Raven's Wing: Chapter 10

Sage was in a good mood for having to be up and about so early on a Saturday morning. But he was up dressed in Khakis and a dark green polo shirt. Having eaten and prepped for the day already he was well on his way to Shary's when he was hit with a wave of horror and terror. Not having felt anything like it since his days fighting the dynasty he broke into a dead run to Shary's. He knew the others would be able to protect themselves but Shary was still just learning to live again. She was the most vulnerable of them all yet.

Running up to the door he was thankful that he had not let up on the exercise that he had gotten in shape with. He rang the doorbell and paused a moment. This was too unusual, he could see the darkness that pervaded the house now and as he looked up at her bedroom window he noted that the curtains were drawn. ~Not good. Not good.~ Pulling out his cell phone he hit two buttons and was rewarded with an answer with in two rings.

"Sage here, Carrie, get your ass over to Shary's now. Something isn't right."

"Easy does it Sage, I will give you one hour. If you still need me then, call me and I will be right there with Nikki and the others. Ok??"

"Got it. Thanks" He sharply hung up and tried the door handle and found it to be unlocked. Shary wasn't the type to forget to lock her door at night. Running in he looked around. Nothing was out of place in the living room and as he checked the house over things were in their place. Yet as he drew closer to her bedroom he could feel the evil that pervaded his senses the first time he bolted over here.

Opening the door he had to throw up the mental shielding he had developed over time against the emotional wash that threatened to overwhelm him. Looking at the blood and bodily fluids that were drying or dried he was suddenly suffused with a rage that he never felt before. He set his mind to the chants to calm himself, but he had a feeling that Shary had lost something dear to her.

Looking over the room carefully he stepped in and looked through Shary's closet. Finding the fluffy bathrobe that she had mentioned was her favorite, he walked over to the huddled mess in the corner. "Shary?" He called to her softly. He knew that startling her would be a very bad thing right now so he moved as slow as he could and make progress.

Gently he covered her naked body with the bathrobe and drew her up into the sitting position to better get her dressed slightly. He saw every mark left on her and felt the wounds that she took internally and emotionally through the physical contact. The better portion of his mind screamed for him to armor up and find the bastard that did this to her. But a small portion calmly told him to stay with her until the others could come. This was more than he could handle alone. The others deserved to hear about it as well, but he was not going to parade her wounds for them. No, that would only degrade her more. He would need the time to start getting her cleaned up and healed physically before he could call the others in.

Looking her over with hard eyes he picked up her limp form and headed for the bathroom. "Shary? I need you to sit here for me. I am going to get you cleaned up." Her vacant haunted eyes scared Sage more than he cared to admit. She was in severe shock from everything that had happened to her. Now was the time to get her cleaned up. When she came out of shock she was going to be a handful as it was.

Taking a clean washrag he filled the sink with cool water and started dabbing the dried blood away from her arms and legs. Shary wasn't going to like this but he was going to have to undress her again to finish cleaning her up. Getting her out of the robe was harder than expected as her hands clenched convulsively at the fabric in an unbreakable grip. Sage sighed and looked at her. He was going to have to do this the hard way. She was in shock and yet aware. Looking around he found more towels and put them down on the floor. Moving her to the floor he applied a pressure point technique he had learned not that long ago to put her into a deep sleep.

She was more exhausted than she looked as she went under almost right away. Moving quickly but with the utmost care he cleaned her up. Starting at her feet he used his healing abilities to gently nudge her sleeping body to active healing. As she was cleaned up and the sink was emptied and filled several times with clean water, Sage could only make vows that he fully intended to keep. Most of the vows involved the Halo-ken and how many ways the man would be filleted with the blade and other such things before he would be allowed to die.

Once cleaned up he saw the full extent of her injuries and was again filled with the unspeakable rage that hade claimed his reason once before. Clinging to the corner of his mind that still had reason he moved to the linen closet to get a fresh robe and using the dryer gently warmed it so that the fabric would not be too much of a shock to her already abused and bloodied system.

