Raven's Wing 2: Chapter 10

Quietly the group headed up to the room. Once they got there they all froze at the appearance of a white tigress bearing gold stripes laying on the bed and a black dragon with silver scales on its underbelly sitting on the floor. No one said anything except gape.

~It's you.~ Meiyo slowly moved to Shary who unconsiously backed into her brothers and nudged her wrist with the balck sphere. ~You are the one we seek... Heikou.~

"Um Ryo? Would you please explain how you meet these two?" Rowen asked. He wasn't sure what to make of this except that this was definately real.

Sage and Cale looked at each other and nodded. They had an inkling of who these two might be, but they were going to hold their silence.

Ryo looked at the others and raised an eyebrow. "Remember that pinging sensation from our orbs?" He asked quietly. The others nodded, it was pretty hard to forget. "Well these two were what was setting them off. And if they were looking for Shary here. Then they would probably know who Sage and Cale are as well." As he indicated the two that stood on either side of their sister.

~Oh we know them. They are the twin brothers of Heikou. Oh flea.~ the tigress sat up and scratched behind her ear furiously. Afterwards she shook herself hard and laid back on the bed. ~I see you three have found each other over time.~

Shary knelt down and gently petted Meiyo's head. Then she hugged him tightly and hugged the tiger as well. "Oh you two came back. You came back."

~We would never leave you. But we do not know why we are here. Or how long we can stay here for.~ Meiyo moved to the foot of the bed and curled up in a ball.

"It's great to see you both again but how are we going to hide you two?" Sekhmet asked. If they stayed like this then the black suits would surely noticed before long.

"That won't be a problem." Cale gestured as their forms began to waver and in their place was a large, grayish-green iguana and white blonde Persian cat. "They can change forms and I can tell you already that this is no illusion."

The others nodded at this and smiled. All the better for everyone involved. White Blaze was hard to hide on his own but his own survival instincts and understanding of his human friends gave him an edge about how and where to hide.

It was decided that the two of them would stay in Shary's room but first they were introduced to everyone else and got a tour of the house. Which was not a good idea. Kibou discovered the tuna in the fridge and ate most of it before the others found out where she was. Meiyo however liked to perch on the top of the bookcase and nap there. It would take some time but the people in the household would get used to them. Right now they were talking in the living room, keeping their voices low as Ryo and Kento told them what happened.

Kayura was listening attentively to them when her attention shifted suddenly. Listening at another level she smiled slightly and looked at Ryo. "You might want to go to your room Ryo. You have company and I definitely think that Kibou should go with you."

If a cat could look nervous Kibou was it. Ryo swooped in and scooped up the smaller tiger before she could react and took her upstairs cursing softly at the claws that found their way into him. As they opened the door everyone downstairs could hear the throaty rumble of White Blaze as he greeted his friend.

Unfortunately came the sound of Ryo cursing. Apparently in the room Kibou got startled by the tigerís appearance she clung to Ryo's arm tightly. She cautiously looked at the tiger and sniffed the air around him.

~He smells like you,~ She told the bearer of the Armor of Fire.

"Yeah, well I probably smell like him too to an extent. White Blaze, This is Kibou. Kibou, This is White Blaze. He's been a friend to me since I was little and saved all of us at one point or another." Ryo smiled and rubbed the head and scratched behind the ears of his oldest friend.

White Blaze purred and his eyes closed in pleasure. Kibou moved to the floor and walked around him before slowly shifting to her true form. The tigers looked at each other, as if studying the other for a long time. Kibou nuzzled the male tiger with her nose and changed forms once more.

~He's nice. And he cares for you very much.~ She looked up at him with large eyes, her tail swishing back and forth on the carpet.

Ryo sat on his bed and nodded to the smaller cat. "Yeah. I kind of thought so. I donít think he would have put up with me for long if he didnít."

Smiling he offered the smaller cat a place on the bed so that he could pay some attention to her as well as his old friend. "Now you understand a little why I am more of a cat person?"

Ryo kept scratching his friend as he spoke to Kibou. Blaze merely leaned into his friendís attentions with a full throated rumble of pleasure.

She nodded and curled up on the bed with herself purring softly. ~Yes I see. No offense to the others downstairs but I would prefer you. And maybe the other one that was with you. Hardrock he wears?~ she looked like a furry pillow as she tucked her paws under her body and wrapped her tail around herself.

Ryo chuckled softly. "Good to know that you and Shary have the same taste in men. Kento is Sharyís boyfriend." Smiling he started to relax as he talked with Kibou and lavished both cats with affection, including brushing White Blazeís coat to a shine again.

"Shedding season again for you isnít it boy." He commented, as the tiger seemed to smirk at the amount of fur flying around the room making Ryo sneeze once. "Figures." He muttered even though he was smiling openly with affection for his friend.

~Don't complain. You should see Meiyo when he sheds his scales.~ Kibou laughed softly and stretched herself completely, tiny claws digging into the bed spread as she hopped to the floor. ~He has to shed a scale at a time instead of at once like a snake. Ooh flea!~ She reached up with her hind leg and scratched at her other ear, as if trying to scratch her ear off.

