Raven's Wing: Chapter 22

"Alright. Well, I guess to start is what caused me and I guess the house to fall apart. Damion was trying to split my armor in half. You see, separated my armor is called Protection and Torture. Damion was trying to steal Torture since it's the most destructive half. Sage and Cale came in and using the armors sent Damion packing and merged the armors together again." She leaned against the counter, wondering how to say what happened later.

"Well, Sage you were drained pretty bad. Cale took you upstairs and I stayed with you. What happened next I'll let you tell what happened." The next part she wanted for Cye to here it from him. Since it did happen in his mind after all.

"Well I was trapped in the nightmare battles of the past, trying to fight my way up to waking up I had to battle the ghosts of my past, including dealing with the fact that when Shary disappeared the first time I had felt like I had failed her and myself." Sage took a deep breath.

"However, mentally I split myself off from Halo and the Halo-ken when Shary invaded my mind. I was unsure of what was going on when the Shary I just buried came back to life. The fight that ensued ended up giving us a lot of information about Shary and I was able to take on the fight then and win. That was about the time we woke up. Hate to say it, but we gotta talk to Cale before we can tell you all what the information is."

Cye nodded as he was cooking indicating that he had heard everything. Looking at Sage and Shary he could tell that the bond between them had intensified some how and he was about ready to give his trident to find out how the hell that had happened with Sage asleep and fighting dreams.

Shary could tell how anxious Cye wanted to know about the information but he would just have to wait. So she decided to change the subject. "So what's cooking? I can't wait to eat." She pulled herself onto the counter, dangling her legs over the edge and just looking on innocently.

Knowing that Shary could be a little bit of a trickster in the kitchen Sage shot her a look that told her that with Cye it was not a good idea to mess up his cooking. Cye did not see the looks exchanged and answered. "Well, I was thinking something of a brunch for you two. I know that Sage there will need the proteins in the eggs that I am making the omelets with and you will both need the vitamin balance in everything else."

Sage nodded in agreement and about 20 minutes later there was a meal for three on the table and Cye sat back and watched Sage as he prepared to eat. Looking at the food like he had never eaten before Sage filled his plate and left the rest for Shary as he started eating. He was tidy about it but he was fast pleasantly surprised that his coordination was not impaired by the unexpected 18 hours of sleep.

"What do you think Shary? I think this is just great." He saluted Cye with his chopsticks before he continued with his meal. The food was done ala Cye hence there was little if any fish in any of the recipes. But Cye knew the rule about protein needs and so he would occationally use fish in his cooking to keep them all healthy and going in the same direction.

"I think that you are a wonderful chef, Cye-san." She smiled at him and continued to eat her fill. It had everything they needed to regain their strength and it also tasted great. She really didn't care for fish but even that tasted good. Swallowing her mouth full she asked Cye how the day at school went and where everyone else was.

"Well, Ryo and the others are waiting at Carrie's place for Dais, Kayura and the others. Something about Damion not being from the Mortal Realm or something like that." Cye thought on things for a moment and then smiled. But they all said that they would be here as soon as possible. I was sent on ahead to make sure you two didn't sleep your lives away and start dinner since we are going to be having company. Carrie's mother sent some things with me and so I think we will have enough for everyone tonight."

Sage nodded familiar with the way Carrie's mother worked. If they were having a lot of company for planning she always sent a dish or something with Cye to help feed the group. "She is very kind, I will have to send her a letter, ne Shary?

"Oh I agree completely! She is such a nice lady. Here, I'll take these plates in and get everything ready for when everyone comes over." She stood up and took the plates into the kitchen. As she placed them in the sink she thought about her friends coming over. Her thoughts turned to one person in particular and she was glad that neither Sage nor Cye were here to see her red face.

He was a great guy and he had a big heart, that she could tell from the start. At first she thought it might be just a crush or puppy love but it felt deeper than that. Maybe she was imagining but she felt like she was in love. She began to fiddle with her ring.

~No. What would he see in me? I mean... I'm sure he has girls lined up for him. Aah who am I kidding? Time to stop daydreaming girl.~ Drying her hands she told the guys she was going to change and headed to her room. She slowly undresses and slipped on an old t-shirt and lay on the bed for a moment. ~I want to tell him but... maybe later. When this is over.~

A gentle knock on the door alerted Shary that there was someone that wanted to speak to her. ~Ne-chan, you decent enough to see your bro??~ Sage was teasing her again as her rattled out a quick staccato beat on her door. "We still have to practice sometime along all of this mess for the program in the next couple weeks."

"Just a sec.~ She pulled on some old sweat pants and tied her hair back. She opened the door and smiled when she saw her brother. "Ready when you are." As they walked down the hallway to the stairs, however, she just had to ask him. As the saying went if you couldn't trust your family who could you trust?

"Jikei... what can you tell me about Kento?" She tried hard not to blush when he looked over at her.

"This is getting pretty serious here ne imouto-chan? What do you want to know about my friend in orange??" Sage walked up to the piano and ran a few scales to warm up his voice and then moved over for Shary to sit down at the keyboard and pulled up a separate music stand for his own music and then warmed up his concert flute and looked at her his eyes smiling as he knew that she definitely liked Kento.

She shrugged her shoulders a bit; her cheeks tinted a pink color. She let her fingers do a few exercises before she said anything. "Just curious, that's all." She was starting to think that this was a bad idea to begin with.

