Raven's Wing: Chapter 9

"Alright." Together they walked over to where the lockers stood and they retrieved the books they needed for homework and such. Shary was feeling better and more open now. She actually trusted Cye and he didn't let her down. Part of her still didn't believe him but she pushed that voice away. Right now she was just happy that she could be herself for a change.

The new girl's appearance didn't go unnoticed. She was happier yes, more carefree, light hearted and just looked like someone lifted a heavy burden off her shoulders. The only problem was that the boys now wanted her more than ever and there were still girls who were envious of her. She had a long way to go to gain their friendships but she didn't care. She had several people she was beginning to trust with her very life.

Watching her with a calculating eye was the new substitute Damion. He smirked when he had seen her climb the tree and then fallen out and into that boy's arms. He began to imagine how she would look when he took her as his own. He couldn't wait for that day but for now he would have to be very cautious. He heard what happened in the gym. He had to be very careful next time.

Kento came up to the pair and as he noticed that she was smiling openly, he figured that Cye had taught her a lesson as only he could. Walking past them he tapped her close shoulder and kept moving causing her to look the wrong direction the first time around. Cye chuckled as she turned and play smacked him in the arm.

Kento mock pouted and nursed his arm as if she had done mortal damage to the limb then grinned at her and Cye. "So, how are things going for you both??"

"Alright. I understand that you two will be escorting me home from now on." She always spoke in a soft tone, but no one seemed to mind that. "I'm ready to go when you are." She picked up her satchel and held the paper crane in her hand, careful not to bend it in any way.

Kento noticed the Crane and grinned. "I'll just about bet you got a poem with that." He continued to explain. "He only does that when someone has gained his trust. Kinda like his inner circle of friends. You can ask anyone here at the school. You do not see many cranes like that because there are only two people in the school with the Manual dexterity for the small parts of the Crane. Sage and Rowen, Ryo would have the dexterity for it if he had the patience for the thin paper, but he's like me not much for the patience end of things, he got talent though and it more than makes up for it at times."

Kento was rattling off some of the more commonly known information about his friends and once they got off the grounds of the school and into more privacy he and Cye nodded. "If you have questions about the gang, now is the best time to ask. We're better than Radio Shack. You got questions, we got more answers than most people know what to do with." Kento grinned as Cye smacked him over the head playfully leaving Shary to watch them as they tussled for a few minutes to get some energy out.

Cye came back to her and smiled. "Honestly though, we know you got questions, and we have the answers to them. So go ahead and shoot."

Shary looked thoughtful for a moment, debating what to say and how to ask it. She wanted to know all she could about them but didn't want to seem nosey at the same time. So she tried to pick the least nosey question. "How did you all meet in the first place?"

Kento looked at Cye to answer that one as he took up watching out for things, Cye started slowly. "Well, you could say that Kento, Rowen, Ryo, Sage and I all met in the middle of a crises time. Toyama was covered in a dark shadow and cut off from the outside world a while ago. During that time a lot of people disappeared. When they were returned none of them remembered anything. The five of us were lucky enough to have not been taken and so we were hiding. Some pretty strange things happened at that time and after the people came back and the city was rebuilt, we started finding others that either remembered or had vague memories of the event. Do you remember anything about it?"

Cye looked at Shary his own eyes troubled by what he had seen during the times spent hiding and fighting. They all had nightmares from the event still. I just took too long for them to forget, and now they couldn't.

Shary looked down, suddenly she felt so bad for bringing the subject up. The way Cye's eyes looked at her own reminded her of her own. He, too, had seen stuff that he had kept hidden until she brought the subject up. She vaguely remembered something... but she had passed it off as a nightmare.

"I passed it as a nightmare. I didn't mean to bring up some bad memories. Gomen." She hunched her shoulders in and kept her eyes down. At times she wondered why she ever opened her mouth. Better to keep quiet.

Cye smiled slightly and Kento took the girls shoulders and rubbed them gently. "It's not that it is so bad for us anymore. It's just that Cye-chama here saw more and remembered more than we did. He always looks like that when he tells about it. Don't worry, he needs to talk more about things like that anyways."

Cye nodded in agreement as he knew that he couldn't disagree with his best friend's pronouncement. "You have more questions and we said we would answer them. What else would you know of all of us...as a group or even the individuals?"

"I really can't think of any right now," she said honestly. But she looked up at them and smiled. "But tomorrow I'll have more." They arrived at her home too soon and she waved to them. She watched them walk off through her window and sighed to herself. They were very kind and she trusted them all right. Soon she would trust the others as much and then she'll truly have friends.

It had been a week and Shary felt like a new woman. She was always seen with a small smile on her face and her eyes merry. She was also seen with Carrie and her group but she trusted them with her life. It was Friday and she had decided to go home early. It was the first time she had walked home alone, and true she felt lonely but she knew she couldn't have them walking her home all the time.

She went straight to her room and set her books on her bed. She was about to head out the door to get everything ready for dinner when someone grabbed her from behind. A hand clamped down on her mouth, preventing her from screaming and an arm went around her waist, pinning her arms to her sides. She tried kick, bite, scream or something but the person holding her was strong.

"Shhh, it's no use struggling." A somewhat familiar voice said in her ear. A cold hand slipped under her shirt and her stomach muscles quivered under his touch. He laughed and tightened his hold on her. "I don't think so." He gripped her tighter and quickly pulled her arms behind her back. Before she could run away he had tied her wrists together tightly. She tried screaming but was slapped hard. She tried to look at him but the shadows covered his face and he was dressed in black.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked in a whisper. She tried to back away but he forced her to her knees and then bound his ankles to her wrists. Soon she was stuck in a position on her knees. The man grabbed her face tightly and forced her mouth open. Her eyes shut tightly and then she felt something go into her mouth. It was long, somewhat hard and soft, and tasted unusual. When she opened her eyes she cried out and tried to pull back.

