Raven's Wing: Chapter 13

"Most of it was boy taunting girl things, but as we got older it was more like we were taunting each other on the level for the fun of it." Sage grinned as he remembered beam training. He used to be able to beat her easily until she learned where his buttons were. To this day both of them had kept the secret of what would make him loose his cool. If the others wanted to know, they would have to earn it.

"If you are referring to the way we balance each other out in a fight, that was a side effect of the intense training we did. Our forms melded together and soon we kind of had a sixth sense about the other, It has faded over time but it is still there, I felt it snap into place when Sage and I got ready to do the Kata, It is part of how we stay in rhythm with each other. That and years of training." Sage nodded that he too had felt the old bond come back as they moved.

Carrie nodded at the explanation. Sometimes, when paired with the right person, the natural Battle Aura bond could be as strong if not stronger than the Battle auras that were fused with magicís.

Shary ran her hand through her hair and slowly blinked her eyes. "And as much as I want to keep talking I think Iím going to need to get some more rest before I fell asleep on my feet." It was true. Her body was already more than worn out, her body armor giving her enough strength to stand right now. She wanted to sleep so her body could relax some more and her soul could slowly begin to heal itself. "You're all welcome to stay here."

Dais spoke up for the Dynasty group. "If it is all the same to you. We will return to the dynasty in the evenings, but will be here during the day to help you all out in our own way." His slight smirk promised that there would be some interesting help on the way indeed.

Ryo looked at the Mortal realm bound ronins and nodded. "We'll stay if it is no burden to you. I am not about to have what happened last night happen again. Not while I'm around." His eyes narrowed, as they all knew that Ryo being as he was, would keep that promise, one way or another.

Cye spoke up next. "Comon guys, there is tomorrow for resting since it is still Saturday. We will all need it if things are going to get pulled together for school on Monday. That and there is much planning that we will need to do in the meantime."

The others nodded in agreement and Kento and Sage walked Shary up to her room to let her rest while Cye took over the kitchen to make dinner and Rowen to the library. Ryo stayed out back and started practicing his katas in full armor until dinner would be called and as Shary rested Sage left Kento to watch her while he went to a quieter corner of the house to meditate.

While all of this happened Carrie and Nikki accompanied Sekmet, and company to the portal for farewells until Monday.

As soon as her body armor was willed away Shary fell on the bed in the room she was using. She still kept her robe on and curled up under the blanket. Within a mater of seconds she was fast asleep. On her wrists were two bracelets with what looked like two marble attached to them. But the marbles were broken in half. These were the same ones she spoke about when she first found the armor. She smiled slightly when she remembered Kento would be watching over her and slipped further into sleep.

Everything was pretty much quiet for the next couple of hours in the large household. The atmosphere was a little tense but not as bad as it was before when they first heard of the problems. At the school however, notes suddenly appeared on the lockers and doors everywhere. They would help in bringing the downfall of the girl's trust in everyone. Including herself. When the time came he would be waiting.

Sunday was truly a day of rest. Carrie and Nikki cleaned up Shary's room and discarded several things that were replaceable in a Dynasty bonfire. Nikki stayed in the Dynasty for a little longer to use her magicís on the dried fluid to determine who was the cause.

When she came back she was quiet and tired and as she did her homework Carrie found her asleep over her books. Snagging Cye she had him transfer the young priestess to the bed and as they covered her up they smiled at her. Cye was the oldest of the boys by almost six months; Carrie was older than all of them by almost another six months. Together they were the ones that usually looked after the group as a whole. Not forced, but by their natures. Both of them were caregivers and Cye being empathic to a degree never liked seeing any one hurt, especially the women in his life.

When they all finally went to bed they set alarms to wake them all in time for school the next morning.

As it was none of them were prepared for class when they arrived. Letters were scattered all over the place and as they picked one up to see what the announcement was they instinctively circled around Shary protectively. Something was not right here and they soon found out what it was.

Shary was confused. She wasn't sure what was going on or what the papers said since they wouldn't let her look at it. They didn't even answer her when she asked what was wrong. Frustrated she snatched at one of the notes on the ground and read it. She immediately grew pale and she felt so numb inside.

"Looking for an night of pleasurable fun? Wanna get laid in a matter of seconds? Then try the new girl in school. She's so easy you'll have no trouble getting into her skirt. Believe me when I say she is a good fuck."

It was everywhere in bold, black letters. By then almost the entire school had read it and all the emotions hammered themselves into the young woman. She instantly felt the urge to vomit but instead she wrapped her arms around her stomach tightly, dropping to her knees. Struggling she block the thoughts from her mind, building a thick wall between them. She was scared beyond words now. And not to mention getting very sick from all the images she was also picking up.

Very soon three teachers walked into the main area talking to each other. As they spotted the circle with one of the members turned in to help some one there they walked over to them. "What seems to be the problem here?"

Kento looked up at the Sensei and almost doubled over laughing. The others looked over at the Teachers and grinned. In suits and hair tamed to a degree were Sekmet, Cale, and Dais. Nodding to them they looked at Sage who was doing his best to help Shary calm down and focus. The battle link they had helped slightly but her mind was so terrified that she was not able to focus right away.

Taking her hand he merely ran his thumb over the back of it in the age-old gesture that they were still friends. The fact that Sage, and the others were completely outraged at the insult did not help the situation any.

