Raven's Wing 2: Chapter 9

Once the glass was cleaned away the dance slowly resumed. The atmosphere was a bit tense but it slowly relaxed as the music was playing. No one had gotten a good look at the true prankster behind it all but that would be settled later. Right now was the night to enjoy themselves as much as possible before the dance was over. Nothing else could go wrong.

The guys all had their dates out on the floor dancing before the night was over and true to his word, Sage made certain the Nikki had a good time and that she had plenty of dances. The Starlight Dance was played and as they all danced to it the common thought was that this was going to be a prom to remember.

Sage led them all outside where a stretch limo waited for them and as he helped Nikki inside he waited for the other women to get in before he and the other guys entered. They all went home to Sharyís and as they got there they found Sekhmet and Dais waiting for them.

They all settled in the living room and were enjoying warm mugs of tea as they talked about what happened. Sekhmet and Dais were just as mad as Cale at what had happened but were very glad that Kayura had managed to catch the trickster. Which brought up the question of just who is was.

"Just a senior bully who thought that he would get a kick out of ruining everyone's fun and hard work." she said and paused a moment to take of sip of the sweet tea. "Something tells me we won't be hearing from him for a while though."

Dais and Nikki silently talked about the dance and he was glad that Sage kept his word. She had a good time that was all that mattered to him as he held her close.

Rowen had taken his date home for the night and as he watched his friends all around the living room he knew that no matter how ugly things would get in the next week. They would be there for each other and there was nothing that was going to tear them apart.

As they all relaxed they lapsed into a silence that no one was really inclined to break for the evening and soon enough, everyone was asleep in the chairs.

Their nap only lasted for a few hours and they slowly woke some of the others up so they could move somewhere more comfortable. Like the bedrooms. They changed into their sleeping clothes and slept the rest of the night and some in the morning. Thankfully it was the weekend and they didn't have to wake up early.

Shary sleepily made her way downstairs and was skimming through the mail as she ate a bowl of cereal. Mainly it was some bills and junk mail but left it aside. Some catalogs and a letter. Shary dropped her spoon with a splash as she read the address two more times. It was the scholarship she had applied for a while back. With a shaky hand she tore the letter open and silently read the letter. Suddenly she jumped from her chair and let out a happy yell.

Almost instantly Cale, Sage and Kento were downstairs wondering what was going on as the others trailed behind them except Rowen, who was still asleep. "Whatís up Yin??" Sage asked.

"I got it!! IgotitIgotitIgotit!!!!" It was clear she wasn't making any sense as she held what looked like letter tightly in her hand. Cale managed to get the letter from her and read it.

"What's going on-oof!" Sage managed to keep his balance as he sister ran up to him and hugged him tightly.

"Well it seems little sister got that scholarship she applied for a while back. It's just enough to pay for all the classes and materials," he smiled some and welcomed her hug as she launched herself at him. "I guess you could say that this has made her day alright."

Kento smiled, as he was happy for her. Looking through the mail, there wasnít anything else interesting so he let it be. "I think that this calls for a celebration. Dinner tonight at my parents restaurant!"

"That's real nice of you Kento," Sage said with a smile.

"Really great. And since you guys are already up mind if I cook some breakfast or would you rather get some more sleep?" She didn't mean to wake the gang up but she was just so happy.

"Go ahead with the breakfast." Carrie and Nikki said in unison. Smiling at each other they both sat at the table as the others did.

Outside, several bruised men in suits moved with care through the yard of the house. It looked like a house that was normal in every way after a prom night. Quiet until the shout was heard. As they moved in to listen they were careful as ever. They had orders and now they were going to get the five. The other five houses were being watched and prepared for invasion to happen later on. But now was the time for watching.

The food was set a few minutes later and now they were all eating. Shary could not get the smile off her face as she tried to eat. This was one of the happiest days so far and she was having a lot of them to outnumber the past bad ones. They quietly talked about their plans for today and such, waking up a bit more.

Kayura appeared in the living room. She was tired and in her old armor again. ~This is getting ridiculous.~ she thought to her self as she followed the scent of breakfast to the dining room and entered. Looking at the others in several stages of wakefulness she changed to her civilian wear after making certain that no one was watching from outside.

Sitting at the table she nodded to the others and explanations were given as to Sharyís mood and congratulations given.

Suddenly the orbs, staff and braces seemed to give a shock. Everyone didn't feel it so bad because they didn't have the orbs on them at the time but Shary bit back a yelp when hers hurt her. Something was wrong and the armors were reacting to it.

~Something is wrong but I don't know what,~ Dais said with a slight frown. Outside the dark suits were still watching with interest. The mood had changed but they didn't know why or what mood they were now in.

Ryo stood up. "I donít know about you guys but I am going out for a runÖ Any one want to join me?" Cocking his head to one side he indicated that he was headed out to find out what the heck happened.

"I'm with ya man," Kento stood up as well nodding to him. As those two went up to change some of the others finished eating and went up to change as well. They nodded to their friends as the two youth left to go for a jog and the others just decided to relax as much as they could. Shary said she wanted to meditate and went outside through the back way. She sat in the branches of a large tree in the back yard and closed her eyes. Immediately she fell into the meditation that was now a well-practiced habit. Time to clear her thoughts.

Sage moved quietly outside and at the base of the tree that Shary was in he sat down and prepped his mind for meditation. He knew that they were still being watched but that didnít mean that he couldnít practice his daily life in the mean time.

