Raven's Wing: Chapter 23

"And yet you hate being called that as much as I like being called line-walker," she replied back. But she smiled at him and then at everyone else. She resisted the urge to tease the Warlord and just continued to smile sweetly at them. "I take it you all enjoyed the little dance?"

Rowen and Cale merely nodded, as they had known that the two were partnered for a lot of things, but they had no idea that they were able to set their very souls on fire with that kind of dancing. Ryo and Cye were busy shaking out their hands from months of disuse on their instruments. They were surprised as well but they too had stunned the others with the depth of emotion they showed in the music. The whole effect was stunning to everyone including Kayura and the other girls.

Sage grinned at them all as he mopped his forehead as he sat down in one of the chairs. "I may not like the nickname you gave me. But even I have to admit that with that dance it is appropriate for the acting. You can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy that now Shary, even we ultra serious people have to cut loose and shock the real world once in a while." Smirking he nodded towards Cale. ~Time to go have a little chat with the local yokel of darkness.~

~I'll get him. I guess we should tell him in the kitchen. Meet you there.~ She squeezes his shoulder and then goes over to the Warlord. "Cale... Sage and I have something to tell you." She gestured to the kitchen but first turned to everyone before heading in. "Do you guys want anything to drink?"

Just about everyone wanted water or fruit juices. Sage took down the orders and pushed Cale out of the room towards the kitchen ahead of him knowing that Shary would follow behind shortly.

Cale was curious about what Sage and Shary had to tell him especially since they weren’t willing to tell him in front of everyone else. Once they entered the kitchen he turned and faced Sage. "Ok, you and Shary have been hiding something ever since Cye got home from school. It has something to do with me so spit it out."

Sage looked over his shoulder to see Shary enter the kitchen and close the door behind her. Hopping up on the counter Sage got ready for some long explanations. "Well, did you know that you have living family??"

Cale stood shock still as heard Sage and then looked at Shary. "He’s kidding right??"

But she only shook her head softly. "No he isn't. It seems that you really do have some living family members. In fact... you have a brother and sister." She got some glasses out and then opened the fridge. She decided to leave the rest up to Sage since he knew him best.

Sage looked at Cale and then grabbed Shary in a three-way mind link and showed Cale what they learned in his dream state. The sequence was long but once it was completed Cale looked at them both not believing what he had seen.

Yet something told him that it was the truth. Something deep within him told him that they had told him the complete truth and that they were the pieces in his life that he had been looking for, for so long he was alone. Now in the period of one night he had not one, but two siblings. One of them was his sister, a young woman that already a while back he had sworn to protect. Now he had a greater reason than Sage’s wrath to protect her. She was his little sister and now this was family. Now he understood how Sage felt when he started taking this so seriously.

The brother he never had. Was actually his brother. He had trouble digesting that one because for so long he and Sage had fought as enemies. Even as friends and brothers at arms there was something that tied them closer than the fact that their armors were the opposites of each other.

Now he understood the pull he had been feeling to stay around the pair. They were family. Looking at the two with new insight he finally got the look of shock off his face and took the drinks out of Shary’s hands. Hugging her gently he looked at her and then to Sage. ~Thank you.~

It was all he could come up with, but Sage’s look of understanding told him that it was enough. Shary needed older brothers and they both needed a sister. Now they all had what they needed.

She smiled at them, one of genuine love for them. She had a family, a real one that loved her for who she was. She felt so happy now and balanced as never before. There was no way she was going to let anything happen to her brothers or her friends. She nodded to Sage and they all left to the living room. Now, all that was left was to tell everyone else.

~I wonder how they're going to take the news.~ she thought to herself.

Sage hugged her and clasped arms with Cale and stuck Shary between them. Grabbing the tray of drinks in one smooth motion he handed them to Cale and grinned. "Well, shall we go and drop the bomb and wait in the fall out shelter??"

"Drop the bomb. I can't to see the look on everyone's face though when we tell them."

"Are you finally going to tell us what the big secret is?" Cye asked as he looked up at them. Whatever it was going to be big.

Cale grinned the one wolf to another grin at Shary and Sage then spoke. "Well, Dais, Kayura and Sekhmet all know that I don’t have any family that is still living." That grabbed all of their attention.

