Shadows of Light: Chapter 3

As Mia whipped the blade down Rowen cried out. "MIA!!"

The sword stopped and then dissappeared as Mia's eyes returned to normal. "What happened?? How did you get down there Rowen??" As the guys helped Rowen up they all wondered at Mia. "Well umm, well Mia, Basically you got really fast in the ring and the next thing I knew you had swept my feet out from under me and pinned me with your foot. When I looked up you were about to give me some rather perminant brain surgery with that katana of yours."

"Katana? I don't have a katana that I would use. Where is it now??" Mia was now thoroughly confused and also looked very pale. Walking over to the steps of the porch she sat down in the shade. As she looked to her friends for the answers to her questions she noted that the four corner holders were in their sub armors and they looked distinctly shaken.

"Well Mia" Sage started "I am not for sure what all happened. First you are sparring with Rowen and the next thing we know he is on the ground with you pinning him ready to slice him open. I don't know where the katana came from but you had this really weird look in your eyes. It was as if your pupils has swallowed your irises." Sage paused to let her soak the information in. "When you made to strike Rowen called your name and you snapped out of it. Almost like your concentration had been broken or something."

Ryo then startled. "Hey, where was White Blaze when all of this happened?? I mean he has faster reflexes than all of us and he would have known something was wrong." They all looked around and then the big cat came out of the house looking at Mia as if he knew that something was going on and that it involved her. He looked over to Ryo and Ryo looked back. Addressing the tiger he spoke. Hey, what has gotten into you. I would have thought that you would have protected Rowen." White Blaze calmly walked over to Rowen and looked him over, gave him a sniff and a quick lick over the face with his huge tongue and looked at Ryo as if to say. ~He is alright, what is the big deal.~

Rowen was the first to speak out through the stillness. "Look you guys. I am fine...and will be fine. The main worry right now is what is going on with Mia and this show she just put on for us and if there is any more of what is there to begin with.

Mia just sat there listening to the guys and thinking about what had happened. No matter how she tried though she could not remember what happened after she swept him the second time till she heard her name called. It was as if something had clicked in her shutting most of her off. She shook her head and shrugged the whole day off as a one time occurance. She interrupted them. "Guys, how about we talk about this tomorrow when we have all had some sleep and have all been to school." She yawned. "Or you five can talk all night but I am beat." She stood up and went into the Mansion and everyone was surprised when White Blaze followed her.


When she woke up to her alarm the next morning she found that the guys were already up, and ready for school. Even Kento was done eating so she grabbed a sandwich and they all got into the jeep and headed into town.

About half way to the school she noted there were none of the usual fights that accompanied getting into and riding in the small vehicle. "What's up with you guys this morning, you all seem like you are going to your funerals or something." Ryo spoke up. "Its nothing like that... It's just that we were all thinking about what happened yesterday durring those sparring matches." Cye cut in. "Yeah, First Kento wipes the mats with us then you and your episode that we still can't figure out."

That started Mia thinking again. ~What did happen last night. The more I think about it the more I am sure that was something that can be repeated if I am not careful.~

As they reached the Highschool the guys got out with their bags and were greeted by the principal. Waving to Mia that they would be fine they all walked into the school and Mia continued on to the college.

Unknownst to any of them a figure appeared at the Koji mansion. Unchaining White Blaze he gave the tiger instructions to follow Mia. "Listen my friend. Something is happening to Mia and she must be watched very carefully. You already know that she has started in her abilities. She must be watched to make sure that she does not use them unwittingly on any one." The tiger nodded and ran out the door and into town towards the college keeping to the shadows so as not to frighten any of the people in the city.

He soon located where Mia was and settled into the trees watching her through the windows. As she went from her first class to her second the big cat noticed that he would have to watch Mia even closer in the class as it was a gym class.


The guys were in Highschool and were enjoying themselves a little until they all met up for gym. As they greeted each other in the locker room they noted that it was time to get to the gym.

Once there they were introduced to the class and sat in the same squad. Looking at each other they knew that this class was going to be a breeze. The instructor called their attention and started class. The first question was if any one knew anything about the Martial arts or the arts of self defence. All of the guys grinned at each other and raised their hands along with well over half the class. When asked if any one had to use their training in an actual self defence situation Kento muttered. "and who out of this group hasn't??"

