Lord Saber-Stryke/Kenbukyou

Name: Saber-Stryke/Kenbukyou
Hair: None seen
Eyes: Blue (When they glow)
Birth Place:
Position: Fallen Dynasty Lord
Armor: Dynasty
Jin: No jin, but follows the concepts of Bushido to a degree.
Weapons: Soul Swords of Ferver/Swords for Kikoutei
Armor Call:
Sure Kill: Winged Angel of Death/?

Here's another Dynasty Lord that looked to take control of the White Armor. Knowing that it and the Swords went together he sought the armor to repay a debt of honor to Talpa. His thirst for revenge blinds him to the true strength of the armor and to the abilities of Ryo and in the battle died from wounds received.

He bore no ill will towards Ryo in the end and it was at that time that he told his companion Blackblaze to follow Ryo and help the boy in his battle against the evils of the Dynasty.