Raven's Wing 2: Chapter 12

Kibou came in her tiger form and moved behind Shary. As growled as she chewed on the ropes, finally snapping them off. The girl quickly got up and ran out with Kibou at her back.

~Blaze! Time to go!~ the tigress sent to her companion and followed Shary. Meiyo was doing his best in distracting the other black suits and even managed to chase a few in a broom closet and lock them in. Now it was time to locate the others and get out.

Shary and Kibou went off in one direction and Blaze went in the other towards Ryo. As he ran down the hallway, it became increasingly difficult to dodge the bullets that were being shot in his direction and he started having to use the power of the Dynasty that was imbued into the armor he was wearing to reduce the danger.

Ryo knew that Blaze was coming his way and he almost felt sorry for the black suits. Almost. He kept his face completely expressionless as Black Blaze barged in and with one slash had ripped through the ropes.

Shary listened carefully to Kibouís directions to where her friends were at but it was so hard to keep track of them with bullets flying around them. All the training with her brothers paid off as she dodged them and ducked into a room. Unfortunately she had lost Kibou but the good thing was that she had found her brothers but they were not alone.

Kibou snarled at the black suits that had Hardrock, baring her teeth and claws to the extreme. She dared them to just try something just so she could attack them.

Ryo and Blaze moved swiftly only to get separated like Shary and Kibou. However, Ryo found Rowen and Blaze found Cye and Carrie. Carrie looked surprised to see the tiger in armor, but Cye grinned and informed the cat that they were fine and that they needed to be untied to find Nikki.

As the ropes were bitten through they all knew that they could have broken the knots, but that would have required their sub armor and they couldnít afford that scandal. Looking about they found Nikki in a nearby room almost comatose from the depth of her trance. Her resistance to pressure may have been nearly zero, but when she tranced to the level she was at, she could not have answered even if she wanted to.

Cye picked her up and carried her knowing that she would wake up of her own volition. So Carrie, Cye, Blaze and Nikki were together in one area with Ryo and Rowen making their way towards them. On the other end of the complex were Cale, Sage, Kento, Shary and Kibou all together. They were making their way to the entrance when a large force of armored, armed and blood hungry looking swat members barred their way and lined the hallways.

~Oh this is so not good,~ Shary said quietly as she bit her bottom lip. The group stood their ground and looked at the force before them with cold stances. The tigers moved around them, roaring and hissing, telling them to stay back but they could not attack of get the risk of being hit with the guns.

~We need to think of a plan,~ Rowen spoke up softly but even he couldn't think of one as the swat team slowly began to move in.

With a deafening roar the ceiling about the Swat began to crack and then literally fell on them. Meiyo was sitting on them; smiling as he realized what good aim he had and swung his tail out to break the front doors open. ~You all get out now! I will watch your backs!~ He swung his tail again and sent a black suit crashing into a small group along the sides.

Ryo wasn't going to argue. Kibou had watched his back and he knew that Meiyo would do the same. White Blaze, now Black Blaze in armor would watch out over them all and if the need was there then he could emit that strange field that the Dynasty had that made technology ineffective.

As everyone ran out of the door they realized that they were not outside of the compound. Instead they were in the fields just outside of the mainstay of the dynasty Castle. The few Swat members that got through the dragon's defenses were amazed at where they were at. Soon a woman in the armor that the men all recognized as the guardian that had been protecting the young group. "Leave these and all the youth of the city alone. Or I will make sure that your end will be far more painful that anything you could ever imagine." Her battle voice rang out over the field as she called to the woman that was obviously in charge.

The woman pushed her way forward and faced the young warrior woman. She was not easily scared and stood her ground. "We will get the information we need from them and you can't stop us!"

Kibou hissed and arched her back, her fur stood on end and her eyes were faintly glowing as well as her stripes. Before the gate closed Meiyo's eyes were glowing as well as his scales. He stayed and prevented any more people going through the gate.

"No, I will not allow you to gain access to that knowledge. I will not allow you to destroy young lives, and if you think I can not defend them then see what your foolishness will bring down upon you." As she raised her hand to the sky, the Ancient's staff came to her hand and the entire host of the Dynasty Soldiers Army appeared around them with their armor and weapons at the ready.

Noting the look of defiance in the woman's face she narrowed her eyes and shrugged. "Since you doubt me, will you fight me in hand to hand combat for the information you so desperately seek? If you win, the five samurai will reveal themselves, if I win, you will back away and leave these and the youth of Japan alone on this." She smiled slightly. "Of course, it won't be a fair fight. Perhaps if I fight only one handed."

Rowen snickered as he remembered the line from their earlier encounters when she was under Talpa's control. She had thrashed them in their armor. This was hand-to-hand so she wouldn't use her Starlight Swords, but there was always her years in the dynasty to make up for it.

The woman looked like she was going to snap but a mask fell over her face and she became expressionless. "Fine then. Let's see if you can back your words up." She calmly took her coat off as and walked a bit. They formed a circle around the two of them, no one leaving the place.

Kibou settled some when Shary rested her hand on her head and sat down. She stopped glowing but the hard expression still remained on her feline face. If this woman truly were desperate enough to want the information of the Samurais then she would do anything to make sure she won. ~I pray that you win, last of the Ancients.~ She said softly.

