Raven's Wing 2: Chapter 7

They worked steadily until evening and as they left the school they knew that it would be safe for the moment. Looking around they headed back to the house. Sage and Cye started cooking that night while the others got dressed and set the table. Kayura, Dais, and Sekhmet were coming over tonight and so it was prepared for company. Talks shouldnít take long with so many people peeping into her mind at the time of the interrogation. But Nikki wasnít one to overlook any of the facts.

She knew whom she was sitting with and the others did not deny her that as she set the table. Looking about she noted that Carrie was in pretty deep contemplation and a couple of the others were just finishing little busy work assignments they had been given to keep them busy until the end of the year. Sighing to herself she knew she wanted to go to the prom that was coming up, but that was not going to happen so she kept up the faÁade that she didnít want to go when a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist and kiss was dropped on her ear.

Smiling she turned into Daisís arms and hugged him back. "Hello love, ready to eat? I think that Sage and Cye are almost done."

Dais took his seat and Nikki herís, while the others trickled in for the meal.

Kayura was told of what happened and she was upset as the others and thought that perhaps the black suits really did have nothing to do with it. "The good thing is that they aren't going to be welcomed at school anymore."

"That's the only good thing," Shary said softly as she ignored a curl hanging in her eyes. She mainly played with her food, not feeling very hungry.

Kento looked over at Shary and smiled. "Hey, don't let this whole deal with the prom decorations get you down. We're going to get everything fixed and it is going to be a great time for everyone." The rest of the group agreed with those sentiments when Sage smiled at Kayura.

~I have an idea, but I am going to need some help with it.~ He was careful to shield from the rest of the group as he talked to the last of the ancients and his mental smile told her that this was a good idea.

The lady nodded to him and everyone went back to eating and just talking. Soon the thought of what happened had been pushed to the back of their minds at the moment. Now they had to worry about was studying for their finals and then entering into a good college of their choice. All in all everything seemed to be going okay for the same group.

As they were still watched, the surveillance was not as strict, or they would have noticed that there was a change in the atmosphere of the house. The people inside seemed to be all friends and two of the instructors that had captured, questioned, then released their operative had an acquaintance with the students.

As dinner was finished and cleared, everyone gathered to study and smiled as they knew that the classes they had with the warlords were the toughest classes of all, but they would be able to pass with out a problem because they knew that if they needed some help with some of the vagaries of the assignments, they could always ask.

Homework completed, everyone prepped for bed. Everyone except Sage, Cale, Sekhmet, Dais and Kayura. As they stayed up to discuss something in an assignment that Sage was having a little trouble with the others went to bed and Sage nodded to the others. ~I think we need to make a trip to the school tonight.~

~I have a key to the place since the Music room key seems to fit most of the doors. There is work to be done and I want to help them out as much as possible without being found out. K?~ Sage outlined his plan briefly and then headed to the door and looked at them to see if they would go along with the plan. It didn't matter if the black suits followed them. All they would see is two instructors a student and two strangers in the school working their asses off to help finish prepping the gymnasium again for the Prom.

The next day everyone ate a good breakfast and headed to class. No one had seen any of the Warlords or Sage but thought that perhaps that they had gone early to school. Upon arriving there were many students all were talking excitedly. The group just looked at each other with confused expressions. Ryo went up to one of his classmates and asked what was going on.

"You guys just got here right?" At his nod the guy grinned. "Principal Takashi just said that because of all the trouble we're been having all finals have been rescheduled for next week!"

"After the prom??" Carrie asked, clearly she and the others were surprised.

"That's the beauty! You guys should go see the gym!" Before he could explain what he ran off to tell some others students that walked through the gate as well.

Shary and Kento were the first of the group to head for the gym. They had heard the excitement in the boy's voice and knew that something had happened. None of them however were prepared for the sight that greeted them.

The gym looked like a fairyland, dressed in the class colors and beautifully decorated, none of them noticed that Sage had come up behind them. Carrie simply sat down as she saw what the gym had turned into over night it seemed.

Someone was out there looking out for them. Sage gaped with the others "This is amazing. I wonder who did it?" He spoke in a low tone to the others.

"You got me, man." Kento said in a soft voice. Shary slowly walked to the center of the gym, as if trying to see if this wasn't some dream that would just go away if she looked hard enough. When she reached the center she broke in a smile and twirled around happily. It was just too perfect! On impulse she ran over to her date for the prom and hugged him tightly. No words were needed to see how happy she was.

"Looks like things will be doing alright after all," Cye said with a smile as he helped Carrie up. Everything was definitely looking up.

The others nodded as they finished headed for class. They attended the day through with out a problem until the end of the day when the entire group was jumped by an even larger group of black suited men.