As everyone else prepared to go about their business Kento and Ryo headed out for their jog and told everyone that they would be back in a while. As they took off in the general direction their Orbs pulled them in they took up a quietly steady pace.

Some of the suits followed them keeping a far away distant so not to be detected. They were careful not to be caught this time and were going to keep a better eye on them. The other continued to settle around the manor, watching the occupants seem to be doing daily chores.

~Think they are following us this time around? Or have they actually gotten smart and decided to stay away.~ Ryo asked Kento along the armor link.

~Hate to say it but they're still following. Man these guys are so dense!~ Kento sighed getting frustrated. ~We have enough stuff to worry about without these people trying to pry into our personal lives.~

~Something we will have to deal with when it comes. Now lets find out what that disturbance was about before anything else happens.~ Ryo picked up the pace a bit and they both took off towards the location of the disturbance that had shocked them all into action.

The two of them were running faster than the suits could follow and called up on some of their people who were in a van parked a ways from the manor. They replied back that they would follow the two young men and did that. Ryo and Kento were cautious and they came to a slope leading into a thick grove of trees. Their orbs sent another shock through their system as a small growling sound was heard. Ryo and Kento looked at each other and slowly made their way down the slope and into the trees.

Deep in the center a bundle of black and silver scales was curled in a tight ball as little flames came from his snout as he breathed deeply. A tigress with golden stripes was pacing the small area, very restless. She occasionally sniffed the air and went back to pacing. They were waiting for someone but they still had no idea why they were here. Or even where was go, for that matter. With a growl she sat next to the scaly beast and flattened her ears to her head.

~I'm surprised you haven't worn the ground from all your pacing Kibou,~ a masculine voice filled the air. The dragon opened his eyes to reveal deep gray eyes.

~Remind me to laugh later, Meiyo.~ A female voice snapped. The tigress sighed and lay next to him. ~Sorry but I just wish we knew why we were here. I mean I know Heikou is here but where? Why hasn't it come yet?~

Ryo and Kento burst into the clearing at break neck speeds and stopped just as suddenly as they both took in the forms of the Dragon and Tiger. Looking around carefully as their Armor orbs sent another, different shock through their system they looked at each other then to the beasts in the clearing.

"I donít know who or what you are. But if you donít want to become targets, you better make yourselves as scarce as weíre about to be. I have a feeling you are who we are supposed to meet, but now ainít the time for talking." Ryo looked over the two beasts and jumped up into the trees just as all four heard the van pull into the area and the doors open and close.

The tigress growled softly but agreed and quickly scaled a tree. The dragon just curled tightly into a ball on the ground. Both their forms began to waver and slowly began to change. The tiger's coat changed to the green and brown of the tree she was hiding in while the dragon looked like a rugged boulder of a deep color. As the black suits came in they all held their breath.

"How could we lose them? We saw them come in here," one of them said exasperated. He sat on the boulder in the clearing, looking around for any sign.

"Well we know they couldn't have gotten very far. But if we don't find them we still have the houses checked out." The other said. "Let's go and search the area once more."

As the suits left Ryo and Kento dropped out of the trees near the dragon and nodded to each other when it was all clear. In soft voices they continued. "Not very bright are they. With as much red as I wear all they would have had to have done is look up into the trees and I would have been brought back down fast." Ryo smiled slightly. Kento nodded in agreement and then looked at the beasts that were now out of their camouflage.

"So to what do we owe this visit to??" He said off handedly, apparently not too worried that the dragon or the tiger could have pounced on him before he could change to his sub armor.

~We don't know ourselves. I am called Meiyo.~ The dragon nodded to them as he sat up. Even sitting he challenged their height. A pair of leathery wings wrapped his shoulders with his tail curled around his hunches.

~I'm Kibou,~ The tigress said simply. She looked around White Blaze's height only slimmer and there was an air of tenseness around her. She couldn't even stand still as her paws kept clenching and unclenching, her tail swinging back and forth. ~All we know is there we're looking for Heikou.~

~My sister is right. You two have a connection with the one we seek. Will you aid us in our quest?~ Formal to the last point his eyes held wisdom and patience.

Ryo and Kento nodded to each other. "You seek our friend. We know where she is and who she is with." Bowing slightly in respect he introduced himself. "I am Ryo of the Wildfire."

Kento also bowed slightly as he introduced himself. "And I am Kento of HardRock."

The two nodded to them and soon they began to shrink in size. Meiyo looked like a small lizard and Kibou looked like a kitten with pale blonde stripes. ~I believe this would be better than our original forms,~ Meiyo spoke quietly into their minds.

"You have a point." Kento said. He held his arm out as the small dragon crawled up his arm and made himself a perch on a broad shoulder. Kibou let herself be carried by Ryo and just closed her eyes. "Ready?" Hardrock asked his friend and leader.

Ryo nodded and smiled a bit. "Lets kick it. The guys are going to want to know about this pronto." Breaking into an incredibly smooth gait Ryo ran top speed for the house with Kento following close behind. As they ran Ryo gently scritched behind the now much smaller tigressís ears.

"I will have to introduce you to White Blaze sometime." He said absently as he ran past several of the suits and didnít slow down until they were in the house and up the stairs into the largest room there and shut the drapes.

Kento followed him in and as Ryo set the cat on the bed he nodded shortly and then went to call everyone to the room. The word got passed and Cale prodded his siblings out of their meditation for the events that were about to unfold.

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