Kayura took up a confidant stance before the woman and nodded to Kibou. ~Worry not. I will not let her have this easily.~

As the fight commenced she had to dodge several attacks. As this continued for several minutes before Kayura soon tired of the game and jumped high into the air. The exasperated woman in the suit looked up in amazement and narrowly missed the incoming foot that was aimed to knock her out of the fight.

"Will you yield and let these people live in peace or will I have to prove myself further by beating you senseless. I don't want to hurt you, but if that is the only way I can convince you that I will not let you have the information, so be it." Kayura had stood still instead of moving and blocked the strikes that came at her, redirecting them and making the woman look like a fool in front of her fellow suits.

She was getting so upset. This woman who looked like a child herself was dodging every attack she had made. She could even hear some of her own men begin to talk to hushed tones. She couldn't hear what was being said but she was sure that it had to do with her not being a good enough leader. Enraged she screamed and doubled her efforts in bringing this wench down.

Kayura sighed as the guys behind her smiled slightly. They knew what the outcome of the fight would be and they knew that it would seal the agency away from them forever. "I don't want to hurt you, but leave me no choice." Kayura murmured to the woman she was fighting.

Waiting for the right moment she made several strikes to various points of the woman's body locking several major joint's using several nerve strikes to stop her. "I don't want to hurt you, and the best way I know how is to prove to you that I am a better fighter than you are. I know when to quit. This fight ends now, you have lost. What do you have to say?"

The woman stood there, as if in shock at what had just happened. No. She couldn't lose. Not in front of them not like this! With much effort she reached behind herself and pulled out a small gun that fit in the waistband of her dress. "Yes. In fact I do have something to say." She looked up at her, her mask gone only to show such hatred and anger. "I always see my mission through. Even at the cost of my life." She pulled the gun out and fired at the lady three rounds.

Meiyo let out a howl of anger and was seen as he landed on the woman, talons bared to the extreme and drove her into the ground. A kanji was seen on his brow, glowing a fierce gray of his namesake. Honor. ~How dare you fight with such dishonor!! For that you should die!!~ He howled and drove deeper into the earth, wounds being created by his rough handling.

NO! Meiyo let her be, I an fine as her weapons can not harm those of us here." Kayura got up and pulled her Starlight Swords out. "If she wants to play rough. I will play on her terms" Moving at her fastest the woman did not follow Kayura before she was behind the now standing woman with her sword at her neck. "I will not use my strongest attack. I would kill you then. You have one option now, give up, go home, and remember today. If you don't leave..." her voice darkened to a menacing tone. "I will let you fight my soldiers and I promise that you will not survive with your weak training ways."

Kayura's eyes narrowed as the sky turned black and lightning flashed to the ground around them.

The woman looked to her men for help but nothing. They had turned their backs on her. She was all alone. No one would help her now or ever. She faced the woman and took a look at the soldiers. They looked more than capable of taking her down in seconds. Was her life truly worth the secret of the knowledge behind the samurais? Something in her mind clicked and forced the words out from her lips. "I choose to stay. As I said I follow my mission to the end."

Meiyo went to the group, not looking very happy as his kanji faded but his talons tore up the ground as he clenched and unclenched them.

Kayura sighed again. "I guess you can not be helped. I will guard the samurai. You will not know their secret." With that she brought the hilt of her sword up and using the pommel, knocked the woman out. As she set the woman down gently she looked at the black suits. "Take her with you as you leave. If you are wise, you will not allow her to continue as she has as I have no real control over the guardians that live in your world."

Kayura turned her back on the woman and headed back to the group that waited for her. "I will be watching." she repeated.

The black suits grudgingly took her and left without another word. They knew they would never obey her again but that would come later.

Nikki closed the gate quietly and looked to the others. "I think that solves our problem nicely for a while. I just hope we never have to deal with her again. She was a spoiled brat."

~I believe we won't. Such dishonor.~ Meiyo snorted and folded his wings around his shoulders.

"But is this really over?" Shary looked at her friends and family with concern. "Can we all be normal again?"

"I think that we can all be as normal as all of us with mystical armor or abilities can be. There is graduation this weekend and we have yet to find out if we all made it." Sage spoke softly as he put his arm around his sisterís shoulder and smiled at Cale knowing that he and the otherís passed his tests.

"And as for what happens in the future... we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Ryo smiled at his friend as he scratched behind Blaze's ears. "Together. Just like friends do."

Shary smiled and leaned against Sage. She and the others nodded as well in agreement. Friends stuck with one another through thick and thin. Nothing could break them apart.

Kibou stretched herself completely and looked at them with her head cocked to the side. ~Shall we being going inside now? We all have had a long day.~ She looked at Kayura and seemed to smile. ~Will you join us lady?~

Kayura nodded in acceptance and opened the gate to Caleís room. As they all stepped through, Sage realized that it felt good to be really home for once. Looking at the others he noticed that Blaze was White Blaze again, Kibou was in her cat form, and Meiyo was perched on Caleís shoulder.

Ryo looked at Kibou and now that the excitement was over noticed the graze wound on Kibouís shoulder and inquired softly is she would need any attention for it.

Cye and Shary went to the kitchen to prepare dinner now that it was late and dark outside, everyone realized that they were hungry. It had been a long day, but Nikki seemed to be the hungriest of all as she snagged more pre-dinner snacks than Kento and smacked him across the head playfully when he complained.

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