He got her covered and carried her gently to another bedroom far from the room that had been demolished and laid her gently in the bed. Covering her gently he turned and stormed out of the room in silence. He again pushed the two buttons on the phone. In a deadly calm voice he closed the door to the room while he spoke. "If you do not get over here I am going to go do some collateral damage as well as start taking lives."

Carrie got scared. Sage never sounded this calm and quiet and the fact that he never EVER did damage much less take lives was something she had every right to fear. The other fact she knew about Sage was that when he said he was going to do something, he followed through with it. No matter what happened. "We will be there in a few minutes..." She never got the chance to ask what happened to set him off when he hung up on her. This made thing twice as bad. Some one was going to die and come hell or high water Sage was going to do it in armor.

Carrie pressed the pre-programmed sequence on her phone and 5 other phones rang. As they picked up she spoke fast and urgent. Five minutes later she had 4 Ronins and Nikki in front of her door hollering at her to get moving. While driving the two minutes to get to Shary's place, she was informed that Nikki had called Cale. "I have a feeling if Sage is that pissed off we are going to need at least him around to help us pin Halo to the ground. But I also have a feeling that if Sage is pissed...We are going to be even more so."

Nikki said that to make them feel better but they all knew the truth. Sage never got angry and certainly never pissed. Upset was bad enough. Rowen could only wonder how they would restrain their friend now that Shary was involved.

They all pulled up to the house and walked in to find a completely incensed Sage wearing a hole in the rug waiting for them. Wordlessly he gestured for them to follow him up the stairs and as they did they all got a feeling that they were not going to like what they were about to see.

Sage opened the door to Shary's room and let them look. All of them ran the gambit of emotions on their faces but only Cye was able to verbalize what was on their minds. "Good heavens, she isn't...."

Sage shook his head. "No, sleeping last time I checked. She was in severe shock, and did not even resist the cleaning efforts I made on her person. She is safe, and for now resting cleaned up in a room on the other end of the house. Let me check on her first. I was talking to her earlier and she kinda responded. She will at least recognize me if she is awake.

The others went back down stairs to take up vigil in the living room. They all wanted to call the police but knowing that the police had less of a chance to catch the fucker than they did was the only thing that stayed their hand. Besides, they all knew that Sage would kill anyone that got in his way now.

At the door to the room Sage knocked softly and then poked his head in to peek at her to see if she had woke up yet.

Pain, shame, violation. Those were the first things that came to her mind. Whatever Sage had did to her had helped her to sleep some. But the problem was the words that her attacker had said came and haunted her. The moment when she slowly woke up she heard the door being closed. She was too sore to move but she saw that she was not in her bedroom. No, she was in one of the guestrooms at the other side of the house. She recognized it because the room was completely done in colors of cream and pale green with only a bed, chest of drawers, hanging mirror and small table.

She slowly brought her wrists to her face only to see healed flesh. But she could still see the rope burns that marred the skin, broken through and had caused it to start bleeding. She pulled them to her chest, whimpering some as her muscles protested at the movement. She slowly let her eyes close once more but her entire body froze when she heard the door open.

Sage silently came in and left the door pen a crack. Still being quiet he stood at the side of her bed and looked down at her. She looked asleep but her body said other wise. He wanted to help her to hold her and protect her from everything but he would end up scaring her more.

"Shary... are you okay? Do you need anything?" he asked softly.

The young lady laid still for a moment, not sure on what to say. She thought hard for a long moment and slowly turned to look at him. She wanted to cry, to be comfort but at the same time she was scared. At least he was someone she knew. And still trusted.

"Just sore. But why did it happen to me? Why did he want to hurt me so... so much?" she closed her eyes tightly. Against the tears that threatened to fall.

"Shhh, remember what I said about the tears. Let them fall." Sage reached out and gently caressed her hair, smoothing it back away from her face before he spoke again. "The others are here, down stairs. Would you like to see them? Maybe one at a time?" Sage was concerned that this had shattered the fragile trust that had built up between her and the others. He could see in her pain-hazed eyes that she still trusted him, but he was not certain of the future with the others. Raven was less than pleased about the situation and Carrie knew it.

