Raven's Wing: Chapter 25

Sage reclaimed his armor and was using the Halo-ken to stand as Cale reclaimed his armor and was using the Sword of Darkness to stand. Looking at Shary they nodded to each other. "It’s over. Now we truly are a family again." Cale sighed as he said those words.

He was content to have these two as family. He trusted them more than any other and now that he knew that they were family he would be able to help them through the rest of school. Looking at Sage they walked over to Shary and picked her up and carried her between them. Sage was glad. Now he could tell his Grandfather that he found his battle sister. No one needed to know more than that for now and maybe with Cale’s age and all they could all move into Shary’s place and be a real family.

~First things first brother. We need to get her home and in bed.~ Cale smiled slightly as he nodded towards Shary who was now sleeping peacefully between her brother’s as they carried her back to the portal to go back to the Mortal Realm.

As they stepped through the portal they were greeted with the sounds of silence as they realized that they had been gone for most of the night. As they strained their ears to hear the house they realized that everyone was still downstairs. Kayura and Carrie probably halted the Ronin team from coming after them full force.

As they tucked Shary into her bed her armor disappeared and she was still clothed. It didn’t matter to the brothers as they kissed her forehead and crept out of the room and shut the door after them quietly.

Walking downstairs they were treated to a sight. Dais was sitting in the recliner with Nikki dozing peacefully curled up to him with her head on his chest. Carrie and Cye were sleeping stretched out on the couch and Cye had his arms wrapped around Carrie almost protectively.

Kayura, Sekmet and Ryo were all sitting on the floor back to back in a triangle sleeping and Rowen and Kento were sitting up watching over it all. Grinning at Kento and Rowen they finished the silent trek down the stairs. Gesturing to the kitchen they knew that Kento would be at least interested if Shary was ok.

Several hours later after everyone had woke up due to various outbursts and/or loud questions and several repetitions of the story they all agreed that it was time for bed and that the dynasty group would stay there at the house for the rest of the night.

Cye and Carrie paired off to share one room and Dais and Nikki to the last open guest room. Kayura opted for the couch and Ryo and Sekmet got the floor ready for his guest. Cale and Sage splintered off to Sage’s room where Cale took the floor and Sage the bed while Kento and Rowen went back to their rooms and soon after everything was settled for sleeping arrangements, the entire house was dark and asleep.

~Next day~

Shary was having a good day so far. The students still looked at her, as if judging her but she didn't care. She had a family, friends, and her old life back. The threat was gone and she had never felt so 'balanced'. It was gym again and she changed in her clothes. When she didn't see Nikki or Kento yet she didn't panic. Instead she went to the other side and leaned against the wall, she looked up and saw that a group of the boys had surrounded her.

"Something on your minds, boys?" she asked calmly, knowing very well what was on their minds but she stayed perfectly calm.

Kento and Nikki came up the stairs to the main field and as they saw Shary surrounded they were concerned until they heard her ask them if something was on their minds. Grinning to each other they backed off and sat on some benches a slight distance away so that they could hear and watch what was going on and not get in Shary’s way if all hell broke loose.

"Yeah, we have something on our minds. We were wondering if you’d like to have a little fun with us." One of the boys snaked out and grabbed her wrist looking around to see if Kento or Nikki were watching. He saw the pair sitting on the bench and as they made eye contact Nikki waved at him and grinned.

Shary merely grabbed his wrist and managed to twist it behind his back painfully. She was still so perfectly calm as she brushed some hair from her eyes. "Oh you must have my confused with someone else. You see, I don't 'play' with anyone." She shoved the guy into one of his friends with ease. "Especially immature brats as yourself."

"Why you little-" They weren't going to be dissed like that and decided to teach her a lesson. They had no idea that she would be the one teaching the lesson today.

Shary merely moved away from the wall and watched as some of the guys ran smack into it. Another one grabbed her shoulder but she grabbed his arms and slammed him onto his back. When she turned to walk away he grabbed her leg. He let go very quickly when she drove her heel into his stomach and was soon gasping for air. Another hot shot tried his luck and grabbed her from behind. He placed her in a full nelson so that left her arms useless.

Smirking, the ringleader advanced on her. He was intending to just see how big she really was but the moment he touched her shirt he received a knee between his legs and then another under his chin. The holder cried out in pain when both his feet were smashed down, he was too worried about his mashed toes than some girl.

