Raven's Wing 2: Chapter 6

The next day everyone woke up and got ready for another day of class. Gathering their books and eating a quick breakfast they set off. A few of them had some things to do before class so heading through the gate Shary and Kento left saying they had to make sure the committee had finished setting up the gym for Saturday. Cale had to go and make sure his plans were ready for his class. So with a wave they left and agreed to meet under the tree for lunch as they always did.

About lunchtime everyone gathered, classes were starting to wind up and the teachers were getting nervous. Raven and company hadnít pulled any pranks lately. Which made them wonder what the trickster was up to.

As always they all meet at the tree and talked about what the classes were like and when they could all set up a study schedule. Just about by now they had all pretty much gotten used to the black suits being around. So no one expected the cry of sudden alarm to rise up catching just about the entire schoolyard off guard. Everyone except a small group who were acting just as surprised at the others.

Carrie raised her eyebrow at the others and got up. "I think we should check this out. If those nimrods walked into my prank, I am going to have to get them out." Kento and Rowen grinned as they too got up and headed for the source of the commotion.

What had happened that something had happened in the teachers' lounge. Apparently someone had played a joke on their teachers. There was industrial strength glue on all of the seats and what looked like cans of shaving cream had been triggered on all the doors and cabinets. The unfortunately teachers were glued to their seats and were covered in the white goo.

But then even some students had got caught. The gym was in ruins with all the decorations all drenched. A series of fireworks had been tied tot he sprinkler system and when they went off activated the entire system in the gym. Everything was drenched and so were the dance committee in the gym at the time.

"What happened??" Rowen asked in disbelief. They had worked so hard on the gym that now it was in ruins. And the teachers that were caught were also some of the nicer teachers that everyone liked along with the really sour faced ones.

"We don't know! Suddenly we heard this popping noise and that went off!" a girl on the committee said as she pointed to the ceiling. "I saw someone in black clothes with a lighter but then he ran off before we knew what happened."

"Everything is now ruined! We'll never get this all cleaned up in time for prom!" Another student said angrily as he kicked a ruined box of banners they had made to the side. Unfortunately Shary had been there at the time and she looked ready to break down crying or begin to curse her lungs out.

"Hey did someone drop a wallet?" Everyone looked at the teacher who was holding black flip flop wallet.

"Let me see that please." Rowen and Kento knew that this wasnít their prank and they didnít like the looks that Carrie was getting. Everyone knew that she was a trickster and they thought that she had done this to be funny.

Ryo and Cye looked at the wallet and when they saw the badge in there Ryo saw red. Cye was trying to calm him down and then Sage saw the wallet. As Ryoís fury was catching the only change in Sage was the hardening in his eyes. All of this work and now the prom committee would not be able to repair all of this.

"Which way did he go?" Sage asked in a deadly calm. The other studentís parted as a figure stepped trough the group with an unconscious body over his shoulder. It was Cale, and Nikki was right behind him with Sekhmet looking rather peevish.

"I think that you are looking for him. Shall we wake him up? Or take him to the administratorís office. I think that now that these guys have ruined our prom, they owe the staff an apology and an explanation."

Sekhmet was the one to catch the guy and all it was, was a dart with a sleeper tip. Nikki knew how to wake the man in black up. He was otherwise unharmed. Unfortunately, that was not going to remain the case if Ryo got his hands on him.

"Let's wake him up but in the principal's office," the Sensei spoke up. She could tell they were all upset and knew that it would probably be best if they all questioned him in private. She gently squeezed Carrie's shoulder to show her that she didn't believe she could do something this mean. "Students I want you all to head back to what you were doing."

"Sensei please, I want to stay and help clean up and try to salvage what we can," Shary spoke up. A few of the others agreed. they had worked so hard they weren't going to give up so easily.

"Alright. Let's take him to the office." She nodded to Cale and Sekhmet, together they left to head to the main offices. Some of the students decided to follow them as well. As many of the students spread out to either change into dryer clothes or to continue eating their lunch, the damp committee tried to salvage what they could. They knew that perhaps the prom wouldn't make it by Saturaday but they still had four days.

Nikki went with Cale and Sekhmet as they went to the administrators office. On the way the man began to stir, Sekhmet poked him with his finger at a nerve junction and he fell out again. ~heheheh, Nothing like a little nerve toxin to brighten ones day. Or better ones sleep.~

~Careful with that stuff Sekh. You and I know how to counter act the poisons, but it is still dangerous.~ Nikki shot back at her friend. As they got to the office, Cale dumped the man off his shoulder and he and Sekhmet plopped him into a chair.

