Raven's Wing: Chapter 20

Sage gently tapped her to let her know that he was still there and watching. Nikki moved through the link of the two that stood one either side of the balance and started chanting the Mantras that would release the soul and its memories for the brief time it would take for the four to see it.

She sat perfectly still and watched at memories she never knew existed began to open. It was like rusty and hidden gates were reluctantly opened. As it slowly happened new memories came flooding in. Like a dam opening the memories lapped at their 'feet' and it kept growing until they could very well see what the memories were.

The memories were very old. By the looks of things, it was like the beginning of time... the time of creation for Japan. It was like a double vision, from the male aspect and then the female aspect. They all watched as the islands were born and then the gods and goddesses of the continent.

Nikki then understood what was going on and sighed. Chanting a different mantra after releasing Shary's soul back into her being she showed everyone else what she had seen. "What you saw Shary was a Soul memory. Your's is very old, like my own and every one else's here in the room. What it appears to be is that you have the essence of the souls of both Yin and Yang. With such a soul merge you are far more powerful than you realize and the armor you wield has the power of two armors with in it. I don't know much about the armors, but I am sure that you will instinctively know how best to use the essences of the armors."

"Child of balance, Daughter of the gods of light and dark, Creation and Destruction. Damion is most likely someone in your past and is a danger to us all now that we know who you are. Be careful." Kayura stepped in with the warning, she had been concentrating on the ways of her clan since she saw the images and was only able to tell her that.

"... I understand..." She was calm, but something in the way she spoke realized that she was too calm. Too relaxed if that were the case. That didn't sit with everyone very well. The bands on her wrists began to pulse and she looked up sharply. Something inside her felt like it was being pulled in half but it was hurting her too much. "Stop it... it hurts... I said stop it!" Some of the vases exploded and a few picture frames had their glass cracked in the middle.

"What is going on?" Dais asked the two priestesses. But they weren't sure either.

"No! Don't take it away!" Shary cried and more stuff exploded. The light bulbs blew up, sending the room already in light darkness but the young girl was still sitting on her cushion. Her eyes were wide with pain/fear and the bands on her wrists were glowing with power. She sudden grabbed her shoulder and leaned forward, that's when some of the furniture began cracking along with the walls. It was like the house was falling apart or something. "You can't have the armor! I need it! They need each other!"

With a cry she got to her feet weakly and scrambled to the dining room. The table suddenly collapsed when the legs broke into pieces and she had her back to the glass doors leading to the back yard. Her uniform melted into her sub armor and then full armor. It was mainly black and white but her tattoo was the symbol on the breastplate in silver. She pulled her sword out but dropped it. Everyone watched at the blade glowed and then split into two different swords: one grayish-black and the other a silver-white. But she didn't care. Shary grabbed her head and screamed. Her armor and body began to glow and it looked like it was getting pulled in two directions.

~Sage!~ she cried to him through the link. ~Oh god-help me! He's trying to pull the armor apart! If he does... I'll die~ she fell to her knees, still holding her head and the back doors shattered, raining down broken shards on her. No matter how hard she concentrated on keeping the armors together it was not working.

Sage was there in an instant with Cale. Both were in their Armors and Sage was hoping that having the equal parts of opposites would help her out. Two minds touched hers and Sage started speaking. ~Remember the dark and the light. You are more powerful than he is. Cale and I are here. Feel us as we give you our power to give you the strength to fight him. You fear him still. You have nothing to fear except failure. You will not fail so do what you must. Cale and I trust you with our lives Now take our power and use it with the power of the balance to reject him completely.~

Cale and Sage focused and as if they were giving their power to Ryo for the Inferno Armor they sent the power of Light and Dark to Shary. They did indeed trust her that far and more.

Cale knew that if she died Sage would become completely unbalanced and there would be no telling how powerful the armor of Halo would become if Sage's destructive abilities were to become unleashed and freed. Cale knew that there was no limit to the power of the armor if the heart stayed pure. However to completely unbalance Sage would corrupt the heart of Light with Darkness and there was no telling what that would do.

