Raven's Wing 2: Chapter 11

Shary lay in bed for a long-time, staring up at the ceiling as she rubbed a tear that threatened to fall. Maybe one day they could make their love solid but now they had other things to worry about. Sighing softly she slipped under the covers and wrapped herself around a pillow. Closing her eyes she was soon asleep. Tomorrow would be a long day indeed.

As they all woke up in the morning, Ryo stretched and then nudged the still sleeping cat on his lap gently to try to wake her up with out getting pierced. He needed to get up, but he knew enough about catly reactions to know that him moving her would mean instant claws if she wasnít ready to move.

Kibou cocked an ear at him before she opened on eye and looked at him. Ryo held something like a grumble but she got up and moved to his side. She stretched herself completely, arched her back in a perfect arch, sat and licked at some parts of her fur, and then curled back in a little fluff ball on the bed. She purred very softly as it seemed she had gone back to sleep but her voice reached Ryo's mind.

~Arigato for being considerate Ryo of Wildfire. Just fair warning, do not be surprised if you see me at your school acting as if I'm on a walk of my own.~

"Kits and cats donít bother me. As long as you arenít as big as White Blaze there." He pointed to his large companion as he stood up smiling. "See you later then Kibou."

Clattering down the stairs after showering and dressing he ate a fast breakfast and headed off to school having been the last to get up.

As he got there he heard quite a commotion as he entered the yard and soon found out what it was. The five houses that had been watched had been raided the night before and the teen occupants dragged off in the middle of the night by unknown forces.

Ryo frowned some. He knew probably who did this and it was not good. He held just a few minutes before the first bell would ring and searched the crowd for any of his friends.

Rowen saw Ryo and called him over. "Six houses were targeted but ours was left alone. I wonder why that is." He spoke in a low tone to the Wildfire bearer.

Ryo nodded knowing exactly what his friend meant. Those other students had been taken for a reason. Now it was time to find a way to get them out.


In the Complex the woman smiled slightly. The operation was proceeding smoothly, now all that was left was to figure out which one of the teens brought in, in the over night raid was of the Samurai team and draw them out.

The door opened slowly as a nervous hand held a folder before entering. "There is a problem?" She asked, the danger tones in her voice again making the young man gulp.

"Y-yes. Only 5 of the 6 houses were raided last night." He placed the folio of the raid before her and stepped back.

"What?! Why werenít they all raided?" Surprise took over as she saw the pictures taken from the raid.

"W-well, the house that has that teacher and those kids in it. The tripletís place. We werenít able to penetrate the perimeter. It was like there was a force field of some sort protecting the place. That and the men reported seeing that strange woman with the strange body armor stalking the place. It was as if she knew that we were there." He finished up the summary quickly wondering if he was going to get fired.

Instead he saw a small smile appear on her face. "Excellent. They must be the ones. Question the teens that were taken appropriately and release them back to the school with an appropriate story."

"Yes maíam" He left the room moving silently with purpose this time.


Back in school it was considered a little strange that Sensei Cale brought an iguana to school for the last week, but nobody mentioned it as it stayed put most of the time watching the classes.

Ryo on the other hand would occasionally look outside to see a familiar white persian strolling by looking as if she were on the hunt.

Most of the school was still talking about the students that had been taken away during the night. They couldn't stop the news and it seemed the only time they did stop talking about it was when they were taking their finals. The lunch bell rang and they had a new little visitor with the group under the tree.

Kibou looked content as she stayed curled up on a branch in the tree but she was listening to the soft conversation and would time to time voice her own opinion when asked for it. Something was up and they did not like it.

Sage and the others kept an eye out for the students incase they got to returning with out anyoneís notice. Looking at the others they all got the sickening feeling that they were found out and that they would have to be doubly vigilant to keep things from happening to the people around them.

The bell rang and with heavy feet students filed back into class to take the rest of their exams. Just three more classes and they could all go home and rest up for the next day. Kibou decided to stay in the tree and take a little cat nap before she would look around the campus once more and then head home.

