Raven's Wing: Chapter 24

Cale nodded and made the excuse that he needed to use the restroom to go upstairs. Heading up the stairs the others did not think anything of it. Cale knew however that he was being listened in on by his newfound siblings and so was careful. Getting closer to the shadow area of the house he could tell that it was not a good shadow. (Any shadow that he could manipulate being a good shadow.)

~Hey lightning rod, you might want to take a look at this.~ Cale knew that the name would get Sageís attention fast and it did.

Sage took one look through Caleís mind and tapped Shary. ~Itís time sis. Lets go show that creep what we can do together ne??~

Shary just nodded and making up excuses themselves went up the stairs. ~Why here? I mean surely he would've felt that everyone was here.~

~Or maybe it is the old Dynasty Standby of Trap them one at a time, suck the energy out of them and use them as bait for the others?~

~Hey, I resemble that remark!~ Cale shot back teasing Sage about all the times they got to fight back in the days of Talpa. Sage growled slightly but quietly walked into his subarmor noting that Cale had done the same.

~Letís see what kind of a vendetta the little shadow puppet has for us since we screwed his plans royally the last time he came knocking.~ Cale nodded to the two grinning slightly the old Cale showing through just a little bit. ~This isnít a shadow, it is a portal. I canít tell you where it goes, but I will just about bet it is an invitation to Damionís front door. He does not know about us yet, lets keep it that way as an Ace. Shall we??~ Sage and Cale looked at Shary to see if she was ready for this final confrontation.

This is what it all came down to. She took a deep breath and brought the spheres together. It caused her body to glow and soon she was in sub-armor. Then she smiled at them with her hands on her hips. ~Ready when you are. Let's go teach Damion a lesson for messing with this family.~

Sage looked at Cale and smirked. ~She definitely got your attitude when she is of mind to show what she is really like. No wonder we worked well together.~ Sage poked her lightly and gestured for Cale to precede them into the portal. No way Sage was sending Shary in first.

Cale entered and was allowed to walk through with no problems, Looking at Shary Sage made a decision. ~I am going in at the same time with you. I refuse to fail again in my duties, especially now that you are really family.~

~Whatever you say.~ But she smiled and held his hand. Together the two of them also passed through with no trouble but the symbol sent a warning shock through her system.

~Something wrong?~ Cale asked silently.

~Not sure. The symbol seemed to tell me something but I'm not sure what.~

~Listen to your armor. Calm and focus on it alone. Let it tell you what is going on. I often did that when I was last here in the dynasty for a fight and it got me out alive.~ Sage was a little jumpy, something wasnít right here and it wasnít the pervasive shadowy miasma that hung over everything.

Cale wasnít sure of what to make of that information even though he knew that the Armors had abilities of their own. Looking around he could see clearly through the haze. Smiling he knew that he was back in the dynasty since no one who lived here for over 400 years could mistake the stench. That and any one who lived here long enough was able to see quite well in the near dark that was so pervasive in the buildings.

Shary cleared her mind and focused on what it was saying. But she sighed in frustration. ~Still can't tell. All I can get is 'trap', 'danger' and 'he knows.' Make any sense to either of you?~

~Well the trap was a no duh when it comes to the Dynasty uglies. Danger is a common thing here, and He knows probably means that he figured out the bond between the three of us. There goes one of our Aces.~ Cale sounded like this was another day at the office and Sage had to agree with his tone. For any one of them this was another day at the office. Only this time it was far more personal.

Looking about Sage called silently for his full armor and raised the Halo-ken to bring light to the shadows that obscured their vision. ~Might want to armor up sis. No telling what that low life is up to here with that trap thing. I am not surprised that the dark one is already in his armor.~ Sage smirked along the link, as he knew he had caught Cale off guard with that remark.

~Oh very funny. Remind me to laugh later.~ He scowled slightly.

~Calm down you two. You can tease each other until you're blue in face when we get out.~ Silently her own armor appeared on her body and the swords in each hand. The white/silver blade added a little bit more light.

~Point taken. You know. I still donít get what Damionís place in this mess. All we know is that he is after you for certain and that the Armors would probably be a convenient bonus on the side.~ Sage was confused as he knew those facts but there was still a piece of the puzzle missing.

~I know what you mean. I mean why me? It was like he knew this was going to happen or something.~

~Don't worry you two. Something tells me when we find him we'll also find the remaining piece of the puzzle.~ Cale said.

~Then lets flush one snake out of his hole, and I donít mean Sekhmet.~ Sage unleashed the Thunder Bolt Cut into the silence and listened satisfied with the destruction that had just been caused. Then gestured to Shary. ~After you. Cale, weíre going to need your particular brand of camouflage.~

~Right. Give it all you got dear sister.~ He gave her a small bow.

Shary bowed back and crossed the swords over her chest. "Balance of Power." The attack was whispered but nonetheless both black and white surges of power came and make just as much destruction as Sage did. ~Batter up.~

~Smart mouth.~ Cale brought his sword out and let loose his Black Lightning Slash. He enshrouded them in his darkness, hiding them in his own shadows so they could move with no fear of getting caught.