Cale then stepped into her mind to help her to understand the dual nature of his armor. She already knew of the Halo armor as she had been bonded with Sage for too long to not know. ~Shary, Remember what I said about the Armor of Darkness. The shadows can be your friend and your enemy. It all depends on how you see them. Use the abilities that come with my armor to shut the door. You will know what to do, I promised Sage I would not let you die, He never knew of the promise until now, and I'll be damned if I renege on that vow now!"

She didn't say anything but took the offered power granted to her. Holding onto the both of them securely she concentrated on the thread she knew as Damion. He was trying to separate the armor into it's original halves: Protection and Torture and steal the dark half. They both needed each other to balance the other out but where one was lost then the other would most likely lose control, whether or not it had a bearer. A rare few occasions the armors stood on their own.

Once she found him she felt angry. He thought that by taking Torture he would make her weak again and then take her. She'd be damned if he ever used her and attacked him with Sage's light. Once released she called her armor back and used the darkness from Cale to keep them hidden from Damion.

The man growled. Whatever she had done to him hurt like hell! When he tried to search for the armors or ever her he couldn't even find her, and this was her mind. Everything was enshrouded in complete darkness. But he couldn't draw his power from it. This was much different from the kind the Dynasty provided him.

"Cale of Corruption... I should have guessed you'd be helping her, and the light... I know you're here also Sage of Halo!" He laughed like a maniac. "What's wrong?! Protecting your 'turf'?! I knew you two grew to become good friends after the battles but I didn't think you shared the same woman! Tell me... is she good in bed?"

Audible growling could be heard but he wasn't sure where. A pair--no, two pair of glowing eyes looked at him. Very slowly a dim light could be seen over them. It took him completely by surprise. It was the very armors he hoped to separate. Torture looked at him with pure hatred. Protection looked at him with disgust. Over all the darkness Shary's voice was heard.

~You hoped to weaken me more... to turn me into something I was once was... no more, Damion. This is my life, my armors, my fate... feel what will happen to you if any of us ever get a hold of you.~ Next to protection stood Halo. Together they shot beams of light into him, causing him immense pain. Next to Torture stood Corruption. Together they sent him darkness but that caused him more pain. Damion left her mind all together, with his tail between his legs.

The armors of light slowly began to repair what had been done to her, easing the pain and soothing her fears. The armors of darkness sealed shut the door Damion entered in. He would never be able to use the door again, no matter how hard he tried unless Shary choose to let him in. Halo and Corruption slowly began the delicate process of merging Protection and Torture back together again. Soon it was merged back into Yin-Yang.

Shary let out a sigh of release and sat on the ground heavily. The pulling sensation was gone but her swords were still separated. "He's gone..." she said softly, holding both swords in her hands weakly.

Cale stayed by her side having had his armor released back to him he armored back down to his Dogi he put his hand on her shoulder almost protectively as Carrie and Cye knelt by Sage who had collapsed during the struggle. Giving up his armor to Shary had taken the last of his energy and his mind had shut down. No longer in control of his armor when it was returned to him he was restored to life instead of a stasis like manner and was breathing. It was shallow but he was at least there. A very weak soft tendril of thought reached Shary through the bond instead of the link. ~You did well.~

The darkness that enveloped the mind on the other end was a darkness of exhaustion to a level that Sage had never known. He had almost given his life for Shary and only the fact that his armor was with her kept him alive since the bond fed him just enough energy to stabilize him.

Shary rested her hand on his won, squeezing it. She looked over at Sage and got worried. "Cale..." she looked at him, worried in her eyes. "Will Sage... be alright?"

Cale smiled slightly. "Shary, If I know lightning boy over there, and I should after all the times he kicked the hell out of me. He'll be too stubborn to die. He'll be fine, provided we get him inside and into bed. When he wakes up he is not going to take sitting around waiting to heal lightly."

Cale went silent as he remembered something he felt from Damion during their encounter in her mind. Keeping it to himself he made a mental note for it and a promise to talk to Sekmet, Dais, and Kayura as soon as they were away from here. Moving slightly he took her hand and helped her stand up.