Nikki dug into her bag and pulled out an herbal compound. Breaking the cap on it she wafted it under the agentís nose. As he came to with a start he looked at Sekhmet and shuddered. "What do you want with me."

"An apology." Cale shot back, his voice had dropped to its bass range and he sounded more menacing than he looked in his suit. "That and an explaination as to why you destoryed weeks of hard work by our students." He growled out before Nikki shot him a look.

"What are you all talking about?" he shot back, rubbing his head. He felt weird but he wasn't sure how to explain it.

Sekhmet took a deep breath as he crossed his arms over his chest and told him all that happened. "We have evidence that it was one of you people since you've been around the school grounds for the past week. Lose something?" He pulled out his wallet and badge still inside it. The man patted his pockets and then his eyes widen in shock.

The sensei arrived with the principal who looked very upset. He looked at him for a long time, a stern look on his weathered face. "Answer me this, why did you do it? Those students have worked very hard on making this the last dance of the high school year not to mention our now ruined lounge. Many teachers have even lost precious work and are now unable to turn in final grades for some students. What did you hope to gain by this? This completely... childish act!" He was getting upset and it showed as his face began to turn red some.

"Senseiís, Sir, if I may question him?" ~I still want to know how the hell you got here Sekhmet, but that is for a later time.~

Cale nodded for her to proceed and as she knelt down in front of the man she locked eyes with him. "Now that I have your attention." He nodded almost entranced by the dark eyes that held his.

"Why did you ruin the teacherís lounge?"

"I didn't. Why would I want to do that to the administrators when I have nothing agaisnt them?" he answered back. He couldn't look away from the gaze but knew if he did then that would mean he had somethnig to hide.

~I think he's telling the truth,~ Sekhmet said quietly but didn't sound convinced. Heíd seen the damage done to both rooms and was just as displeased as everyone else.

"You are looking for someone. Could it be that you hope to draw them out into the open with these tactics?" Her voice was neutral and soothing, reassuring the man on a level that no one was going to hurt him and that all she wanted was the truth. Her eyes continued to hold his as she spoke to him. Something twitched in the back of her mind but for the moment she ignored it. "Who are you looking for?"

"... Five people. And we would never resort to childish tactics as to what happened." he seemed to calm down some but was still wary. How could they think that a group of grown men and women would resort to childish actics such as the ones that happened today. "I am sorry for what has happened today but know that none of my people had anything to do with this." But he silently wondered if their boss was getting restless that they weren't getting very far in searching for the five strangers.

"What makes these five people you are looking for so special. Why do you have to try to find them and interrupt their lives?" Nikki still held his eyes her own darkening as she continued to question him.

The agent was quiet as if trying to avoid the question but with the eyes loking at him he kept wavering in not telling them. "That is classified information," he said in a tone that meant he was just parroting orders from a higher authority.

Sekhmet snorted softly so noone except Cale and probably Nikki heard him. That was no answer at all and certainly wasn't one they were looking for.

"Wrong answer." She told him softly and looked deeper into his eyes. "Why are you trying to find then and disrupt their lives??"

He felt something touching his mind, trying to get him to open his mind and tell the truth. But he couldn't. The problem was that he didn't know the full reason why they were looking for the five. He had never qeustioned his order before just obeyed them. Like a dog. "We're just to locate them. That's all I know," he took the girl quietly. For the first time in who knows how long he felt worried. And not about his superior but something else.

Cale glanced a look at the clock and then at the principal and sensei still in the room. He gently nudged both Nikki and Sekhmet through the link saying they would all have to head for class soon. ~The other two are being to wonder and we don't want that,~ he explained simply.

"Go back to your duties. But leave whomever you are looking for alone. Heavens knows that there are a bunch of us here at this school who will not appreciate seeing you folks around anymore after today, no matter who did it." Nikki stood up indicating that the interview was over and nothing was found.

That wasnít quite the truth, but it served for now until she could talk to the guys. Nodding to Cale and Sekhmet, and bowing to the Principal and sensei, she left the room and headed for her class.

~So that means everyone will meet at the manor today?~ Cale decided to would be best if they used the link for right now as the the ending bell for lunch sounded across the campus. Many students left for class while still a few stayed to help still class up the gym.

Nikki nodded and they all split off for their respective classes. She knew that the group would head for the gym first after class to help with what they could. And that was where she could get some talking in.

~Sekhmet, We will talk later, go ahead and let Kayura-sama know about this ok?~ "See you in history Cale-sensei." Looking around she took off like a shot for the classroom.

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