Raven's Wing: Chapter 15

Sage had finished his first sandwich and took another one then continued his narrative. "We trusted her more than ever now when Kento got the shock of his life when Nikki walked back into the school. From what we knew of them they had been really good friends in elementary school and she had to leave Japan to continue the studies she was pursuing. He never told us about her studies but it soon became clear that she was different and we welcomed her into our group."

"Carrie had a sixth sense about people like Nikki. What surprised all of us almost a year later was that Nikki finally trusted us enough to tell us that she was the high priestess in the Dynasty. Her abilities and our own unique grouping as we were we decided that we would keep the school on an even keel until we graduated. Now that is about a year away and we meet you. I did not recognize you at all, you had changed so much."

Looking at her directly he asked her the question that had burned in his mind since he found out that this was his long lost friend. "Shary, what happened after you left. I know you were sent to a creep private school, but what all happened to make you change from the strong unbeatable person I used to know??"

Shary took a long time to think about what to say as she ate her sandwich slowly. She took a deep breath and sent her food on the table and looked up at him. She rubbed her hands on her skirt and began her story.

"I guess you can say that when I was sent to the school everything changed. It was an all girl school but they were all the snobbish kind. Rich girls who talked about what they own and who they knew. It didn't bother me that I didn't get along with them but that's went I heard rumors that my parents gave my teachers special instructions on how I was to be taught.

"Aside from all the classes we had to take I was allowed no self-defense class what-so-ever and the only sport they would let us play was cricket. I was starting to lose my cool very quickly and the girls always loved to see how far they could get to me before I snapped. Well, one day it got so bad I actually chased a girl around the field with a cricket stick. That's when they started their 'treatments' on me."

She shuddered lightly and clasped her hands together. "For everything fight I was in, my fault or not they would take me to the back room and whip me. They had my parents' permission Sage." She looked away as tears build up once more. "I couldn't do anything about it. Complaining to my parents didn't help me at all and there were no phones or anything so I couldn't call. I even have the scar where they repeatedly struck me with a whip. It took three whole weeks for it to heal over and for me to bend over without feeling pain."

She paused for a moment to wipe at her eyes and rubbed her sweaty palms against her skirt again. "When the Dynasty attacked I was captured like everyone else. I tried to fight back but that seemed to make me stand out more. These... spirits, Nether Spirits, said something about me having this hidden power and tried everything for me to unleash it. It only surfaced when I was too scared to fight. They somehow read how my parents and teachers abused me and magnified it. It got so bad once that I snapped and something happened. I really don't know what it was but the next thing I know I wake up and Iím a scared little girl with no one to care for me."

She rested her elbows on the table and buried her hands in her hair. "When it was all over the Dynasty just seemed like a very bad nightmare but I was still broken. At school everything changed. I became very withdrawn and when I was corned the weirdest things happened. Once in the restrooms it got flooded but I stayed completely dry. In the kitchen the stove exploded and the girls who had corned me got minor burns. I wasn't hurt at all and I was standing right in front of the stove when it happened. The school was finally shut down when I was whipped once. The ground shook and half the school collapsed. I was home schooled."

Scratching her head she leaned back in the chair and rested her hands in her lap. Nervously she brushed her hair away from her face and continued once more. "One night... the entire family was invited to a fancy dinner by one of my dad's co-workers. He was trying to pair me off with his obnoxious son who also leered at me. Unfortunately when he tried to advance on me it seemed that all the knives in the kitchen flew out and pinned him to the wall. Naturally I was to blame and we drove home.

"The rain was pouring like a monsoon and it was so dark that you couldn't see a foot in front of your nose. I really don't know how it happened but one minute we're driving and the next... I was screaming for help. The car had tipped over and crushed the frame completely. Both mom and dad were killed instantly, necks broken, and my brother broke his back. He wasnít wearing his seat belt. I was cold, wet, in pain and scared out of my mind. That's when I got this." Pulls the collar of her shirt down some to show him the weird symbol on her chest.