"I think that you and I should get him settled tonight. Then I must go and speak to the other Warlords about something. I will return however when you all are in class."

The others watched silently as Cale and Shary started by concentrating on his armor to get him to armor down. Once that happened he was easier to move. Cale picked up the halo bearer and nodded to Shary that he was ready to help them get re-settled.

"Follow me." She gestured for him to follow her but paused for a moment and bowed to everyone. "My friends... domo arigato for everything... I guess my insurance will go through the roof now..." she weakly laughed at her own joke.

"It was not your fault. In fact..." Kayura lifted her staff up letting it shine over everything. As the light dimmed everything was once more fixed, as if nothing happened.

She smiled at her and bowed once more. "Domo arigato Lady Kayura... everyone for everything..." She nodded to Cale and led him to the same room she stayed in while she was healing. Once he was laid in the bed she knelt by his side, holding his hand in her own. She was still in armor but she didn't care. She was much more worried about her battle brother.

Cale was about to leave when she called out to him. She thanked him... for his help and believing in her. "You're welcome..." Silently he closed the door and went back downstairs to talk with the other Warlords.

Cale motioned to them that it was time for them to go. Nikki stood with them and as Carrie looked at her she explained. "The libraries of the Dynasty will have more information about the armors than anything I can find here. I will return in time to be in class in the morning. Just don't step into a battle that may not be yours."

With that Nikki bowed in goodbye and left with the Warlords through the portal Kayura opened in the living room. Ryo looked around not really tired but definitely not full of energy either. "Well, lets get our homework done and then call it a night. White Blaze, stay with Mia like always, we don't know what this Damion person would do if he knew about her."

Blaze nodded and walked over to Mia who was now working on her computer again now that things settled again. She had seen things for herself now and now she had the information that she needed to research the Balance armors and this Damion person. Something about him set of serious warning bells in her head and she wanted to make sure that she wasn't calling out wolf before she told the guys her suspicions.

Upstairs, Sage slept deeply and quietly twitching every so often as his body recovered. Occationally he would make a noise in his sleep but his exhausted body did very little as Sage recharged in the night.

Shary continued to stay by her brother's side. She looked down at him, finally willing her armor away. However, the swords refused to leave. Instead she laid them against the bed and rested her arms on the bed.

"Sage... please get better soon... I didn't mean to take so much... I guess, we're both too stubborn to admit it at times." She picked up his hand once more and rested it against her face. "Love you always, my brother..." then she rested her head on her arms and closed her eyes. Pretty soon she was asleep.

After a while the guys downstairs finished their work and one of them came up the stairs to see how the two of them were doing. Sage was still resting and Shary was there by his side, sleeping also. Kento smiled softly. He was glad they were both okay. He draped a light blanket around her shoulders and the left the room to head back downstairs. One day... he would tell her how he felt... One day.

The others completed their homework and headed for bed in the rooms they had claimed the weekend before and slept through the night in peace. As dawn showed its face to the world Kento and Cye both woke up first to the smells of breakfast being cooked down stairs. Getting ready quickly they headed downstairs to find Ryo and Rowen already up and Nikki making breakfast.

"Morning you two, Dais and the others are already at the school. Something about a teacher conference today this morning so that classes wouldn't be interrupted." Nikki called over her shoulder as she finished up the breakfast. Putting it on the table she looked around and noticed that Sage, Shary and Carrie were not there. Rowen, will you go upstairs and make sure that the others aren't late for breakfast? Making us late for school would not be a good thing even though we have the guys teaching today."

Rowen nodded and went upstairs. As he passed Carrie's room he heard her moving around inside and she sounded like she was getting dressed when he knocked on the door to make certain that she was indeed awake.

She answered that she would be right down and so he moved on to the room Shary and Sage were in and as he cracked the door open to look in on them he saw that she had moved during the night and was now sleeping on the covers next to him using his softly rising and falling chest as a pillow. Both looked better than they did last night after their run in with Damion trying to split her armor. However they were still exhausted and he knew that waking one or the other would probably not be a good thing. Using his armor's link to Sage he realize that he was physically healed, but his mind and body were not nearly ready to be out and about dealing with Damion. If he was that exhausted then it was best that they left the two alone.