~Lead on, I do not want to be the one that gives us away by having to use the power of the Halo armor to see where I am going.~ Sage switched to seeing through Caleís eyes and though it was a strange sensation at first he gradually became accustomed to how the man moved about in the darkness.

They all quietly headed even deeper into the Dynasty. It was a long and boring walk down a hallway and thanks to Cale's darkness they were well hidden. But they still had no warning as to being watched.

Damion smirked as he watched them through the looking glass. The opposite twins were here and they brought the girl. That would only make things easier for him. He would make her split the armors but the question was how. An evil smile split his lips as he thought of one.

Something hit them all at once. One second they were walking to what they could now see was a pair of heavy doors, and they next they were all knocked senseless. Shary slowly sat up and looked around but began to panic; Sage and Cale were nowhere to be found. She blindly reached through the link and followed it through the doors. On the other side she saw her brothers at either side of the large room, sprawled on the floor. In between them stood Damion, in all his glory.

"Well well now... You've finally made it... Lady Heikou," he smirked at her.

Shary lifted the swords up and glared at him. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Oh you don't remember?" makes a sad face. "Here. Let me show you!" The memory that was shoved into her mind made her drop her swords. It was when the armors first merged, that's when they became one. A demon lord saw what power she held and wished for her hand. The gods would not have it and when tried to seduce her she outright blasted him with the armor. So he hid, wanting for a time when he would extract his revenge.

Shary stared at him with wide eyes as remembrance hit her. "You... You... You...!" she picked up her swords and made to stab him through but froze when her brothers were lifted in the air and deadly swords surrounded them. "No! Don't hurt them!"

"I won't. Give you the dark half of your armor and then live. If not..." the swords edged closer.

"Alright! Anything just don't hurt them." She dropped to her knees, crying softly. ~Guys...forgive me.~ She concentrated very hard and like before her armors began to split. Unfortunately it caused her a lot of pain and in an explosion of light the armors stood on their own, Protection and Torture. Shary was laid sprawled between them, unconscious and very pale.

Sage and Cale were still conscious at a deep level and they both felt her pain as the armors split. ~SageÖWe have to do this.~ Cale managed to gasp out in his mind. He was in an immense amount of pain.

Sage was in the same predicament but he agreed. ~I just found her again. I am not about to loose her again.~ Sage reached out to the Armor of Protection. Knowing that Cale was reaching for the Armor of Torture. They hoped that with her ability to control their armors came the willingness of the split armors to work with her twins.

Giving their power directly to Shary they forged chains of light and dark that held the armors to them as well as to Shary. ~Armor of balance, Light and Dark, Protection and Torture, we call on your power to help us to keep the balance and hear our call.~

Sage and Cale called out to the armors as they cast off their armors sending their powers to the newly split armors to keep her alive. They just found each other, now they were not going to lose her to this slime. They couldnít move physically, but their minds were free to travel through the bond to Shary. ~Shary, call the armor back. Donít worry about us. You have the key, just use it and call us back. Call the armor back.~ Caleís dark powerful voice called to her.

~Shary, I told you that this was your fight. Even I canít fight this one for you. I said that I would help you all I can. Cale and I entrust our power to you. Call the armor back to you and use it to kill this slime. This is for your and only you. He messed with family, you canít lose us now, just nail him.~ Sage pleaded with her as he reminded her that this was her fight. Damion was the one that insulted her, her family, and her honor. Now was the time to reclaim it.

Shary's mind was trying to get her body up but it wasn't listening. It was too drained. ~My body... I can't get up.~ But when her sight fell on the armors she got an idea. ~Sage... Cale... I'm going to need your help more than ever.~

"I knew it! The armors of heaven and hell will soon belong to me!" He began to walk towards them but stopped when the eyes lit up. "W-what the hell?!"

"We never thought we would see the likes of you again," Protection spoke up. A female voice.

"And we will teach you to harm our children," Torture spoke up. This one a male.

"Children?! But there's only-" but the words died on his tongue. He looked at the two guys and then the girl. "These three are yours?!?!"

"You stole her honor."

"You tried to steal her hope."

"But now, we'll show you the wrath of Heaven and Hell!" They spoke together and faced Damion. They each lifted their sword and began to glow with power. Protection went first and then Torture.

"WRATH OF THE HIGH HEAVENS!!!" Power blasted from the blade and literally began to tear him apart.

"OPEN THE GATES OF HELL!!!" and that was just what happened. A black gate opened and shrouded figures dragged Damion in, kicking and screaming for his life. When the gates disappeared Cale and Sage fell in the ground and the armors stood over Shary. Together they spoke as one.

"Child of Balance, take back what is rightfully yours." The armors merged as one and then melted into her body. Soon she was wearing the armor of balance with one sword instead of two. She groaned and slowly sat up, nursing a pounding headache.

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