"Comere then. Let me take a look. Or you can let White Blaze here give you a bath. That is almost guaranteed to get rid of fleas." Ryo picked up the smaller cat and grabbing the nit comb he used for White Blaze when he started scratching ran through her fur thoroughly and then looked through it picking out the one that got away and squashed it between his fingernails.

Soothing the skin under his fingers he scritched her under the chin. "Better?? You might ask one of us to invest in a flea collar for you while you are in cat form."

Kibou flattened her ears as she looked at him. ~Flea collar? You mean those itchy, smelly things? I'd rather have a flea bath.~ she snorted lightly but curled up in his lap, purring at he scratched under her chin. ~Arigato Ryo of Wildfire.~

"I can arrange for the flea bath. But you are welcome Kibou." Ryo smiled down at the purring bundle in his lap as Blaze lay down beside him on the floor content that nothing was going to happen for the moment as Ryo gave them full attention and relaxing in the quieted atmosphere of the room.

Kibou was very relaxed right now. She liked this young man and she thought that maybe it wasn't so bad staying here after all. As least she would have someone to talk to aside from Meiyo and Heikou.

Downstairs Meiyo was enjoying himself as well. He was currently lying on top of the bookcase and listened to the group below with half an ear. He bit at his arm some and watched as a tough, old scale flittered down. In its place was a soft, piece of flesh that would soon harden and become a scale.

As they wrapped up the discussion about what happened that they found the Tiger and Dragon they all wondered now what would happen now that they all had one last week of school. They didnít expect them to want to stay inside; and now there was Blaze to consider.

The group hadnít heard anything from the room upstairs for a while now and as Kento went upstairs to check on them he came down smiling ear to ear. "You all have got to see this." He commented quietly.

Wondering what was up they all trekked upstairs quietly as possible and looked into Ryoís room and couldnít help but grin as well. On the bed was their friend lying across it on his back with Kibou curled up in a catnap on his lap and Blaze napping across his feet. The whole group looked so calm and peaceful that it was almost funny, as every one knew that the only really calm one of the trio in the room was White Blaze.

Moving back downstairs Sage chuckled. "Well at least we know what will calm him down. I donít think I have seen him that calm and peaceful, even sleeping in a while now. You know how he is when there is a problem."

"Looks like he won't be any trouble now," Cye smiled. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

Cale looked at the lock and sighed softly. "Since it's beginning to get late I suggest we all get ready for some sleep. Tomorrow we can discuss our plans." He looked up as Meiyo landed on his shoulder. But the lizard just perched there and yawned a bit himself.

"Opinion oh draconic one?" Cale eyed the lizard that had just decided to take up residence on his shoulder. He then looked at his sister and brother who were smiling slightly at the recent change in positions.

~Sleep, dark one.~ he said simply and made hismelf more comfortable. ~We all need it for tomorrow will be a long day.~ He let them decided on what he meant and he closed his blue eyes.

Cale stood up and headed up to his room, lizard along for the ride. Turning out the lights in Ryoís room as he passed he got to his own room and prepared for bed.

The others looked at each other and nodded. It was time that they all went to bed. Sleep was a much needed commodity since they all had school in the morning. That alone was enough to make the day long for the senior group.

As they all left for their rooms Shary gently touched Kento's arm and said that she needed to talk to him. She lead him to her room and they sat on her bed. For a long time she said nothing but held his hand tightly in her own. She took a deep breathe and looked up at him.

"Kento... I loved you very much. And I know that I would like to share my life with you," she said softly, linking hands with him as she tried to think of what to say to him.

Kento for once said nothing as he looked at her intently. He wanted to know what was on her mind as this was mildly strange behavior for her. Instead he waited patiently as she searched for the words.

Shary chewed on her lip some and squeezed his hand tighter. "Kento... I want you... to be my first." She looked at him, their eyes meeting and nodded some. "I want this and I gave it a lot of thought. I won't pressure you if you don't want to go through with it and Iíll still love you no matter what

Kento was now surprised. Looking at her closely he wondered what had possessed her to this. "I love you too. But are you completely certain about this? I donít want to do something that we might later regret." He was starting to get worried when he felt the cool green of Sageís link to him light up. ~She had thought about it. For several days at least. She has even talked to me about it old friend. We are leaving this up to you.~

Kento went silent for some time as he thought about it, his eyes troubled.

"Ken... you don't have to if you don't want to. Like I said I won't pressure you." Slowly she reached up and touched his cheek fondly, still holding his hand in her own. She loved him so much and she would never do anything that would hurt him in any way but she also wanted this. She gently pushed her desires away and would accept whatever her love's decision would be.

"As much as I want to Shary." He whispered to her quietly as he held her. "I canít. And I wonít. There is a time for us, but it isnít now." He held her close fighting himself for the decision that was just made.

She sighed deeply and curled up against his chest. "I understand. But also know Iíll be waiting for you." She kissed his hand and raised it to he face, rubbing her cheek against it, wrapping her arm around his waist to hug him back. True she felt disappointed but she respected his wishes. Right now she was happy being held in his arms, feeling his strong warmth all around her. Tilting her head up she softly kissed him and whispered against his lips, "I love you."

"I love you too." Kento kissed her in return and carried her around the bed to her place and tucked her in before leaving for his own, wondering what the other choice would have brought them.

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