Everyone took up a defensive circle around the girls and were prepared to fight them off when an explosion when off nearby and a woman in a bodysuit with a pair of jitte's showed up to interrupt the fight. In her echoing battle voice and makeup and her guise as Lady Kayura she grinned feraly at the Black suits. "You men have been picking on this school for far too long. Let them go and let have a real fight. Who knows? If you fight hard enough you might get to see the Armors you are so desperately looking for."

Her taunt hit its mark as the men turned and looked at the woman that seemed to be only a minor threat until the sky darkened and the lightening hit behind her. The gang scattered to let Kayura handle the situation hoping that she would remember that they would play rough with their guns.

As everyone watched her thrash the entire squad of Black suits, a portal began to open behind her and just as the police started to arrive. "Just remember." She declared. "Some of those that you seek are far more dangerous than I am. You've been warned."

She disappeared into the portal and it closed immediately behind her. None of the group had to be told that she was referring to the White Armor and what happened when that was used. Smiling in relief that they weren't going to have to fight, they headed back to the house knowing well enough that was the location Kayura had retreated to.

"Man that was... something!" Rowen said. "But hey it worked. Haven't seen one of those black suits ever since."

"But we had still be on guard," Sage leaned his head back. He was still tired but that could easily be explained from the hassle of school.

"I didn't know she still had her old battle armor," Cye said thoughtfully. "But I guess it was a good idea. If I didn't know you all already I would have been scared out of my mind." Everyone laughed softly at the joke and relaxed more.

"Old habits die hard. I never gave up my old armor when Anubis showed up. I just put it away for a rainy day." Kayura smiled as she and the others laughed over the rehash of the fight with the black suits.

The warlords had the biggest laugh. "Nothing like having 400+years of training to give you a sense of humor." Cale chuckled until he got slugged in the arm by Kayura's unarmed fist. "OW!"

Looking around Nikki could see that the guys were just as excited about the prom as everyone else as they started the preparations for the weekend.

"Now we have the weekend to study. I'm glad," Shary smiled as she stretched herself on the floor, propping her elbows one of the ones lying on the floor.

"Yeah and the prom is like when, day after tomorrow?" Kento said with a grin. He certainly couldn't wait and by the looks of everyone else neither could they. "Hey Sage, found anyone to go with yet?"

Sage shrugged. "Not yet, but I have someone in mind." He kept a casual air as he thought back to the preparations that he had carefully made for that one evening.

The others just look at him, wondering who it could be but just kept quiet about it. They all talked for a while longer just taking the time to relax and enjoy these free days to study more.


Back at the Headquarters of the agency

"The report just came in. Your team failed to apprehend the indicated first group. Moreover, a woman beat them all soundly. Here is the tape of the events."

The indicated tape was played, much to the displeasure of the female voice as she watched. When she heard what Kayura had to say about the five that they were looking for, she became thoughtful. The woman had not even broken a sweat in fighting some of the best in the agency. And yet she indicated that she had, had dealings with the five that they were looking for.

"Who is that young woman." She asked. The voice next to her sighed, as he knew that she wasnít going to like the answer.

"We donít know. She is not on any record anywhere in the world. As you can see in the video, she seems to have a portational ability, or device. That would be impossible considering the current technology in the world to produce, or trace."

"So what you are telling me is that an unknown element is protecting the targets?" Her hands steepled as her voice hit a deadly low.

"Uh, Yes Maíam."

"Go, I want to know who this unknown is, I want to know what her connection with the five samurai are, and most importantly I want to know who the samurai are. Do you understand me?"

"Hai. Dispatching units now. There is a social gathering at the school tomorrow night, this would be a perfect moment to monitor them and possibly get into the school undetected."

"Then do so and stop wasting my time."

The young male voice left and the woman sat quietly for a moment as if in thought. "I will know who you are and I will have that power working for the agency. I refuse to have such a potentially destructive power running around like a loose canon." She murmured to her self.


Back in Toyama.

The surveillance was stepped up yet again around the 6 houses being watched and everyone was cautioned to be careful. If the woman that had come before to protect those kids came again. They would have to be careful and they would have to take her out fast. She was a potential link that could be used.

What none of them realized was that a certain Raven was sitting above them all on a light pole watching their every move. She took off, hopping across the rooftops back to the house of her friends and slipped unnoticed into the window. What she forgot to count on was Caleís light sleeping habits when there was danger in the air.

She was grabbed around the mouth to silence her until she was identified and then released. The knife that had been held to her throat moved away and she smiled. Not too many could catch her off guard. But then again, Cale was more at home in the darkness and shadows than she was. Looking around and walking through the house she spotted several sentries. This would prove to be very interesting for prom night indeed.

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