"Someone must've pulled me away from the car just as it exploded. I fell into hysterics and he placed his hand here. I suddenly felt calm and safe. I must've drifted to sleep 'cuz next time I woke up I was in the hospital. Later on the court announced I was the sole heir of my family's money and kept it in a trust fund. I won't be able to touch it until I turn 21, but they gave me the mansion here," waves her hand to indicate the house and furniture, "Since I refused to live with a foster family. And I transferred to Han-a High." She let out a deep sigh and looked at her hands, nervously playing with her ring.

Sage reached across the table and took one of her hands in his larger hand. "You ran into Carrie-san and that was the beginning of what we are now. Shary, would you be interested in starting the training again that we used to do. I know that it is intense and such, but it will probably be the best thing to help you regain your mental focus and all around strength back. Mental, Spiritual and Physical. You remember Grandfather told us about that. Now I want to help you regain that strength."

Sage looked at her carefully as he made his proposal. This was a gamble for them both. If she felt she needed the training she knew that Sage wouldn't let up on her to make it easy. No, they would go back to the old days of being up before the sun most days to practice then go to school, come home, do homework meditate for a few hours and practice until dark. Eating would be when ever they changed activities but never more than they needed to keep them going. They were both getting soft mentally and though Sage hated to admit it. This problem with Shary was only emphasizing how much he had neglected his training.

Shary bit her lip, remembering how hard it was. But... it also gave her a sense of satisfaction. She did something that her family could never do and thought that she couldn't either. Well, once more she was going to prove them wrong. She looked at their hands, giving his hand a squeeze and meeting his eyes. She smiled and nodded.

"Hai. Anything to be the person I once was. The person that I always hoped to become. But one thing, I want to practice using the armor as well." She lost the smile and looked thoughtful. "I don't know why but something tells me were all going to be using the full extent of our armors in the final battle." Then she blinked some and laughed softly. "Listen to me! I sound like I have foresight or something!"

"You might. I mean we all have limited telepathy through our armors, but some of us, like Cye are naturally empathic. Myself my telempathy takes a healers bend. I don't think it would be too unusual given what you told me about your treatment in the Dynasty that they may have unlocked a small amount of Psionic ability." Sage motioned for her to eat some more if they wanted to start training.

"We will train in armor but that is only after we have a day or two of strait training. I know that you can take me on out of armor and you would be a challenge for me when I am in my sub-armor. However the others fight differently and we will need to get the rust out of your system and get us working like a team again. Then when we start training with the others we'll show them what Yin and Yang can do in a fight." Grinning at her he knew that he had her attention as he used their old sparring names. He was Yin, Male, and Warrior of the air, light and things above. She was Yang, Darker than her counterpart Female, warrior of the waters earth and all things below.

Once she was trained fully again back to the old standard they would let her and Cale have it out to see what she could do against the warrior of Darkness. Sage knew that because they balanced each other they would not hurt each other in a fight. But pit dark against the darkness and there might be some interesting side effects. They had to know how well she would work with all members of the group. This was the best way to do it.

She nodded and soon finished her sandwich. She couldn't wait to get started and she could feel her body slowly getting better. Some more time and lots of patience and practice and she would be ready. They both heard the doorbell and she cast a quizzical glance at his direction.

"It's probably Cye. I'm going to let him in." He gave her a smile and got up to answer the door. Shary took the dishes into the kitchen and let them soak in the sink. Then she when to the foyer as well.

Standing just inside the door Sage had let Cye in and they were talking quietly. Something had happened at the school and Carrie had Nikki and Ryo at her house in a protective circle. Nikki was healing Ryo if the multiple knife wounds he had taken at the school. A fight had broken out between two previously peaceful gangs. Living by a code of honor they had never fought at school to prevent the injury of an innocent bystander.

Today someone or something caused a fight of mammoth proportions to break out between the two and when Ryo tried to mediate the dispute when both sides openly attacked him. Kento had waded into the fight tossing the boys about, clearing the path for Carrie and the others to get to him. He had been severely messed up and Carrie got Nikki and Ryo released into Cale's custody to get them to her place for the healing.