Moving back down stairs he told of what he saw and it was agreed that they would have to cover for the pair. Sage going off half cocked at some dumb fool today would be the worst thing that would happen. It would be made worse though because they knew that sleepy or no he never failed to bring the shirtsleeve blade with him to the school.

They finished breakfast and headed to the school together letting Sekmet know through their armor link that Sage and Shary would not be at school. Knowing that the Warlord of poison would know what to do they all finished getting to school and to their classes.

The guys at school were a bit uneasy and word of the flyers had dimmed down some but not much. Since word had also spread that Sage and Shary didn't come to school today that just fueled the gossip more. But they were careful not to say anything when any of the group of even the new teachers were around. They also kept their eyes opened for search of Damion but he was nowhere to be found.

At the mansion, Shary sighed softly and opened her eyes. Looking around she slowly sat up and looked down at Sage. He looked better and more rested. However, when she tentatively reached him through the link he needed more rest. And she was going to give him that. Making sure he was comfortable she silently left the room and when downstairs. She was late for class and noticed that everyone was gone.

~I guess they decided to let us sleep. That's nice of them.~ She went to the den to pick up a book and decided to read in the study. She curled up in the armchair before the dead fireplace and read the book in her arms. But from time to time her mind kept drifting off to the existence of her armor. Of more likely armors.

Sage slept deeply from the outside, but in his mind he was fighting dreams that he had not had since Shary first disappeared. He was in his full armor and fighting to get to her but he was not able to save her in time. That she died in his arms and blamed him for not being able to save her.

Rowen was jumped between classes and with the number of students in on the ordeal he had to be very careful as to how much strength it took to get them to all stay down or leave. All the nurse knew was there was a large influx of bloody noses and severe bruises coming in after that. When she asked one of the boy's what happened she was surprised when she heard the answer from the doorway.

"I happened. Sorry ma'am, these guys jumped me between classes for no reason. I got a little rough because they practically dog piled me." Rowen was leaning against the doorjamb looking at the guys and internally wincing at the damage he dished out.

"Well Hashiba-san, if they had no cause to hurt you then you were with in your rights to act. You just head to class and I'll get the story out of these boys." The nurse shooed him off to class with a hall pass and as he left he smiled knowing that the nurse was considering this the payback for the favor he did her a few months back with her ex husband. He was content to leave it at that and headed out to lunch.

Looking around he saw that the group already gathered and had a note in the shape of a snake. Grinning he knew that Sekmet called and wondered what he was up to now.

{Just so you know, that the students here are concerned about Damion-Sensei's disappearance, I ok'd Ryo to take over the class since he did not have to look after Shary today. Something is not right and I would bet that he is off licking his wounds. Beware, he is of the dynasty and someone is trying to undermine Kayura's hold there. Meeting today after school at the usual place.}

She looked up sharply from her book. Something felt wrong. She left the book on the chair and made her way up to the room. Silently she walked in and carefully sat next to him. He looked all right but when she reached through the link once more he was the opposite. "Oh Sage..." She held his hand to her chest and reached him through the link, trying not to wake him up but to sooth him.

~Sage... I'm here for you...nothing is your fault... don't let these nightmares take control of you...~

"I wonder what he and the others found out," Cye said quietly. "Anything else happen with you guys?"

Ryo had been left alone on the account of his temper and what happened when it was aroused, Kento had his usual argument in gym class and the others were seemingly ok until Rowen spoke up. "Well I just flooded the nurses office with candidates for treatment. A bunch of guys decided to conveniently forget what happened the last time someone jump me. The nurse is repaying a favor I did her a few months back and is getting some answers for me."

Carrie nodded, she too had her own problem to deal with but it was not something she would discuss out in the open. Cye hopped up to his branch in the tree so he could relax again and look out over the others.

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