Sage cocked his head at her and looked at her from under the hair that always fell in his face. ~Spit it out, I can help you now, or you can wait until the man himself is here and ask him yourself?~ a slight smile curled his lips upward as he noted her shade of pink deepening.

She hit a sour note, which matched the look on her face. ~You are a sneak! But... I don't know. I guess I like him. But it feels more than just mutual liking. Maybe I'm just imagining it or something but I don't know.~ She leaned against him, resting her back against him. She idly played a couple of notes with her left hand. Slow notes since she wasn't left-handed. ~How do I ever know he likes me much less the same feelings as I do for him?~

~How about giving it time and taking on the problems of the world one at a time? I had to learn that lesson the hard way when we battled Talpa.~ Sage played some scales on the flute his fingers flying over the keys and stops running the scales all the way to the top of the instrument's range and back down in 32nd notes.

~Your right. But that won't stop me from wondering.~ She pulled her hair over her shoulder and idly played with it. ~So... You going to tell me some things about Kento or will I be forced to make you tell me?~ she teased him. He always knew what to say.

~If you two would get your collective acts together after this he would take good care of you. He is a good friend, hard headed and more stubborn that I am at times, but that is only because he cares. Just don't push anything until this mess is cleaned up. Please? I don't want to see you or Ken hurt.~ Sage was looking out for the both of them. Kento was a good friend and could be counted on in battle; He did not want to see that soft heart of his get squished because of Damion.

Shary was a whole 'nother ball of wax. She was his sister in more ways than one and like the older brother he tended to act like; he would not tolerate anyone hurting his sister, that was his prerogative. The general attitude that no one picked on his siblings but him was common among the three even before Sage and Shary found out about the bond that held the three of them together.

~Okay. When this is all over Iíll tell him. Thanks for listening to him, jikei.~ She smiled at him and shifted in her seat again to position both hands over the keys. Reading the notes on the sheet music she began to play the music. The music relaxed her more and eased some troubled thoughts she had.

Measures later Sage came in on the flute and as he adjusted the tone and the volume to matched and weave around the piano Sage's eyes slowly closed and soon he was swaying slightly in time to the music. The images that the music brought to his mind were memories that he thought were lost so many years ago after Shary disappeared. Working together to learn the kata, taking dancing lessons from Grandfather to improve their sense of time and each other.

As the music came to a close he realized that he had improvised most of the music from what he had felt and was surprised out of is calm. ~Remember the dance??~

Shary smiled and nodded softly. She remembered all right. It was fun if a bit unusual but they both enjoyed and learn to work closer. As she played the last notes she looked over at him. "Do you want to see if we still can dance together?" she asked him, still smiling.

"Would you like a little night music to go with that??" Sage looked at the doorway to find Cye standing there with Ryo. The others had arrived for the meeting and they had been listening to the music that had been coming from the room. Ryo pulled out a well-tuned acoustic guitar and quickly ran through several chords his fingers moving as fast as his armor's namesake along the fingerboard. Satisfied with the tone of the instrument, he looked over at Cye who sat at the piano and nudged Shary to one side.

Flicking his fingers a little bit he ran through a fast song he had learned years ago Ryo vaguely recognized as "Fire Dance". Cye was using the song to test the reaction of the keys and how much weight was needed for the fast runs that might happen should they be needed since he tended to be a feather touch on the keys no matter what the piano.

Both of them looked at Sage and Shary ready to play at the downbeat if they were willing to show off again. ~Let's show them what earned me my nickname of Peacock. You get to choose the dance step then we will go as Grandfather taught us with our own flare.~

~Whatever you saw... brother peacock.~ She smiled and stood up and moved to a section of the room where there was enough space to dance. She went through the steps in her mind before doing them. She had forgotten how much fun dancing was, especially the kind she and Sage learned together. It gave her a thrill to know she was doing something that no one in her family could ever do.

~Brazilian Tango at 1 1/2 speed?~ Sage grinned as he knew that the instruments that were in the room were perfect for the dance. "Brazilian Tango Cye, Ryo," Sage counted out the time and then gave the downbeat as he struck the classic start pose as Ryo started with the beat on the guitar.

~Oh you really want to show them how you got your nickname don't you?~ She waited on the side for him, waiting for the moment when they began the dance together. This was going to be some show, that she already could tell.

The piano came in softly yet firmly as the beat was smooth and hard at the same time. As Shary swept in to start the dance as a partner in the old style Sage took her up and his eyes blazed with the passion of the dance. Moving sharply they swept about the room as the music grew in intensity and speed until Sage and Shary looked like a single entity moving about the room.

Moving in perfect synch to the music they separated and came back together as Sage played the part of the Passionate/Jealous lover to perfection. His eyes snapped and as he spun her out and brought her back in he could tell that she was enjoying playing the part of the flirtatious/sensual female. Her eyes sparkled as she moved to the music, teasing the lover and yet always coming back to him as he would not let her go. Intertwined in the dance they ended it perfectly with his rejection of her affections his pride having been struck too often.

The music came to an abrupt stop with their final movement and Shary was on the floor in her position of submission and Sage was in the pose of the stung lover. They held the position a moment and then Sage broke the tension that hung in the air by smiling. He was breathing hard and actually sweating lightly as he held out his hand to help Shary up. Taking a bow he spun her off to take her own bow he noted the looks of pure shock on the faces of everyone in the doorway. Sekhmet's jaw was almost completely on the floor and Dais looked like a mirror image of his comrade.

"That was what earned me the nickname Peacock." Sage chuckled, as he looked sideways at Shary.

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