Sage was pissed all over again as he looked at Cye intently through the telling. His battle aura flared and the thin blade that he kept hidden in his shirtsleeve had slid out and into his hand. Cye knew there wasn't anything he could do to stop his friend, but he looked at Shary hoping that there was something in their past that would help him keep their friend from going on a killing spree of two gangs.

Shary wordlessly walked over to her friend's side and reached for the hand that held the blade. She wrapped both her hands around his but made no move to take the blade from him. That would just make him angrier. Carefully she extended herself through the bond they held and tried to sooth his anger. He pulled away from her some at first but reluctantly began to calm down. She didn't quench the anger completely though. That wouldn't be just. Instead she held them down so she he could think on the words she had to say.

"Sage-san, listen to me before you decide to act on your own." Her voice was soothing and calmly. She kept her eyes on him although he didn't look at her. "Right now you want to get the gangs for hurting Ryo-san because he interfered in their war. But this was not their fault. Someone provoked them into this and our friend was hurt trying to settle it. We don't even know who could have done such a thing. It's better if we wait and then we can go out and make him pay."

Still moving slowly she let his hand go and gently cupped his face, turning him to look at her. Tenderly she brushed his hair back and looked deep into his eyes. She kept the gaze, still projecting calmness and understanding through the link.

"Right now... our friend's welfare is more important. Now... let's go and see how Ryo-san is doing, alright?" She took her hands away and held his hands once more. She gave him a look of pleading to go with them.

Sage moved his sword hand out of hers and turned the blade around so that it was laying flat against his arm and moved Shary away from him closing his eyes. "I know you mean well, but whomever is doing this will pay, and pay dearly. Ryo is my friend and I don't care who started it, they will all learn the lesson." He looked at her again the look on her face having not changed.

"Look, I made a promise that I would keep you safe, that was recently. When I first met the guys I made a promise then that I would make sure that nothing like this would happen to them and I am willing to bet that they made the same promise too. I will see Ryo, then I am going to the school to find out who started this. Because right now I want answers!" His anger was on the rise again but this time it was controlled. Ryo did come first and maybe he could channel some of the extra energy into helping him to heal.

"That's all Iím asking for. C'mon." She looked over at Cye and nodded. "I think we're ready now. Let's go." She put her shoes on and grabbed her keys from the little table. Within a few minutes they were on their way to their friend's place.

Shary looked over at Sage as they walked and sighed softly. Nothing she could do or say right now would change his mind. But in no way was she going to let him go to the school on his own. They are partners. And partners do not leave each other. And whether she wasn't ready to fight just yet... she was going to be a head start. No time like the present.

Sage was jumpy though he kept himself loose and outwardly calm. There were too many traumas happening to their group recently to be a coincidence. He wanted to know what Ryo knew about the fight. Things were starting to happen and it all had a bad odor to it.

They made their way to Carrie's house and were pleasantly surprised when Carrie's mother answered the door. "Come in you guys. Carrie was expecting you sometime this afternoon and called to tell me that you would be coming."

Cye nudged the sullen Sage through the door and smiled. "Arigato Deed-san. We'll just head up the stairs to see how Ryo is doing. Nikki is with him right??"

Mrs. Deed nodded and smiled slightly. After she got used to her daughter having a mystical armor and having to fight to save the world all the time, she had gotten used to the idea that there were other realms, with people in them that wanted to conquer. She had also gotten used to seeing the whole Raven Flock at times in their small house. Carrie had some good steady friends.

They had armor too and one was a priestess, but that didn't matter to her. Carrie growing up and little by little even though it hurt, she was letting go of the little girl she knew so that Carrie could grow up to be the woman she wanted to be.

It was a little surprising to see Nikki at the front door with Ryo in her arms bleeding all over the place but she just let Nikki in and cleared a spot on Carries floor for the girl to work. She knew about Nikki and if she needed something to save her friends, she would try to help the girl in any way possible.

Shary also nodded Carrie's mother and gentle nudged Sage ahead of her. Even thought the brief contact she felt from him unease. Someone was trying to break the group up one by one in some twisted game. She hated it already. Something told her the prize they were aiming for were the armors of everyone, and something else. Pushing the thought away for now she followed them up the stairs to Carrie's room.

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