time ago. I guess I got a little caught up inmy research."

The Rowen, Ryo, Kento and Cye all looked at each other while Sage looked at Mia worriedly. It wasn't like her to completely forget about the day to day activities while she researched.

Ryo spoke up. "Are you sure that you are ok Mia?? You have been acting kinda funny ever since you got out of school today."

The question though kindly meant was not to well recieved by Mia. "Why shouldn't I be alright. I should be used to strange things happening to me by now!" Her voice rose in pitch and volume as she ranted. All of the Ronins back up completely caught off guard. This was not the Mia Koji they knew, and suddenly Mia wasn't there.

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