Cale and the two with him understood and added their support to the group. Carrie did her best to psychically block the minds of the school with a shield of sorts around them. But she was straining as Nikki worked to get the mantras chanted and a Talisman made in a hurry. She knew it would help only a little, but most of the damage was in the girl's mind.

Kento just gently placed his hand on her back in a comforting gesture that he hoped she wouldn't misconstrue. They also hoped that her former bond with Sage would hold the trust line until they could find out what was going on.

Shary closed her eyes tightly, she was breathing heavily and trying to concentrate on the words that Sage was telling her. Breathe and focus. The breathing part she was finally achieving, but the focusing was another matter. Her wall kept crashing down no matter how high or how thick she made it. She even felt a new mind try to help her block the thoughts and pictures but was getting wore out as well. Inside her heart, she could felt something stirring. An angry force wanted to be let loose but another kept it at bay.

She squeezed the hand holding her own in a firm grip, not wanting to let go in fear of being left alone. The trust she felt between her and everyone else was slipping from her grasp but she kept struggling after it. She knew that if she ever lost the hold she would never trust anyone again. Even the bond with Sage was weakening but she was still holding onto it strongly.

~Fight it, g-girl.~ she thought to herself. Gripping her stomach tightly with her free hand, she bowed her head down and fought back the urge to scream. After what seemed likes days to her, and probably everyone else, she loosened her grip and slowly opened her eyes. She was panting heavily but no longer were foul minds allowed to enter her own.

Sage and Kento looked at each other worriedly. Was she going to be ok?? Sage looked into her eyes again and asked her softly using every nuance he knew to draw her out a little bit and know that the ones that encircled her would never ever harm her no matter what happened or what the provocation.

Sage's own promise blazed brightly along the link as he let her know that all she would have to do is call for him and he would be there no matter the time. Kento and the others had made the same vow but the secondary link between Sage and Shary helped him to reach her on a different level.

"Shary? Come on; letís get you to the music room. There is no class in there now and you look like you could use the peace time in the area I helped set up using the techniques of Feng Shui. Are you able to get up??" (Harmonizing a room by the placement of items and furniture)

Shary weakly nodded and with his help stood on shaky legs. She leaned on him, resting her head on his shoulder and ignored all the catcalls and such from the students when they finally realized that she was there. The suggestions and insults they threw were not at all very pleasant and she could feel Sage getting upset once more.

"Sage?" She looked up at him, waiting until he looked at her before she continued. "Let's just go to the music room. Please?"

Nodding as he calmed himself he looked at Kento and Ryo and they followed him Kento Flanking Shary on the other side and Ryo behind her. Dais and the others moved off to class as they watched Shary and the three guys walk towards the music room. They knew if something would come up, Sage would be dead before they would be able to take Shary. The Warlords all knew something about that particular warrior that none of the students did and so Dais was the one to make sure that they took on a class in the school. Most of them were History oriented, but Cale managed to snag the Sensei that was also the guide for the Kendo club. Boy were they in for a surprise.

Moments later after moving quickly through the hallways and letting Ryo deal with the one problem they arrived at the Music room and Sage quickly unlocked it. Ryo and Kento nodded to him and took off for their classes as Sage bustled his friend into the room so that he could lock the door to keep others out.

Not happy with the morning already he worked with more care than usual to get Shary to the Piano. Knowing that she would eventually play he grabbed his flute and sat next to her letting her rest against him. The natural shielding of the room helped them both as Sage's agitation eased in response to Shary's need to get settled again. "Talk to me Shary, Please?? I want to help you but I can't if I do not know what it is you need help with."

She shut her eyes tightly. She couldn't tell him how she felt but if it was the only way to help her then she had to. Besides, he wanted to help her. Not harm her. She opened her eyes slowly once more and stared at the black and white keys of the piano.

"The flyers around the school... what happened on Friday--it came rushing back to me. And I was able to read what everyone was thinking." She rubbed at her eyes, feeling the tears begin to bead up. "Everyone thinks Iím a slut now... the girls despise me... the guys think Iím easy... I could even see what they were thinking...! It hurt me... I wanted nothing more that to make friends but now--they won't come near me unless they can help it. I can't be alone! I can't!" With a small cry she hugged him tightly, burying her face in his chest and clinging to him tightly. "Please Sage... don't leave me... I need you and the others so much... You're my only family now..."

Sage wrapped his arms around her gently stroking her hair in the old familiar gesture. "Shhhhh, easy Shary. We won't leave you, you know that. You are one of us and we never leave our own. Remember the tears and let them fall. Right now you need them. Let the tears fall, quit trying to be so brave, let the tears cleanse your mind and soul as they release you. Let them help you. I am the only one to hear them so let them fall."

His calm and quiet voice encouraged her to let herself have the release her body so desperately needed and his body and mind promised her that he would be the only one to hear her and that he would understand.

Shary clung to him tightly, crying softly as she lost herself in the flood of tears. It was as if he was her lifesaver and she was not about to let him go now or ever. After a while the tears slowly eased up until they finally stopped but she still held him tightly. Taking a shaky breath she continued to rest her head on his chest, arms still hugging him tightly. She smiled very faintly however when she heard something.

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