Raven's Wing 2: Chapter 3

"Ronin Warriors... you must beware the black suits... should they find out about the armors... all will be lost..."

"Who are you?" Sage asked quietly. Their voices were very familiar but he couldn't place it. "And why only us?"

"We are the true creators of Balance... Warlord of Darkness was needed to keep the Balance between our daughter and sons..." the voices paused for a moment before they continued again. "Heed our warnings... do all you can to protect the secret of all the armors... the Mortal World is not ready to accept them..."

Sage nodded understanding finally. He now knew where he had heard the voices before. From the look on Caleís face it was clear that he understood where the voices were coming from as well.

Sage and Cale bowed understanding and the silently promised that they would do all they could to keep the armors a secret. "They can be trusted. I know them like my own parents." Was all Sage said as Cye nodded understanding. As the realization dawned over all of the ronins everyone promised to do everything they could.

"What about Carrie and the other warlords. We will need their help, and I am not certain that they are going to believe all of this." Rowen was still having a hard time believing that Sage was a soul brother to Cale and Shary, but he had accepted it. But this was hard to swallow that he was standing here talking to the armor spirits of the two armors that were bonded to Shary.

"The other Armors of Seasons have not been detected yet... but you must all stay on guard... we cannot reach them from here..." They paused for a moment. "As for the one of the ninja clan... the one of SilverRaven... shall be alerted... her guide will inform her as she sleeps..."

"If she sleeps," Kento muttered quietly. 'Shary' softly laughed before continuing again.

"Beware the black suits... You all will know when the time is right to reveal the armors..." the voices faded away and the bands dimmed. Shary blinked a couple of times and her eyes returned to their normal dark brown.

Sage looked relieved as Shary returned to normal. The others looked a little confused, but they all got the message clearly. The group looking for them was not to be trusted under any circumstances.

~Ryo, what are we going to do about Nikki. I mean with the mood she has been in lately, who knows what that smooth talker may have gotten out of herÖ~ Rowen trailed off as they remembered the earlier eveningís events.

~Tomorrow we'll talk to her. And if she told him anything... We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.~ Ryo told him reassuringly.

"Man... I wish they would give me a warning next time." Shary said softly as she rubbed her eyes. All she remembered was looking at her bands and then blankness. She knew what had happened but it felt so weird.

Cale nodded. He hated being pulled about unprepared. But now he was even more unprepared for what was going on than he was before. His sisterís armor just took over her body and warned them all on something that they already had a vague clue about. "Ok, so the black suits are bad. Now what. They have to be all over the place. And just who the hell are they!!" Cale really wanted to know but knew that everyone else was just as in the dark as he was about all this.

Rowen looked at the group and over half of them were about to drop right there so he stepped in. "Stow it guys, I think we need to get some real sleep for tomorrow and talk about it after school. Weíre all about to drop out here and I donít think that the senseiís at the school will be pleased if we all start dropping dead on the desks in class."

Sage nodded. He was exhausted and he could tell that this little meeting had taken more out of Shary than the rest of them. Ryo was the first to disappear back to his own self and then Kento, Cye and Rowen soon followed. This left the triplets in the dream world alone. Looking at each other Cale looked at the two that were still in school and shook his head.

"I am not about to get my ass chewed for shirking my duties as the "older" brother of the family. I do not need your courts breathing down my neck for letting you two skip school, so we will talk tomorrow when we all have more rest." Cale ended the discussion by dropping out of the dream world pulling Shary and Sage with him and kicking them into their separate bodies. Once that was done he returned to his own body and slipped back into his own dreamless sleep.

The next morning everyone woke up a bit sleepily from last night's Dream and they more or less struggled to stay awake. As they were all dressed and eating breakfast. The food seemed to be helping them recharge themselves from last night. All except one.

Shary yawned behind her hand for what seemed the like the hundredth time for her. She rubbed her eyes and idly played with her food. She wasn't very hungry and just wanted to sleep a few more hours. Unfortunately they had classes.

~Come on Sis, I know you can at least simulate being alert. We are all tired too, but we gotta at least keep up the faÁade that nothing is wrong.~ Sage gently encouraged her. The other didnít hear them but they all were encouraging each other as they walked out the door.

Headed for school they were followed, as was every other larger group of kids that were known to hang out together. The small difference in this was that the people following the group of friends were being followed by a shadow of their own. Carrie hadnít slept yet but she knew that something major was up. Trusting the group of dark suited figures was not an option, so Carrie dug deep within her memories for the shadowing techniques and tailed both groups until they reached the school, where they all split up for their classes.

Cye was the only one that did not go anywhere but instead walked to the nearest tree in the courtyard and hopped up into it. Settling on his branch he took comfort that he would know if he were being watched because the person would have to be directly below the tree to see him. He smiled gently as a nearby shadow moved and formed into Carrie. "You tailed us to school. What do you know about the black suits?" He reached over to his girlfriend and gently caressed her face then leaned over and kissed her softly.

As she returned the kiss Carrie shook her head. "Not good, it looks like they are some kind of government agency. But that is all I know so far. How is Nikki doing?"

"She didnít come home. I can only assume that she stayed in the Dynasty over night and will be in class. I hope that Kayura was able to talk to her, because this situation get weirder and weirder every minute." Cye shrugged indicating that he was getting distressed by the whole turn of events.