The man gripped her head tightly and began thrusting his member into her mouth. He went hard and fast, practically choking her as her grabbed fistfuls of her silky soft hair. The wet, heat surrounded him completely and soon he released himself inside her. He held her mouth shut and pinched her nose close.

Shary tried to spit it out but she couldn't. She couldn't even breathe. She felt her heart race and tried to shake loose but his hold tightened. Soon, she swallowed in her mouth and gagged. Silently she sobbed in shame. Her face was tilted up and the man kissed her roughly and gripped her hair tightly, forcing her head back. "No... Please stop..."

But he ignored her. He bit at her neck roughly, hands grabbing her breasts roughly, causing her to cry out in pain. Even time she tried to struggle away he always slapped her. He ripped her shirt away and used the red scarf of her uniform to gag her. Kneeling before her, he gently touched her breasts barely hidden behind her bra. With a ripping sound the flimsy material was ripped away and her breasts were son tortured. He sucked on the nipples, bit her deeply and pinched them to the point of pain. Her cries of pain fueled him on and when he finally pulled away her white, skin was marred with beginning bruises, wet bite marks, and soreness. "This...is only the beginning."

Before Shary knew what was going on she was picked up and set down on her bed. The curtains to her room had been pulled shut but from what she could tell it was starting to become dusk. Her socks and shoes were taken off, she cringed when she felt the same cold hands go up her legs, gripping her thighs tightly and making her cry in pain once more. Her skirt was torn away and she literally jumped when he grabbed her between the legs.

He watched her struggle for a moment, squeezing her tightly and enjoyed the sounds she made. She was sacred and it seemed to suit her very well. Without moving his hand he pulled a room and it tightened on her limbs. For a moment he removed his hand only to tie another rope around her throat. Tied that down as well he had caused her arch her back sharply towards him, the rope cutting into her windpipe. Laughing softly he suckled on her breasts once more and moved his hands down her sides to her panties.

Shary was getting light headed. The rope was cutting off her air supply and her vision was slowly blackening. She weakly twisted her wrists and felt them rubbing her skin raw. She shut her eyes tightly as her panties were torn away and whimpered when her legs were forced apart to the point of pain. But when he shoved into her with no warning and completely, she screamed as loud as she could and struggled. The rope tightened everywhere and tears ran like rivers down her face.

"Oh yesss..." he groaned in pleasure. He was right, she was a virgin. Oh the heat, the wetness and tightness... he couldn’t help but begin to thrust into her wildly. Blood trickled down onto his thighs but like when he forced his dick down her throat, it fueled him more. With an animalistic growl he pulled back only to ram back into her, going deeper and harder. His hands griped her ass tightly, causing more bruises to appear on her skin.

Shary cried for all she was worth. She didn't know what to do right now. It seemed like forever as he kept erupting inside her over and over, she wept harder every time she felt her own body climax as well. More blood ran down from the ropes and stains her bed sheets... and her skin. With a final ram that went in so deep she felt it touched something deep in her body, they both climaxed in a flood. She screamed at the top of her lungs and fresh tears ran down her face. She whimpered loudly was he pulled out. She tried to move her head some but all the muscles in her throat were all knotted up.

The man loosened the ropes and pushed her to the floor. She was too weak to move and just lay on the carpet, moaning in pain and trying to breath once more. Grabbing her from the back of her gag he forced her to kneel over the foot of her bed, tying her arms outstretched to either side of her to the bed posts. Kneeling behind her he parted her cheeks and shoved his blood and semen caked self into her anus. He cried out in pleasure, of the new tightness and began all over again.

Shary began struggling all over again. She pulled at the ropes, the ropes burning in more to her skin and she felt so sick. Her body was repeatedly slammed into the low footboard of her bed, the hard wood digging into her stomach. Her tear-filled eyes opened and she blanched when she saw her once pristine, clean bed. It was coated with blood and semen. She would lie in this body without getting sick. She knew that already. She cried out when he grabbed her hair and began pulling her head back in the rhythm of his thrusts. Like before he exploded inside her countless times. Then she fairly shrieked when he shoved his hand up between her legs.

He pumped his fist in and out, causing her to climax in an almost endless supply of her own juices. Finally he stopped and pulled out of both entrances. He left her for the moment to the bathroom, cleaning himself up. When he returned he saw that she was bleeding from her ass and down her thighs. He smirked. First he took her gag off and then untied her. Holding her up he took her over to her full-length mirror and forced her to look at herself.

Shary always admired the way she looked. Now she felt so sicken at what she saw. Bright red blood was smeared along her thighs, matching rings around her ankles and wrists and neck. Her breasts were a combination of purple, blue, and red from so much abuse. Her eyes were puffy from tears, lips so very swollen and cut from when he kept striking her, and her cheeks were so very swollen, like she had the mumps. "No..." she said in a hoarse, weak, voice.

"Oh yes. This is what you get. Lets see if that bird brain Raven and her foolish armored friends will protect you now. Look at yourself! You let this happen. This is your own fault. You are nothing more but a two-bit slut. And if you ever forget that... I'll be back." With another strike he backhanded her and then disappeared into the shadows.

Shary crumpled to the floor. She spent the next hour crying and vomiting. Her room and herself was such a mess but she didn't care anymore. She dragged herself to her to the farthest corner and curled up in a tight ball. Her alarm went off to indicate that it was now 8 am, Saturday. The man that had raped her had done it for about 16 hours straight. She cried harder and vomited once more. She had completely forgotten that Sage was coming over so they could practice once more, and Sage always arrived on time. Plus, she had left the door unlocked.

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