The instructor heard Kento and smiled. "Well Kento since you seem to be so knowlegable about the arts of self defence why don't you pick a partner from the class and put on a demonstration for us." Kento turned red as he looked at the others for a volenteer. Rowen stood up and volenteered and he and Kento moved to the center of the gym where a circle of tape had been made to mark the boundries. "Hey Kento should we go easy or should we show them what kicked those tin can goons from Talpa?" Rowen muttered Grinning at Kento. Kento nodded to the first. "No need to show off yet bro although I would not mind showing off it probably would not look good for us to show up the class." Kento grinned as he took his position across from Rowen. "Ready Rowen??" Rowen nodded and they began. As the match moved along they had to try to not show off and stick to the basics and in this Kento excelled. They were fairly evenly matched when they did not use any special moves that they developed from battling the dynasty and it still looked good to the instructor.

As he stopped the match he looked at Kento. "You have sparred with this boy before??" Kento smiled at Rowen as they could guess what would be comming up. "Yes sir."

"Well then you know what moves to anticipate from him then. That is the sparring portion of self defence. Now what about the unexpected?" The instructor looked at Kento and he respectfully answered. "Instructor I believe that I can handle the unexpected pretty well."

"Well then how about you take on Rochi here? I think he will be a better test for you." Kento bowed to Rowen and watched as a tall and powerfully built teen stepped into the ring. "Well Mr. Kento Faun, I think you have met your match in me."

Kento kept a strait face and even hid his reaction to that statement in his eyes but he could hear the other Ronins snickering. As Kento bowed to Rochi he suddenly saw a foot come at him and he used his backwards momentum from him snapping up to carry him over into a back flip that helped him avoid the kick.

"Hey, cheap shot there punk. Got any more??" Kento was fast losing his control over his mouth and he knew it was going to get him into one heck of a fight. He was right and Rochi followed up with a fast series of kicks and punches that would have disarmed even some of the more experianced fighters in the class. It was to bad that none of them had Kento's background or they would have known that he was not even using his abilities to block and dodge all of the attacks.

"Common, Is that the best you can do??" Kento knew he was egging the guy on and knew it would get him into trouble but he was looking for a work out. He soon saw his opening and landed a solid punch square in the teen's chest knocking him backwards and onto the ground. As Rochi gasped for the air that Kento knocked out of him Kento knelt beside him with a worried look on his face. "Hey are you ok dude??" Rochi looked up at Kento and smiled. "Man kid, I am never making that mistake again that was one sweet punch you dealt me and I concede the match." Kento smiled and helped Rochi up to his feet. "Thanks dude, you gave me a good work out as well."

The teacher had been as engrossed with the fight that he did not notice that most of the class was already over. when he looked at the clock he called out over the din of the students. "Class dismissed, Ryo, Kento, Rowen, Cye and Sage I want to see you after school please to discuss a special assignment."


Mia was also having a martial arts lesson in her gym class but she was not asked to demonstrate her skills as she thought that she would not be able to go up agains the students that could possibly rival Sage or Ryo. But in the end she was asked to spar with one of the Black belts in the class having had to confess that she was currently learning the arts of self defence. Again she was doing fine in the ring untill she managed to knock her opponent down. Her eyes turned black and the sword and this time Bracers appeared on her hands and arms. There was a loud Crash as White Blaze flew through the window and knocked Mia down. She did not lose her sword or bracers when her concentration was broken and the tiger had to hold her down with his paw and keep every one away from him and the woman held untill she returned to normal.

When she struggled to get up her indications that she had returned to Mia again was her identification of him. "White Blaze will you get your great paw off my back?" As he let her up he noticed that she looked tired and stood by and let her use him to get herself back on her feet. As her eyes focused she noted that the entire gym class was staring at her terrified and finally her gym instructor spoke up. "Miss Koji, please step away from that beast, he might harm you."

To this Mia laughed. "Sorry sir, I know this tiger and I know for a fact that he will not harm me or any one of you." Looking down at White Blaze. "Thank you my friend. Now I need for you to leave." The tiger nodded in understanding and nudged her hand with his nose and jumped to the window. Once there he gave out a growl/purr and then jumped out of the window and dissappeared.

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