As they both dropped out of the tree in their school uniforms they started to walk into the school when Carrie stopped and looked around. Cye questioned her as to what was wrong and she could only reply that she had the eyes on the back of her neck feeling.

Nodding they finished filing into the school and headed off to class.

Everyone couldn't help the feeling of being watched but they couldn't place where the person was. They all acted that everything was all right on the outside but the inside they felt all tense and alert. Once in a while one of them would catch sight of a man or woman dressed in sharp, black suits. But they never did anything except just stand there.

Ryo and Rowen shared the next class and were trying to keep from worrying while working on their science lab. The bearer of Wildfire stiffened some and glanced out of the corner of his eyes at the door of the classroom. Sure enough there was someone peeking in and he averted his sight back to the formula. When he glanced back the person was gone. He nudged Rowen through the armor link about them still being watched.

Shary was in the library as her study hall class did their assignments. She looked up from a book she was skimming through when she heard a sound. Something quickly moved from her sight but she was able to catch something black. She just returned to he book and search for another one. She climbed the ladder to the top self and reached to grab the next book but it was beyond reach. Frowning she stretched her arm out more and tried to grab the spine of it, holding onto the edge of the ladder for support.

"C'mere you dumb book..." Biting her lip she pulled it out and lost her footing on the ladder's rung.

Her short cry was cut short as she recovered in the air of the drop and landed on her feet with a soft "oof". Sage felt her surprise and as he reached for her he felt her recover. ~Nice to know that your practice paid off ne?~ He chuckled softly as he continued in his class. They were almost done with the year; he didnít want to have to disappear before graduation because of this mess.

~Thanks to you.~ she replied back and straightened up. Once more she looked up and this time looked up at the stranger in black. She drew away from him mentally but on the outside appeared perfectly calm.

"Are you alright miss?" he asked in a monotone voice.

She just nodded and said her thanks. Gathering her books back she headed back to her table and tried to work on her report. But her bands glowed beneath her sleeves briefly. That meant she was being watched and certainly not by a friend. ~They're really starting to annoy me. I wish they would let us all live in peace.~ She sighed wearily and idly drew in her notebook as she tried to think.

~Just one more test for us sis. Take it easy and try to relax. I know he puts you off, but we gotta keep cool and under wraps.~ Sage left her for the moment and went back to his class.

In other classes Rowen and the others were getting their nerves fried with the constant watching. Looking about they never directly saw anyone, but they couldnít deny what they felt and what they could see out of the corner of their eyes. Kento was a nervous ball of energy when lunch came Nikki was in school but her disposition hadnít changed and yet she was trying to help them out as they sat outside to eat.

"This is really getting to me and I know it's doing the same for you all as well," Ryo spoke in a soft voice. He others agreed but they also greed that they would just have to put up with it. "If we ignore them long enough they're bound to just leave us alone."

"I wish they'd go away," Shary groaned into her arms. She propped her head in her hands and looked around the courtyard.

"I'm with you but we're not so lucky," Cye said softly. "Let's just try and get through this day and rest of the school year with no problem."

"How do they know who they are looking for? I mean our group is larger than what they are looking for. And Yulie did say that they were only looking for the five." Carrie cut short and switched to double speak saying one thing along the armor link and keeping the normal conversation going on the outside.

~That and they are wilier than a pack of Caleís wolves~ "Word travels fast about these guys. Looks like we arenít the only ones spooked about these folks running around here." She took a bite of her sandwich.

~Something tells me... it has to do with Talpa,~ Rowen added through the link. ~Process of elimination and that left our school left.~

"That's just what we need. Damnit. Just let's get through this together." Ryo said a bit frustrated.

~I don't know about that. I mean you have to admit that it looks really funny to the world that one area of Japan has mass amnesia. The fact that there are pictures of us in armor is just a side bonus to some reporter. If it were Talpa, He knows who we are an he would have leveled the city already to start the party.~ "Just remember, they are looking for five people in samurai armor. If they had faces they would have spotted them immediately. But they have been searching. Strange that you would think that Samurai armor would be hard to find."

Sage had calmed down and started thinking logically as he looked at the others. Cye was back up in the tree again, and the others were sitting below on the ground as they all ate and talked.

"Maybe we're just lucky you know?" Kento said as he sat down. He had already finished eating but continued to stay with them. "At least they didn't have a picture of us in sub-armor."

~You know... maybe the armors were just doing their part in protecting you guys.~ Shary spoke up to them all. She looked like she was asleep with her face buried in her arms but her mind was awake. ~I don't care how smart the government thinks they are but they aren't smart enough to realize who you guys are. No matter what the armors are going to protect you all from any danger. Even ourselves if the need be.~ She stirred some and relaxed once more.

Kento lay back in the grass and thought a moment. ~True, but we canít depend on our armors for everything. We have skills, knowledge, and something that they donít. And that is each other as friends. Even with out our armor we can do more than they can. SO I say we try to be careful and do this with as little help from the armors as possible since that is the source of the problem.~

"Man Iím still hungry." He complained out loud. His stomach echoed the complaint for the group to hear and as they all laughed the tension of the group died down.

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