Raven's Wing 2: Chapter 8

The night of the prom proved to be the most surprising of its rapid recovery and everyone silently prayed that nothing bad would happen. The DJ was playing some favorite songs and was even taking requests as well. Round tables surrounded the dance floor with the lights dim but not so bad that you couldn't see you're way around. And there was also a buffet table along the side of the wall, much to Kentoís delight. Some of the group meet at the gym already and were sitting at a table just talking and enjoying themselves. Surprisingly enough Cale was the chaperon of the dance along with the sensei who sponsored the dance committee.

"This is just something else!" Kento said with a grin. Everything just look perfect!

The nearest people to the door turned and were surprised by the newcomer to the dance. Sage Date. And the young woman on his arm was none other than a very well dressed Nikki.

"Nikki came! ... With Sage??" Kayura said with surprise.

"I thought she wouldn't come without Dais," Cye said quietly.

~Sage... why didn't you say something?~ Shary thought to herself.

Nikki looked about and smiled slightly as Sage lead her out to the floor for the first dance of the evening. As they danced she thought back on the mind reeling events that had brought her here.


As the doorbell rang Nikki was reading her books and making notations for some new spells that she wanted to try at some point in time. Interrupted she headed to the door and was surprised to see a Chauffer standing there. "Ms. Nikki? Your presence has been requested for dinner by a Mr. Dais. I have been sent to pick you up with the message that you do not have a choice."

The chauffer smiled slightly at the look on Nikkiís face. Sage and Dais had paid him well for this service. He was going to do everything asked of him tonight. Escorting her to the limo she finally protested that she wasnít prepared for dinner when he silenced her.

"All is in readiness. Just allow me to be your guide until I deliver you to the location of dinner and all will be well." He handed her into the limo and they drove off to a salon where she had an appointment she didnít know about. Inside there was a dress and everything needed for her to change and be ready for the night. Once she entered, the salon folk converged on her.

Just like the chauffer the people sat her down and began to work on her hair and make-up. They already knew what they wanted to do but also asked how she would like it if they did this or if she preferred another style. Still no one told her about what was going on. It was all hush-hush. When they finished they looked damn proud of themselves and turned the chair around for her to face the mirror.

The chauffer nodded his approval of what had been done to her and the dress had been the prefect size. This Mr. Dais had put a lot of thought into what he wanted for her. It was stunning. She was going to surprise everyone by the end of the night for certain.

Escorting her back out to the car he knew that she liked what had been done with her by her profuse thanks to the salon staff. They thanked her for coming and wished her a good evening as she was handed back into the limo and driven off to another location.

This time it was to the best restaurant in the city. A he brought her out and escorted her inside Nikki was so tizzied that she did not realize that someone else had taken her hand to lead her to the table. The best seat in the place, and when she looked up at the occupant she saw Dais in a black tuxedo with his hair pulled back and looking sharp.

"You look absolutely stunning," he said with a smile. She looked even more beautiful right now and was glad that this was all going to plan so far.

Nikki looked about before smiling at him. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo and she knew that he was going to make sure that this was a night that she wouldnít soon forget. As they ordered Dais told her to eat what ever she wanted. There was no expense spared on this evening and he was going to spoil her rotten.

"You already do mílove." She murmured to him. Smiling softly she was starting to cheer up and liven up. She wasnít about to admit that staying home had depressed her, but this more than made up for it as they ordered and ate. The most expensive non-alcoholic wine was brought out for them and as they toasted each other, something about Dais promised more to come.

When they finished and Dais had paid the bill, they headed out to the limo where the driver was waiting for them and Dais got her into the seat. As the door was shut behind them Dais nodded in indication that they were to head to the school.

When they arrived Nikki was stunned. Standing on the curb with an orchid corsage was Sage, dressed to kill and smiling at them both as he stepped up to the limo and opened the door. "Come out Princess Nikki, tonight you are going to enjoy yourself. Nikki looked at Dais for any sign of rejection of what was going on, but instead found a smile.

"I knew that everyone has been pressing you to go and I agreed with them. But I knew the more we pressured the more stubborn you would become. This is a special night for you and the others. Don't let it be ruined because I couldnít be here with you. Besides," he gestured to Sage. "Sage agreed to be your date since he didn't have one either." He reached up and caressed her cheek. "Have a wonderful time so then you can tell me about it afterwards. Okay?"

"Hate to say this Nikki, but I planned this with Dais for a while now. Now please come. I promise that I will do nothing that Dais would kill me for and I also promise that you will have a good time." Sage looked at her with that smile and took her gloved hand and helped her out of the car.

Dais motioned for them to go on and then added a sign to Sage that he would be watching. Sage nodded and sent the limo on its way. Holding his arm out to her he took her arm in his and escorted her in. Their entrance stunned some, but as they headed out to the dance floor, she realized that she could have a good time this evening. And Dais would know all about it later.

The group motioned them to come over and sit with them. The girls complimented on how great she looked while the guys asked Sage why didn't them tell him. For a few minutes questions were answered and they all went back to enjoying the evening. As some songs came on some of the couples went up to dance and had fun with it as well. It even got to the point where the students formed a circle around the dance floor with the dancers in the middle showing off what they could do.

