Raven's Wing 2: Chapter 15

"Well I for one hope that the need doesnít arise. I just want to get through college and back home so that we can all share our experiences with out having to save the world again." Cye knew the others understood that should the need arise, so would they to the occasion. But like them, he would rather not have to fight again. College was going to be stressful enough without adding a demonic terrorist to the mix.

"Don't worry. I don't think nothing of the sort will happen for a long time." Cale said with a small smile. The wars were over and now peace was reaching them again. They would all make the most of it.

There was a silence as no one knew what to say but that was ok with them. Sometimes words weren't needed. Ryo then asked what they should do now and asked for opinions. At least to keep themselves busy before the senior party started.

"I donít know about you guys." And Cye and Rowen stretched as they yawned. "But I think that a nap would not be denied about now." Kento gestured to the yawning ronins and smirked as Nikki echoed the yawns and then Carrie carried on the chain of events.

Looking at the others Carrie curled up next to Cye and drifted in and out of reality as her eyes slid closed.

The other all settled in the guest room there were all used to and were either already napping or on the verge of it. Kibou and Meiyo settled in their spots for a while longer. Not wanting to move from such a comfortable position in the living room. Shary waited until it was just her and Kento and asked if he would like to join her outside to talk.

Kento gave her a look but joined her. As they got outside he wondered what was going on as he turned towards her to listen to what she wanted to talk to him about. "Whatís up hon?"

She was sure what to say or how to say it. But after a moment a thought the words filled her mind and she chose them carefully.

"Ken... you know that I love you very much. And I know that you want to wait later before we can make love to each other. I don't mind and I guess what I'm trying to say is..." She looked at her hands embarrassed but forced the words out. "I thought that maybe we could be a bit open about our relationship in public but I understand that you have an image to keep up and I respect it. I love you and I want you to be happy."

Kento smiled slightly to reassure her even as he mock shuddered. "Ack! The infamous PDA!" Chuckling he picked her up, tossed her over his shoulder and ran for the back of the house. Once there he kissed her soundly even as he put her down. "Better??" Smiling he poked her slightly in the ribs.

"Much." She smiled and giggled some, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. For a long time they did nothing except hold each other and look into their eyes. Cye was right. There was nothing wrong with their relationship now. She liked these quiet moments where they held each other. Nothing more, nothing less. "You are almost too good to be true."

"Almost??" Kento got a mock look of dismay on his face before it turned to an evil grin as he pinned her down to him and attacked her open ribs. It was a tickle torture that was revenge for Kento but he was laughing almost as hard as Shary as she squirmed and almost shrieked with laughter pinned under his arms.

"Give?" He asked her lightly as he paused a moment again ready to attack her tickle spots for the answer.

She shook her head and once again tried to get away as he continued. She knew she was already out of breath and said between breaths, "Okay I give! I give!" She panted heavily but was still smiling. She looked at him with shining eyes filled with love for him.

They sat out on the back swing for a few hours until it was time to get ready for the Class party and so they headed back in to wake everyone up and got ready themselves.

Cye noted the there was less stress between the couple and smiled as he figured that they had their little discussion and it had cleared a few things. Looking about for Carrie he noted that she wasnít up yet so he offered to wake her up, as he was the only one that could wake up the ninja with out having to dodge some of her normal wares.

They came back down a few minutes later and as they headed for the school they were all in better moods and ready to party the night away before they had to leave for their respective schools.

The senior party was just as expected: filled with all the graduating class, lots of food around, loud music and some places that you could sit if you didn't want to stay on your feet for very long. It was very inviting and the gang settled themselves into it all. Kibou and Meiyo stayed back at the manor with White Blaze and kept the links open in case of anything. The two guardians decided to shift to their normal modes and were all lounging around the living room.

The party continued in blissful fun for everyone that had graduated with the senior class. Dawn soon broke over the city and the doors to the school were unlocked to let the grads out into the world to complete what ever they needed to do to prepare for school.

The guys all got back to their place and as they gathered their things for school they were all in varying levels of depression. An era of their lives was over and now there was nothing left but good byes until they were able to get their computers up and running.

Ryo carefully picked up the cat carrier with Kibou in it. He had the earliest flight out to the States due to the way he scheduled it to keep it as short as possible. Everything was ready for the cat inside and though she grumbled about the accommodations he playfully told her that she could try getting into the states in her full glory and fail. It quieted her even if it did not calm her much.

Ryo waved and Mia who had volunteered to take the warriors to their various places of departure took off to take the ronin of Wildfire to the Airport so that he could get checked in and boarded on time for his flight.

As they each left to their destination the house became emptier and quieter. Kento and Shary had parted ways for the moment and Cye and Carrie had a private moment for their own goodbye when the girl accompanied the Torrent bearer to the train station to say goodbye.

Carrie, Kento, Sage and Cale were soon the only ones left in the house as Carrie was going to rely on her training to get back to her ancestral home for further training. Kento only had to go across town to get back to his parentís restaurant and Sage wasnít going anywhere. Having chosen to stay in the house with Cale and hold down the fort so to speak until their sister came back and the others visited.

Carrie finally gave her goodbyes and took off to her home, promising that she would be in touch. Kento left soon after, the late afternoon setting in as he took off to help with the dinner rush at the restaurant leaving Cale and Sage alone to plan their own future.