They had all worked so hard with her to get her to come out and enjoy life, and now take that joy from her. Looking about the calm greens and creams of the room he waited for her to have the energy to answer whether or not she was up to seeing the others. He would stay with her while they were here even though he knew that they would not harm her, what had been done, was done and he did not know what the consequences of the actions would be for her.

She told her body not to jerk away and calmly opened her eyes. It was like she knew what he was thinking, like empathy. She felt sorry for herself. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Slowly, but with lots of pain on her part, sat up. At one point when she couldn't stand it she grabbed onto Sage's arm for support. He helped her wordlessly, looking at her with concern. Shary looked at him and slowly nodded her head.

"I want to see everyone else... but downstairs... please? Will you help me downstairs?" She slowly reached up and rubbed her eyes. "I can't do it alone..."

Sage’s eyes warmed a bit as he gently played with her. "Ask and ye shall receive m'lady." And with that he picked her up. As she half struggled to be set down to walk he shook his head. "You are not well enough for that yet. Please allow me to help you to your court this way." He smiled softly as he continued the gentle tease.

With that he let all but a light blanket slip off her as he walked towards the door. Walking down the hall and to the stars smoothly so as not to jar her already sore body he came down the stairs to see that the couch was cleared and set up for her to sit up against the pillows on one end and lay across its length.

Settling her there the others gathered around her at enough distance that she would not feel closed in. Kento went right up to her his eyes alternating between rage and sorrow as he gently took her hand in the old familiar gesture and lightly brushed his thumb across the top of it. Laying her hand down the others did the same action with her, making it clear to her that they were all very much distressed that this had happened.

Shary smiled weakly at everyone. She wanted to hug them all, showing how grateful she was that they all came but her body wouldn't listen to her. She was still weak and she was still scared. As she looked at them all she could waves of concern, rage, and even sorrow touch her. But she wasn't drowning in the emotions. Something was protecting her from that. Instead it was like they just settled on her skin. She leaned against the pillows, looking at her ring for a long time before talking. Her voice was still soft and weak, but it was no longer tear-stricken.

"I'm glad you all came... this means a lot to me..." She still smiled at them and held her hands in her lap, holding them tightly. "I take it... you want to know what happened...?"

"Only if you are up to it Shary-chan." Carrie's maternal side came out in full force when she saw the physical damage done to one of her own group. She was enraged yes, but she was also a leader of sorts and she protected them all when it was needed. Now was the time that one of their own needed that protection. "Tell us what you are comfortable telling, a little at a time if you must, we will wait and listen."

Shary nodded silently. She didn't want to tell them but they had to know. Taking another deep breath she began. Her voice was still soft and she tried very hard to keep it from wavering. So her story began.

"I had just come home and went to my room when he grabbed me from behind. I tried to get away. I kicked and tried to bite his hand but he kept slapping me. He forced me to my knees and tied my wrists to my ankles. Then..." her hands tightened on her robe, holding it tightly to her body. "Then he forced himself into my mouth. He held me in place and it happened so fast... then he made me swallow his-" she made a face and looked away. She was silent for a while before continuing.

"He said it was only the beginning. As he ripped my clothes off he abused my body... I couldn't scream because he used my scarf from the uniform to gag me. He put me on the bed and then tied my neck back. I couldn't breathe. I was completely helpless... he raped me. It lasted too long. He kept coming, over and over inside me... when he finished her untied me and pushed me to the floor. But before I could get away he tied me to the foot of the bed and then raped me from behind." Tears silently ran down her face, she wrapped her around her body tightly, as if trying to protect herself from the words.

"He forced me to look into the window. I saw what he did to me: blood smeared my thighs, I had rope burns on my wrists, ankles and throat, my chest was covered in bruises, my face was so swollen... he said This was what you got. Lets see if that bird brain Raven and her foolish armored friends will protect you now. Look at yourself! You let this happen. This is your own fault. You are nothing more but a two-bit slut. And if you ever forget that... I'll be back.' then he left." she shut hers eyes tightly but the tears found their way free.

"He raped me... for 16 hours straight!" her voice was begining to waver but she couldn't stop. "That's all I know... I'm sorry..."

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