Sage had enough of watching and knowing that that not many other students knew he could dance put in a request. He traded dance partners with Kento. Leaving Nikki in her friendís care he took his jacket off and handed it to Nikki to hold, ignoring the looks on the other girlsí faces. He and Nikki knew that she was taken, and that was all that mattered.

Leading Shary out to the dance floor he had a slight smirk on his face. ~Sage and Shary dance moment part two?~ as a fast big band tune came up on the speakers.

Shary smiled herself and nodded. She was thankful for her shoes that wrapped around her ankles and was also glad she had practiced walking in them all this week. She stood in the ready position and nodded to him that she was ready. ~Let's do this.~ He could feel the sense of joy and nodded back. The school was certainly in for a show they would never forget.

Sage started to move about the floor on his own with the beat of the music pulling some single swing moves that wowed the crowd easily. After he finished the last spin he moved over to Shary who had been moving to the beat a little and they exploded into movement as they were across the floor and back in a series of gyrations, flips, dips and twists that had the entire gym cheering them on to greater feats.

Sage was already sweating from the warmth of the spotlights that had been turned on them as well as the effort to lead. As he prepped for a huge toss that would flip Shary in the air he caught the smiles on his friendsí faces as well as the glow of joy from Shary.

They were in their element when they performed like this and he knew that with the spin off she was in balance tonight. His sister flipped across the floor to him and holding each otherís waist they cart wheeled across to the other corner of the gym. As the music wound down to a close they were back in the middle again with a slide.

A towel was tossed at Sage to mop off his sweating face and neck before he put his jacket back on. Breathing hard he smiled at his friends and was promptly swallowed by a crowd of seniors that wanted to know where he learned to dance like that and if they could learn it too.

Sage shrugged it off and linked to his sister. ~Damn, had I known we would have been that popular I would have done something else.~

~You two would have made any dance popular with the way you two move.~ Cale butted in. They looked over and saw him smiling slightly as he leaned against the wall. The students had gotten used to the two teachers with blue and green hair and now they were just at the Prom having a blast.

Shary smiled at them and sat down gratefully. ~Maybe next dance you would treat me to a dance Cale,~ she said sweetly. She smiled her gratitude at Kento as he handed her a glass of punch to quench her thirst. Everything was going along great and they were all having so much fun. Soon the slow dances would come and then the starlight dance where the tiny lights on the ceiling would shine and the rest of the lights dimmed down. So it would really look like they were all dancing under starlight.

Two dances into the slow dance the sky roof of the gym was broken in and five ropes dropped in the falling glass. As the students scattered, the guys moved to their dates to guard them.

Looking about they noticed that the gym was swiftly filling with black jump suited swat members. Cale strode forward angrily and as the first team member tried to stop him he was tossed aside easily. Swiftly reaching the center after it was clear that he couldnít have been stopped he grabbed the swat leader and hauled him to the edge of the group and pinned him up against the wall.

The other swat members were about to converge on the man that had dared to assault the leader when eight students made a semi-circle around the two and faces the incoming members. Rowen looked at them and called out. "He ainít gonna get hurt, just calm down and let the man talk."

Sage and Shary kept an eye on their brother and noticed that he was getting more and more aggravated. Soon enough the Swat captain went flying over head and landed in the middle of his team. "If you ever think that this school, and especially this group of students would ever start something like that in this city. Then you have another thing coming. Get out!"

Sage explained to the guys what had happened. "They got a call that a major drug factory was going up in this place under the guise of a Prom. They questioned the caller and got a lot of information about this place and so they decided that it was legit call. They sent a swat team in and this is what happened." The dance was ruined for everyone except that Kayura was no longer with the group. They made the excuse that she went to the womenís room to cover for her when they felt a nether portal open up and Kayura stepped through in her armor and with a body lying limp over her shoulder.

Her sudden appearance startled the students but didn't cause a panic. Instead they just backed away some and watched with interested at what was unfolding before them. This had to be another prank but the problem was they still had no idea who had done it. They had ruined the prom again and even the teachers were getting fed up with it all.

The guys slightly nodded to each other and knew that they had gone to far. She had warned them and now this was the price they were all going to pay.

"Here is your prankster." She declared. Again in battle form she was unrecognizable as the Kayura that had attended the dance with Ryo.

"I tire of seeing you all jumping at the slightest noise. Will you leave, or will I have to give you big strong men the same thrashing I gave the others." Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the leader. He got up and looked her over carefully. By comparison, Sensei Cale was much more formidable in size and power. This woman seemed like a strong wind could blow her over, but something in her eyes said different.

"Forget it. You canít order us around like puppies." He challenged her.

"Puppies indeed. You are nothing but lap dogs. Well, go tell your master that I will not allow the five samurai to be unmasked and if they want to challenge me. It will be on their terms and I will show them what is what." Kayura shot back as she shot forward and picked the man up over her head and looked at him.

"Will you continue this foolishness, or will you leave." Her eyes narrowed again as she looked at him in the eye.

He nodded quietly and she put him down and dusted him off. "There now. That wasnít so hard now was it? Now go home to your families and leave these kids alone ok?"

Kayura backed up into a shadow and disappeared. She walked out of the bathroom as the Swat team exited the building with question marks in her eyes. Walking over to her friends she looked at them and nodded.

The dance was interrupted for a few moments longer as Kento, Rowen, and Ryo grabbed push brooms from the closet and swept up the mess while Sage moved up to the DJ and put in several requests that would get the dance going again.

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