As the tests were finished for the day everyone filed out of the building. Everyone except Cye. As the guys looked around for him in his usual final period haunts they wondered what happened to him.

Splitting up to look for him they agreed to meet in an hour. That way they could scrub the grounds looking for him if necessary.

As the hour passed and they came back, they noticed that they were short Carrie and Nikki now too. This really started to worry them as they wondered who was able to take out their friends since the armor link hadnít gone off for Carrie.


Waking up and looking around, Cye noted that there was nothing to see, and that he wasnít able to talk either. A gag had been stuffed into his mouth to silence him for some purpose. He instead turned to his hearing and heard the breathing of someone else, possibly across the room from him. It sounded regular and deep so he could only assume that the other occupant of the room or what ever they were in was out still.


As the others wondered what was going on they headed home hoping that they were there and safe by some unknown factor. When they got there, it was painfully obvious that they werenít there. Pairing off, the team headed out to find their missing friends.

Sage and Cale took off down the street; Rowen and Ryo took the opposite end; and lastly was Shary and Kento. All these all took off they had no idea they were being watched and followed.


Meiyo was edgy as was proven as he kept looking around. Everywhere they looked but there was no sign of their compadres. The lizard heaved a sigh but suddenly he hissed and took off as fast as he could in his iguana form.

"Hey that lizard is getting away!"

"Forget the stupid pet. We have to take these two quickly." Two figures in black suits picked up the limp forms of Cale and Sage and deposited them into a large van that pulled up. Once inside they drove off for the next pick up. Meiyo growled and with little wings he took off into the air, trailing the moving vehicle.


Ryo and Rowen kept their ears open and froze when they head footsteps. They slowly turned to look but that did nothing as they were ganged up on. They tried to fight there way out but it was hard and they were losing. As a van pulled up and the men began to shove the boys in when a white feline hissed angrily and clung tightly to the man that was shoving Ryo into the van.

"Get this cat off me!" the man hissed angrily as he tied to pull it off. He let out a yelp as the claws ripped away portions of his face. Ryo took the chance and tried to escape. Rowen had already been shoved in the van with his hands bound and just as he was about to escape he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. Kibou hissed and was about to claw at them when she got nicked in the shoulder with a bullet. She hissed and had to retreat.

"Baka!! Get in the van before someone sees us!" As they piled in the van sped off.


Shary groggily opened her eyes and looked around. Wherever she was, was dark, she was alone, and she had been tired to a chair. When she tried to say something she found herself gagged as well. That scared her and she blindly reached for the link to her brother or anyone else. ~Please. Someone hear me.~

No one responded to any of their calls to each other. While they were surrounded in darkness a door opened to one of the cells and a woman walked in. "I have some questions to ask you, Ryo Sanada."

As she pulled the gag away from his mouth she earned herself a dirty look from him as he spoke. "You arenít getting any answers outta me lady." She closed the door behind her and a light turned on in the room then replaced the gag. There was a table and she sat across from him at the table. Alone and unable to hear his friends he merely listened.

"Well, you could tell me who the five samurai warriors are. I know that they are amongst you and your friends. We can make this easy and you can go home at the end of the day, or we can make this hard on yourself and you wonít leave for a long time." She smiled slightly as she hoped for the later.

Ryo merely smirked around the gag. She honestly hoped to frighten him, not knowing that he had endured far worse tortures than anything this woman would ever be able to dish out, he waited for her to either take the gag out of his mouth or continue.

She was feeling generous and so decided to give him another chance at giving her what she wanted. She had a sneaking suspicion that he wouldnít cave, especially after seeing that smirk on his face, but she removed the gag anyways.

"Lady, I told you once before. You arenít getting anything out of me or my friends, except a very hard time. Now why donít you take us home before trouble hunts you down." His calm voice and steady blue eyes bored into hers as he reinforced his promise of a very hard time indeed and more trouble than they ever wanted to handle in the future.