"Now then. I suggest you all stop this foolish behavior," Shary said as she crossed her arms over her chest. She smiled at her friends but it was lost when more boys gang up on her. No one could tell what was going on but soon boys were flying off in every direction. One even landed on his face near Kento and Nikki.

In a matter of moments the last of the boys had fallen. The nurse's office was going to be very busy today, not to mention the rest of the week. Shary dusted her hands together and then straightened her clothes and hair some. When she saw the instructor she just shrugged.

"I warned them. So they brought this on themselves." She smiled at her and went over to her friends. From that moment all word about her being easy or a slut were killed. Now it was spread that if you so much as look as her in a lewd manner you be eating your food through a straw.

Kento and Nikki looked at her in pride and walked up to her. "You did well coming this far in so few weeks. Welcome back Shary-san." Nikki’s voice was quiet as they headed towards the lockers. Ryo’s class went smoothly now that the Sensei had returned to bring order back to the class.

Ryo’s brand of order had them doing their work and he would help them, but none of them pulled any pranks the one day Ryo took over the class. Most were still too wary of the temper the boy wielded to try anything.

Lunch had them all together again this time laughing at the stories that were now flying around the school about Shary. Kento looked over at the slim pretty girl and smiled. Tentatively reaching out with his armor link he tapped her. ~umm Shary-san… Could I talk to you for a minute??~ His tone was soft with uncertainty and he was nervous.

Shary smiled at him and nodded slightly. ~Of course.~ She turned to her friends and told them that she would be right back. Silently she followed Kento a little bit away from the group. Maybe this was the time to tell him how she felt. But she wanted to hear what he said first.

"Well, umm. Aw hell, go for broke as they say." Kento screwed up his courage and looked at Shary. "Shary, would you be interested in going to a movie Friday?" Once he got it out he looked at her carefully looking for signs of laughter or rejection.

Slowly she broke in a smile and bowed to him. "I would love to." When her eyes meet his they showed that she truly meant what she said.

"Really??" Kento broke into a big grin and hugged her on impulse. "Thanks Kami-sama. I really liked you for a while now. Just that..Well.. You know." Kento released her as he looked over at the guys who were being awfully quiet. He soon found out why. They were all watching him and Shary and grinning.

She looked over them and her smile grew. She reached for his hands and held them in her own. "I know. And I have something to tell you as well. You see..." She began to blush lightly. "I've had feelings for you for some time. I wanted to tell you sooner but so much as been happening. I really like you. A lot." She bowed her head some, getting redder.

~It’s about time sis.~ Sage and Cale chimed in grinning. They were standing together next to the tree smirking at her and ignoring Kento’s black look.

Kento looked back at her clearing his face, "I know that you three are going to be closer than barnacles to a ship hull until you all get used to being there for each other. But ya think you can ditch them occationally??" He grinned at the looks on the brothers’ faces when he said that but soon had his arm about Shary’s shoulders. "I will never ever hurt you intentionally Shary. On that you have my word."

She paused for a moment but wrapped her arms around his thick waist, resting her head on his chest. It felt so good to be held like this by him. "Probably. But don't blame me if they want to follow us." She giggled softly and looked up at him. "And I will try to never hurt you, Kento. I care about you too much to do that to you. I... I love you."

The newly made couple was startled as they heard cheering and whistling from the entire group at the tree. Cye was hanging upside down with Carrie after having finally asked her out the night before. Cye was floating on cloud nine even after having to play referee to a game of hockey with him as the puck.

Dais and Sekmet had come outside after Cale called them down and Dais was standing next to Nikki since they had decided to let everyone know that they had been going out for some time now in the Dynasty. That caught everyone off guard causing the couple to grin. Sekmet stood with Ryo and Rowen and was whistling the loudest.

Grinning Kento gestured to the noisemakers. "Shall we go and rejoin the group or let them make the entire school wonder what is going on??" Stooping slightly he kissed her softly on the cheek.

"I think the school suspects something but lets let them wonder." She linked hands with him and leaned against him as they walked back to the tree. She touched her cheek, keeping the memory of her first kiss deep in her heart. It seemed like everyone was pairing off. And she was happy for them.

The weak, little girl that first came here had grown up. In her place was a strong, young woman who had a family and friends. Nothing would ever be the same again but she always liked a challenge. She leaned closer to Kento and looked up at him. "Isn't life grand?"