"Well what if I told you that I was standing with my twin Brother and Twin sister right now??" The bomb had been dropped and now the grinning trio was waiting for the fallout.

For a moment nothing was said and everything was entirely quiet. Everyone had that been-hit-in-the-back-of-the-head-bug-eyed-mouth-gapping-completely-shocked-unblievliable-believe-it-or-not look on their faces. It lasted for maybe a second before they all began talking at once. The trio weren't sure what was being said but one thing was clear: everyone wanted to know how and when this all happened.

Shary bite her lower lip as she thought back to her brothers. ~That fall-out shelter was a really good idea. Is it still too late to head for it?~

~Well we stepped off the plank. Might as well dive in.~ Sage put his fingers to his lips and blew a short shrill blast that shut everyone up. "Much better. You know it is much easier to answer questions when they are asked one at a time and in a manner that we can comprehend."

Oh right. Well, I guess the main question is how can you three be siblings?" Ryo asked. Everyone nodded that that's wanted to know first.

"Well, we're not really siblings by blood but we are by spirit. So that makes us soul siblings." Shary explained in simple terms.

"Alright. When did you find out about this?" Kayura asked.

"It kinda happened after Damion tried to split my armor in half. And it's a long story so I guess we should all make ourselves comfortable first."

Cale, Sage, and Shary all found seats next to each other with the brothers on either side of Shary. "You all know that Sage almost killed himself helping Shary last night. Well when he was sleeping he was locked into a battle with the ghosts of his past." Sage nodded to show that Cale was on the right track.

"Well one of the battles was coping with the feelings of failure to protect Shary. When he lost again Shary had already entered his mind through their bond. But he had already divorced himself from the Halo Crystal and Halo-ken. Shary’s spirit of the past rose up again and Sage took off leaving Shary and the corpse to battle."

"It was during this battle that they learned from the spirit of Shary’s past that we were triplets in the age of the gods." Cale finished the readers digest version of the story and looked at Sage and Shary for confirmation. Sage nodded even he did not like the world knowing that the ghosts of his past had scared him into flight when Talpa’s forces couldn’t make him run.

Shary reached over and squeezed his hand. She projected reassurance through the link, telling him not to worry. "That's pretty much it. And it actually answers a few questions I've had for a while."

"Such as?" Dais asked.

"When Sage and I first meet, something seemed to click and then the same thing happened to Cale. The only difference is that it took longer. And when they helped me get rid of Damion I was able to control their armors with ease. And maybe that's also why my swords didn't merge into one again."

"Once you touched the extremes and handled them individually the power separation would make sense." Rowen muttered to himself and then he spoke up. "My question then is. Why didn’t your entire Armor split after that fiasco?"

"If it did no one would be alive. They need each other to balance each other out and in very rare and extreme cases will the armor separate but only to merge together once more when the job is done." She paused for a moment to try and explain what the deal behind the armors was.

"Protection draws its powers from light, purity, and hope. So it's natural that it works very well with Halo. Torture draws it's powers from darkness, chaos, and honor. And the same goes for Corruption. But to answer you're question if the armors are separated the resulting end will kill me." She sighed and leaned back, looking like she was deep in thought.

"The armors... are siblings as well. Should one feel pain the other reacts to it. And if one is--destroyed, then the other will extract revenge for it then kill itself. Everything has a balance and without... everything is lost."

They all nodded since they did understand knowing that if one hurt the others would react. The Ronin and Warlord armors acted a little like that when they were focused on one person.

Sage perked up as something tickled his senses. He noticed that things were quiet outside and even more so in one area of the house. Almost like there was a black hole there for someone to move through.

~Shary, this is your place, is that supposed to be there?? Cale, if it isn't, what is it that makes it so effing dark??~ He didn't want to alarm the whole group so he kept this to family and listened to the conversations that started up on speculations.

The young girl strained her hearing. ~Something isn't right.~ But she didn't elaborate on what.

Cale slightly frowned as well. ~I'm not sure. But it seems we might have an uninvited guest. I'm going to check it out.~ He prepared to get up but paused when Shary squeezed his hand. He easily read the worry in her eyes.

~Be careful.~

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