Outside of the complex a small flying lizard told Kibou where the guys had been taken. The cat smiled feraly as she headed up to Ryoís room where she knew that White Blaze would be waiting. Changing to her tigress form she opened the door and he looked her over before indicating that she would be fine. Changing back, she jumped up to the Tigerís back and held on as Blaze moved at top speed to the place the smaller cat directed him to.


The lady was upset. She had spent maybe an hour with the raven-haired youth and she had gotten nothing. Some of her people were trying to get the others to talk about the samurai and maybe get a clue about their identities but it would be a long time. She headed to the room where the girl of the triplets was. Perhaps she could get something from the girl if she asked the right questions.

Shary looked up as sudden light spilled into the room and blinded her for a moment. She saw a lady wearing a black suit sit across a table in the room. She looked at her for a long time and flexed her jaw when the gag was pulled down. She said nothing and twisted her writs in the binds. The bracelets were protecting her from rope burn but they still hurt.

"Maybe you can help me out here?" the lady said as she leaned against the table. "I would like to ask you some questions and then you're free to go home." She smiled as the young girl nodded her head. "Good. Now, tell me who the samurais are?" and flashed pictures of the Ronin before her.

Sherrie looked at the pictures and met her eyes. "I have no idea. Old Halloween photos?"

"Hardly. These people are the cause of billions of dollars of damage to Toyema. We just want to know who they are so we can find out why they did it." She looked across to the girl steadily and found that her look was returned to her. "Will you help me find them?"

"Why? So you can charge them the bill?" Sherry may have looked confident on the outside but on the inside she was scared. She couldn't feel anyone and that worried her greatly. She fought back tears and held the mask in check.

"Cheeky young lady, we shall see just how long that lasts." She sat down and made herself comfortable as she prepared to go down the list of damages to the city in an effort to have her flush out the culprits.

In another room Cale had just been slapped for giving an even cheekier answer to a normal question. The man questioning him was a professional in the arts of interrogation and one of the best in Japan. The very reason he was working for the agency.

Cale merely shrugged off the slap and looked at the man cold and hard. The guy may have been a professional, but Cale had known what true pain and torment was. This was nothing. "Iíd be careful whom you strike friend. I might not be so nice about it in the future. Three strikes and I will take you down." Was his only warning. The interrogation master merely shrugged not believing the blue haired manís words.

The Warlord of Darkness merely smiled at the reaction looking forward to the moment that he would prove that he was the true master of interrorgation.

Cye and Carrie were being questioned together. The fact that they were there strengthened their own moral and they put up a united front that not even Talpa could have broken.

Sage merely sat in the chair as he was questioned, his one lavender eye boring into the eyes of the men sent in to question him. He smirked slightly as he held his silence noting that his silence along with his unwavering gaze was starting to unnerve the two that sat across from him. The hunterís smile that formed with the gaze unnerved them even more as they tried what they could to get him to talk.

The others did what they could to keep their secrets. Nikki had the most to lose in this and she dropped to meditation to subvert her mind to keep from being broken. The others merely gave nonsensical answers or the same reply about being trouble that Ryo did. They went around for several more hours when a reverberating roar thundered through out the underground facility. When a second, deeper roar backed it up Ryo grinned to himself, as he knew that the cavalry had arrived.

Gunfire sounded as if being shot off and then screams. Meiyo snapped at the men as they ran away in fright. He was the same height when Ryo and Kento had met him. He really didn't think these people would be guarding the roof but that meant the tigers would have fewer people to fight through. He shrunk his size some and slipped into the ventilations.

Kibou looked smug as she and White Blaze scared off more black suits she sniffed the air. So many scents she couldn't place them very well.

White Blaze merely looked around and then took off in a new direction down a long corridor. He knew where Ryo was instinctively, but one of the others needed him more so he slammed into the door of the room with Shary in it.

The woman jumped at the sound of the weight slamming against the door and pulled her sidearm as a huge black tiger in silver armor flew into the room and pinned her down. He didnít use his claws but he knew that his very weight would be more than enough to keep the woman detained while Shary got out with Kibou.

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